Testimony of Michael, From Atheist to True Follower of Jesus

(Written June 11, 2018)

This is a testimony of my experience into the truth and spirit of JESUS Christ. AMEN. 30 Years have I lived without knowing or even wanting the truth; however, there have been certain points in my life where I have questioned specific events that have occured either right before me (e.g. bullying, violent arguments, domestic abuse, etc.) or in the news (e.g. 911 Terror Attacks, Islamic Extremists, etc.). In essence, I knew that their was evil in this world (Revelations 12:9; John 7:7; 1 John 5:19); however, since I thought that I didn’t have a part to play in all of this: I decided that nothing I could do would change anything, let alone the world, or even specific people in the world.

In August of 2017, my previous thinking started to change. I started witnessing real evil things on the news that just couldn’t be denied as true evil; people insulting and trying to sabotage the President (Donald Trump); mass murders; the list could go on and on, and I’m sure that you (the reader) are at least vaguely aware of the terrible things that are happening in this world without me having to tell you about them. You see, I started seeing things as not just random coincidence; but, rather: As the miraculous hand of a higher power at work here on Earth. I must admit: Up until this point, I was an Athiest (Man without GOD/THEOS); but, JESUS was gently nudging me into the light– little by little.

I saw three hurricanes in a single week or two, with all kinds of crazy weather happening at that time, with one day (which I specifically remember) where there was a hurricane, earthquake, and a volcanic eruption all on the same day. In essence, I thought that the end was near and that it was about time (Ephesians 5:15-16) to start searching for the truth. But, what made me first choose the Bible as my initial venture into the truth? Allow me to explain…

Two months prior, I was a Corporal of Marines within a 120 degree environment known as Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms (MCAGCC), which is in California. That’s right, folks… 120 degrees (that is not a typo)! I trained and worked in a Command Operations Center as part of a training known as ITX (Integrated Training Exercise). This is far out into the desert. Bad signal, bad Internet connection, and not much to do after training, except hang out constantly with Marines, hit the gym, or stare at the stars at night. Basically, I had a lot of free time (especially on duty, since I took the night post frequently). I was an Aviation Operations Specialist, and I tracked flight events, specific aircraft, convoys that went out, and any personnel that were being transported by Marine drivers or pilots during their training exercises.

During my post (and even on the day-time post, since my interest increased), I started asking my superiors (most of which were pilots) questions, if I knew that they would be receptive enough to hear me out. Questions like: What do you think about the skies and the stars, in general? Since you fly aircraft as your Military Occupational Specialty, surely you have an interesting perspective about the Earth and Space? What do you think about the Universe? What about GOD?

Sure enough, I started asking my fellow Marines (not my superiors) the same type of questions, only deeper in terms of what they actually believed and why. To my surprise, most of my Marines were actually Christians! I did not know this. After speaking with them and after a month’s training at 29 Palms, I thought that the Bible, and JESUS himself, was worth investigation. I became a truth seeker: Prove all things (1 Thessalonians 5:21); ask, and it will be given to you (Matthew 7:7); seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you; the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things (1 Corinthians 2:10). On my quest for the answer as to what my purpose was in this world, I felt I needed to at least prove whether GOD was real first. But, how do I get to know GOD? What steps do I need to take? I learned, one step at a time.

I started with reading one new testimony of someone discovering JESUS– and whom, became “saved”– everyday. The idea was this: There are millions of Christians in this world, and if I can just do whatever they are doing to find the Lord JESUS, then I will be able to meet with GOD, too. You see, I can say that I THINK/BELIEVE this is the truth; but, without any evidence: I can’t say that I KNOW this to be the truth, hence my search for the Light of Truth. Problem was, everyone had their own unique way of finding JESUS. Some only discovered him after a loved one died; or, after a car crash; after intensive surgery; after death (temporarily dead, and then resuscitated); and so on. Their situations were simply too unique and tragic for me to copy, and that’s when I decided that I needed to find JESUS my own way.

It was not that simple, though. A month had gone by, and it was the beginning of August 2017. I was no closer to the truth than when I had first started; however, I had not said my first prayer, yet! I was committed, though, so I said the Lord’s Prayer. One day had passed, but nothing; two days, but still nothing; three days, and I deeply inquired to myself if I was truly “saved” by JESUS or not! I certainly didn’t feel saved, and quickly doubted whether the other so called “Christians” were truly saved or not. It was my first prayer, perhaps I needed to pray my own prayer (a prayer put into my own words, not someone else’s words); therefore, this next prayer would have more feeling and emotion behind it.

I said my second prayer at night-time, while everyone was asleep; unfortunately, I experienced the same failure. I decided then, that I would not pray another prayer until I felt a deep and desperate tug (i.e. being led to do this) or pull in my mind to find the Lord JESUS– in essence, a foxhole prayer. And if any of you are wondering why I decided that his name is JESUS and not any of the “Y” names, it is because at the time: A majority (if not all) testimonies I have ever found during my research were ALWAYS in JESUS’ name. There is only power in JESUS’ name (Judges 13:18). AMEN. I did not know too much about the “Y” names at the time; plus, I already knew that there was only one name by which mankind might be saved (Acts 4:12), and I already knew it (hint, hint… it’s JESUS).

The end of August came, and I was on the weird part of YouTube. I was already done with looking at conspiracy theories and was growing tired of them. The world is corrupted, because of this. The end of the world is coming, because of that. OK, OK, I know: Now tell me what I can do about all of this! After watching many videos, several testimonies, and some scriptures here and there: These were the type of thoughts that were racing through my mind, and I finally had enough of it– Desperation… reached!

I got into my car and started driving into the night. It was August 30 at 9:40 P.M., but I didn’t care. I needed to speak to JESUS at once! My destination was the woods right in front of a hiking trail. I reached the gate leading to the woods, but it was closed. I parked my car deep into the grass on the side of the road. I eventually stood right in between two huge trees at night, with the entire area illuminated by the moonlight. I started talking to JESUS– right then and there. Soon, the talking started to turn into yelling. Not that I was mad, of course; I just wanted to make sure that he could hear me. You see, heaven is real high up there beyond the clouds, and at the time, I thought that if I didn’t speak loud enough, that JESUS wouldn’t be able to hear me… that’s all.

Soon, I started crying and confessing to JESUS. I had read about the 10 commandments, and I decided to go down the list and confessed to every sin that I could think of. I then asked the Lord for his forgiveness, with my head on the dirt and my knees to the ground; afterwords, I declared in the open air that I would repent of each one of my sins and endeavor to live for JESUS. Like I said, though, I wasn’t sure if he heard all of that, so (once again), I decided to do something else to ensure that my message indeed made it all the way to GOD: I issued a small challenge, you see.

I said, as I walked back to my car, my Lord: If you heard all of that, then please spook/scare me at least once in such a way that I know that it was you. I started to quickly regret those words, though, as I was now paranoid as to thinking that JESUS could appear out of thin air at the back seat of my car on my way back home. Sure enough, nothing happened… yet! One day goes by, but nothing; two days go by, and I had chalked it up to a bad prayer; three days go by, and… I had a night terror!

I’ll never forget it. I had some sort of nightmare, but after the nightmare was over: I woke up… or at least, I thought I did. It was lucid dreaming at that point, and I was able to visualize my room, and the bed I was sleeping in, in my mind; my eyes must have been half-open, because this was an exact image of my room. For the first time in my life, though, I could not move a single muscle. I was paralyzed! No movement whatsoever. I am a very calm individual, and my patience is far greater than most people I know, so it takes a lot to induce anger or fear within me. I started to slowly analyze the situation, my bed, the area around my bed and below it (I was sleeping on the top bunk of a bunk bed), and that’s when I noticed IT. Some sort of entity was on the bottom bunk of my bed.

I heard a low-sounding snarling sound, pretty demonic in nature. I then started feeling some shaking and vibrations within myself. I started wondering: Why am I shaking so hard? It took some time to realize it, but I was so shocked at everything that I was experiencing for the first time, that I was not even aware of how afraid I was. My body registered the fear before my mind acknowledged it. I started thinking back to the dozens of testimonies that I read and was deeply inquiring: What do I do when faced with a demon? It then hit me that there is power in JESUS’ name, so I envisioned in my mind to say exactly what needed to be said in the most commanding way possible to rid myself of the demon. Once I had rehearsed it with myself in the spirit, I finally became confident enough that it could be done and my feeling started to come back into my whole body. I immediately lifted myself up, climbed down the ladder built into the bunk bed, turned around and yelled my command to the demon (with my hands pointing right at IT): I HEREBY BANISH YOU FROM HERE (Mark 3:15), DEMON; LEAVE THIS HOUSE, IN JESUS’ NAME! AMEN!

As soon as I said this, it disappeared and I awoke! I was still so shocked that my body was super stiff. I could move, but I was still so busy trying to process exactly what had happened to me. As I started to question the reality of it, my head turned towards my arm and I could clearly see that my hands were still pointing directly at the bottom bunk of my bed (the same exact area that I had been pointing to in the dream). It appears that I had sleepwalked the last portion of the nightmare! AMEN. I started wondering why this even happened in the first place. What did I do to trigger such an event? I then remembered the small challenge I had previously issued to JESUS. He made it happen!

Sure enough, it wasn’t over just yet! You see, I can be very stubborn, and I was sincerely trying to figure out if there was any scientific explanation for all of this. Two weeks later, I had another dream. Within that dream, I was inside of a room immersed in a golden light. The light was emanating from a golden, rotating, gyrosphere (i.e. like an “orb” or UFO). It was spinning so fast and levitating above some sort of podium on a table. There were many items in the room, but my sole focus was the orb in the center of the room.

I moved closer to it, and tried to analyze it to see if I could figure out it’s purpose and why I was even seeing it to begin with. As I drew closer to the object, I started thinking: What an amazing mechanically engineered object this is; whoever created this object must be of a vast intelligence, and certainly much smarter than I am. I stopped in my tracks, for I had noticed a message within the orb. This was inscribed within an aged papyrus attached within the orb: “JESUS KILLED.” Whoever created this golden sphere decided that JESUS had been killed. But why was this even considered important enough to encase within a technologically advanced gyrosphere? Even further, why did it even matter? As I pondered this, I realized that such a thing could have only mattered to demons, and that this was some sort of deception (John 10:18)! I quickly declared that I did not believe it, and immediately: The image of what I was viewing shattered into a million pieces. It was all just an illusion, and I had “awoken” into a meadow of green grass which was immersed in the brightest white light… then, I woke up and realized that the Lord JESUS had sent demons to test me.

I was up for the challenge! Almost every day in September 2017, I had experienced the much more common nightmares that I was accustomed to– not that I liked them, by the way, but was most familiar with them (since childhood, like most people) is what I mean. The nightmares, however, were slightly odd in nature compared to any other nightmare I had ever had. You see, I started noticing a connection between all of my nightmares, and there was always at least one sentient being within each nightmare that always felt like interrupting the nightmare halfway through in order to chat with me.

In one of these nightmares, after several horrible events had transpired, I was sitting at a table with two other entities. A woman was there, who was harassing me and being sinful around me– which, wasn’t too unexpected or bothersome for me– but something about the strange-looking entity across from me, who was measuring my consciousness and awareness with his elusive inquiries, made me want to continue this nightmare (unlike usual). The woman was leading me into temptation and I was about to lose, but with enough will power: I was able to throw the woman out of the nightmare, and I faded back into the nightmare (which is what I wanted, so I could learn why the other entity was so interested in me).

The strange-looking entity was a bit blueish and had a magician’s hat. It seemed oddly impressed with me throwing the woman away. We continued our conversation, but then I became aware of myself and the nightmare was now a lucid one. I started comparing this blue entity with the other sentient beings in my previous nightmares, which (for some strange reason) I had complete memories of. I then realized that this entity was some sort of demon! In fact, all of my nightmares had something to do with my sins. In essence, many of them were lustful and hateful in nature, the entity and the nightmare itself.

The demon realized that I was conscious, for it had said something to the akin of: “Wow! This nightmare is pretty cool. It reminds me of the last nightmare that you had.” He then started to describe the last nightmare that I had in perfect detail (it must have taken part in the other nightmares). This demon knew of me, my sins, and how to tempt me. I was beyond creeped out and needed to rid myself of this demon fast! I needed truth, so I sincerely tried to prove ALL things, including the Bible itself. Which was the most accurate and faithful translation? There are hundreds of Bibles out there, but only ONE truth. I needed the one Bible that was the most correct: In terms of accuracy (the most inline with the oldest Greek manuscripts); historically (a Bible that agrees with scientifically proven history); and, spiritually (must coincide with where the Spirit of JESUS is leading me).

I knew that I could browse through a search engine to find the most accurate Bible translation, but I felt that I would spend eons going through a plethora of text. I needed the truth fast, so I went onto YouTube (out of desperation), since I figured that only the most confident Bible publishers would try to advertise about their Bible through video. My search term was: “the most accurate bible translation.” After going through many videos, I eventually encountered a video with the title of “Most Accurate Bible Translation, Alpha & Omega Bible, NOT KJV.” What a peculiar video this was and the man had an interesting accent, too. The man made many interesting points that I had never heard of throughout all of my research into Christianity, JESUS, the Bible, and the truth (in general); therefore, after watching the video, I decided to visit the pastor’s website of I Saw The Light Ministries.

Before searching for the Bible on the website, I decided to read through all of the ministry’s articles, so that I would know everything that this man believes before committing to purchasing the Alpha & Omega Bible (AOB). To my surprise, there were hundreds of articles! After reading several of these articles, especially the one on baptism and how to be saved (I always wanted a list of all the things that I needed to do in order to become TRULY saved, and this list was more agreeable, since it matched scripture), I decided to download an offline copy of the AOB. Each article was backed by scripture, and was devoid of opinion. There were explanations that described the meaning behind the scripture and how to apply it with the topic at hand, but the scriptures within the articles were always more voluminous then the explanations themselves. In essence, a message and a lesson were being preached through these articles, but this pastor (unlike any other online pastor that I have ever encountered) allowed the Bible to speak for itself.

There were simply too many articles for me to read in just a days time, and these demonic nightmares kept persisting! I had already believed that this man was faithful, for even the Bible itself was freely available in PDF format (few other Bibles are this easily accessible). As a free software user and developer, seeing things that are free or open-source, while also being freely accessible, is ALWAYS a good thing. Not only that, but this Bible is even based on the oldest Greek manuscripts (even considering more ancient Paleo-Hebrew fragments, as well); includes all of the Books of the Bible as found in the Septuagint (the ancient Greek Old Testament); furthermore, it even has all scripture in ALL CAPS (with notations in parenthesis), just like in ancient manuscripts.

I was convinced, but what sealed the deal was JESUS himself! I felt that JESUS had created a connection between the YouTube video of this ministry and a specific article from the ministry through the number 14. Fourteen was an important number for the pastor, and JESUS used it as a confirmation for many miracles and revelations of the ministry. Sure enough, when I returned to review the video on YouTube, I noticed that it was listed as the fourteenth video at the time (not any longer, but it was for me). I also saw the hand of JESUS at work in a Catholic style baptism, and how JESUS rejected it (since Catholic baptism does not conform with scripture). I know that hardly anyone will believe that JESUS’ hand was at work to let me know that he rejected this false baptism, so I shall prove it right here (1 Peter 1:7) through this very testimony, in JESUS’ name! AMEN.

Someone just tried to shutdown a pastor’s computer… JESUS? This occurred right before the pastor tried to question the woman who was going to get baptized. This was a computer error that was triggered (by JESUS) during a live stream of a false baptism. The error occurred within a fitness room on the pastor’s side; the participants in the swimming pool, at a different location, were not aware of what exactly happened. After five seconds, someone removes the error message dialog box (they are operating on a Windows-based system), and the live stream continues. The participants, and even the pastor himself, are laughing throughout this process. It was clear to me that this was not a solemn baptism and that no one was actually taking it seriously. They don’t realize that JESUS himself is watching in disapproval… but, I do. The pastor then says: “I ask you: Do you renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness, reject the evil powers of this world, and repent of your sin (Singular! Not “sins”, but “sin?” As if this woman has only committed ONE sin in her life.) They both (the pastor and the woman) respond with an “Oh, Yeah!” Clearly, a joke.

Here’s the part that JESUS really does not like: The pastor commands the woman to get into the ready position, and this position is with her head facing heaven (a prideful position during baptism; no humility). From this position, the woman will then commence her “Backsliding” into the water. Something you should know… this action is symbolism of someone who is falling away and who will be cursed by the Lord; we should NEVER backslide– EVER! If she immersed herself in the same fashion as JESUS’ death (with her head bowed), then her head would be facing “down” (a position of humility during baptism; not prideful), and then she would enter the water straight forward/straight down, as if she was about to pray by “falling on her knees.” If she immersed herself in this manner, then she would also not need people to “force” her down (we are to immerse ourselves by choice; not by force).

The pastor is not very confident in what he is saying. He declares: “I baptize you, in the name of the father; let me say that again… WE baptize you (really?).” Also, he does not do the baptism in JESUS’ name, but rather in the name of the “Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” “Father” is not a name; “Son” is not a name; “Holy Spirit” is not a name! These are titles, not names. What is the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? The answer is JESUS (he is one being with one name– not three beings with three names). The second computer error occurs on the phrase “lift up…” ERROR, ERROR, how can someone be “lifted up” if you force them to “Backslide” into the water? To lift someone up in baptism, one must immerse themselves going “forward”; to bring someone down (like the woman in the video) in baptism, one must be immersed “backwards.”

The pastor then thanks GOD in the name of JESUS Christ, but he should have done the baptism in JESUS’ name. He took the Lord’s name in vain (which is a sin), giving thanks to JESUS through the assumption that JESUS would bless this false baptism (hint, hint… he does NOT). After the baptism, everyone says AMEN. The pastor then says it, too: “AMEN, that is so awesome, yeah… WHY DOES THAT KEEP HAPPENING” (What keeps happening? The ERRORS keep happening! At this point, the pastor is becoming more aware of it; however, just like the truth of baptism is a mystery to him, so too are the computer errors a mystery to him, as well). How interesting that after the video became a bit fuzzy, the third error is triggered on AMEN! AMEN means “TRULY!” If something is TRUE, then something is RIGHT; but, an ERROR means that something is WRONG; therefore, when JESUS (don’t tell me he didn’t do it) causes the third error to trigger, he is letting me know that even though everyone thinks that this baptism was done RIGHT: It was actually done WRONG! Yes, JESUS can communicate through computer bugs or errors, and even through video. I’m not done yet, though!

The pastor then says that they can go eat, but that he has no idea what to do next, so he’ll just go and eat some donuts. His day (just like the baptism itself) was not planned out beforehand. The moment he says that he is going “to eat a donut” is the same exact moment that the live streaming camera is turned upside down. The pastor finds it funny that the video is upside down (he also found it funny when he did the baptism “upside down”). He hollers: “Woo-hoo!” He enjoys doing things backwards and without much deep thought! We need to be more observant of our actions, and watch what we are saying… JESUS could be watching us, you know!

I found this false baptism video via I Saw The Light Ministries as an example of what an incorrect baptism looks like. JESUS, of course, confirmed this to me in his own special way (as i’ve already described to you). As you can see, JESUS has confirmed to me that his truth can be found in this ministry (2 Corinthians 9:13-14); therefore, while still committing to read all of the articles of the ministry, I purchased the AOB and listened to my first online sermon on the seventh-day (Exodus 20:8-11; Leviticus 23:3): The commanded day of rest & worship ("Sabbath") of the Lord JESUS. After listening, I desired to be baptized for the forgiveness of my sins (Mark 16:16; John 3:5; Acts 2:38). I sent a message to the ministry with the intent of doing a baptism over the phone/internet, because I believed that if a true believer and follower of JESUS baptizes me in JESUS' name, then it should not matter the mode or medium of how the WORD of GOD is communicated: For the pastor, I, and JESUS would be witnesses to the event. All Churches that I have ever physically seen worship on Sunday, and I'm afraid that if I'm baptized by someone else it would have been done incorrectly and not in JESUS' name.

And so, I made my appointment! Many miraculous things happened before I got baptized (and even after it), which further motivated me to immerse myself in the living waters from JESUS, so that I could become a new creature, a new man. They are as follows (Luke 1:3-4)

I wanted to learn more about prayer one day, so I scoured the website of I Saw The Light Ministries for a basic guideline of prayer. After finding it, I went to bed. The next morning, I went to work and noticed that many signs/confirmations occurred during work; all of which had the same theme; occurred near the same time frame; and, all during my break times (lunch break and 15-minute break), which is the only time where I can comfortably think and pray during work.

Fast Forward to my lunch break at work. I decided I would fast, so instead of going to my usual place for a bagel sandwich, I instead went into a McDonald’s parking lot to read some online articles through my old smart phone. Near the end of my web browsing I decided to check the ministry’s online newsletter for anything new going on (since I had not checked it in a while, at the time).

I read an article titled, House Democrat Refuses to Participate in Moment of Silence for Las Vegas Victims. A moment of silence is an opportunity to think about what is troubling us and to give our prayers to JESUS concerning what troubles us. When someone rejects these moments, then they are essentially saying that our “thoughts and prayers” have no effect on our lives. The man in the article is a hypocrite, because he tweeted out that his “thoughts and prayers” were with the victims, even though he doesn't believe in moments where we can share our “thoughts and prayers.”

The article spoke out to me, because the man tweeted, “Now is not a moment for silence; it's a time for action.” Thinking and praying are actions, though (mental actions; they are action verbs, too), that I believe send a strong message spiritually. This means that the man lied (technically speaking). What I found the most interesting was the very last sentence in the article, which contained the phrase “thoughts and prayers” which in turn was enclosed in double quotation marks in that very article– double quotations are a sign of emphasis in terms of grammar, and I took it as a sign from JESUS.

After my lunch break, I returned to the warehouse (where I cut and coil cables all day), turned my phone off, and headed to the warehouse office. The moment I stepped in there, one of my co-workers said to my boss, “… and that goes to show you that ‘thoughts and prayers’ don't do anything.” I stopped in my tracks (with phone in hand), and then slowly put my phone on the phone rack; afterwards, I tried to leave without showing much interest, until I heard him say to my boss, “Look at how many prayer points I got, and still nothing!” I had to turn around and ask what kind of game he was playing on his smart phone. It was called: Thoughts & Prayers: The Game. I just can't make this up!

The game is simply a US map with three buttons underneath it (the second button doesn't appear until after you've pressed the other two buttons several times): THINK, BAN ASSAULT WEAPON SALES, and PRAY. Basically, you click on the buttons repetitively as fast as you can, but regardless of your skill: Tragedy will soon strike on the map in the form of a cross-hair over a region, followed by gunshots and explosions. It seems like the only purpose of the game is to cause Christians to become frustrated that their “thoughts and prayers” have no effect on the real world– there doesn't seem to be any other real purpose to the game!

What made me freeze for a second was that the very first area that was under attack when my co-worker started the game was LA (where the murderer Stephen Paddock attacked just recently, at the time). I tried playing the game to see if I could get the cross-hairs to appear over LA again, but I could not replicate the results that I saw the first time in the warehouse office no matter how many times I tried. I took this as another sign from JESUS.

Fast forward again to my second break (15-minutes) at work. I don't watch TV anymore or listen to the radio in my car (since most of them play mainstream music that distracts me from my thoughts, and I like to think while I'm driving), so the main way for me to get news are through RSS or online news feeds and newspapers that another co-worker buys every work day. So I decided to read the newspapers during my second break. When I got to the second newspaper, I found a strange article about someone getting strangled by a rosary bead.

This article had a Christian vibe to it (very rare); even rarer: The devil was mentioned– CREEPY! The man killed her girlfriend using her own rosary (strangled her with it, and shoved it down her throat). After all of this, I believe that demons can truly create subliminal messages in our world and can even implant dreams during our sleep… all so that they can DECEIVE US. I believe JESUS allowed the devil to lie to me repeatedly, so that I could recognize the doubts that I had before were a form of lie I told myself, and that the truth is based on faith. There have been many other miracles that I had experienced during this time, but they are too numerous to list; therefore, I shall leave them as a mystery for now, and will only share them with members of my current congregation.

Sure enough, I became baptized on 2017 December 7, in JESUS’ name. After reading Jeremiah 10, I learned how the heathen’s worshipped Satan on Christmas day, that Christmas is celebrated as “Yule” by witches, and that it was originally known as “Saturnalia” where people worshipped Saturn. After failing to convince my family to follow the 10 Commandments and to do as JESUS commands of his true followers (1 John 2:4), I decided that it was time to leave (Luke 14:26-27). On Christmas day, while friends and relatives were coming in to my parents’ house bringing gifts, I was taking my belongings out to my car. I then declared to my family that until they start living for JESUS, I would not return and my communications with them would be extremely limited. It was a harsh thing to do, but JESUS comes first! I must be willing to forsake those (even my own blood-relatives) who actively break the laws of JESUS, and that means to separate myself from them entirely; therefore, on Christmas day: I left on a 9-hour journey to a new place in America (Jeremiah 7:3). If there is no church of truth in your local area, then you need to move to an area where there IS a church of truth. That is what I have done, and I experience miracles on every seventh-day (Saturday) which always testify to the truth of the gospels, and any new doctrines that I (or even the ministry) may not have known was a part of the scriptures.

One particular set of miracles is so great, that I must include it in this testimony for you to read! One day, I was browsing through YouTube and found a video that was oddly out of place in the related videos pane. It was called: Why Does the Bible Mention Unicorns?. Basically, there are many things about the Bible that we do not fully understand about, yet. One of which is the existence of the word “Unicorns” throughout the Bible. There has to be a scientific explanation, though, and I was right! I can not do it justice explaining this miracle to you, so without ruining the surprise to you, I will allow you to learn of this truth the same way I did (click the link below).

So, basically… I sent that video to my pastor, and he found other videos from the same author that proved the timeline of Moses and the Israelites, and that they were not actually enslaved for over 400 years. The timeline was corrected in an astounding way which now agrees with modern history, and these changes are now a part of the AOB! The video that we learned this from had a “Back to the Future” theme to it. Well, that same week on the seventh-day we watched the “Philadelphia Experiment.” Before the viewing of the film, though, we went for a short walk. During that walk, I mentioned two real accounts from my past to my pastor. In the first account, I was on duty guarding a gate that lead to an airfield. Beyond the sand dunes I was able to make out a Jackrabbit! I always thought that those things were part of fairy tales, but after learning that Unicorns are actually Rhinoceros, perhaps they were more real than I thought. A few minutes later, I mentioned another account, both of which occured whilst I was stationed on Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma in Arizona, of how I saw a real tumbleweed. You know, those weeds that get formed into a ball which gently bounce and roll through the wind, like in a cartoon… I saw one!

These were two seemingly random accounts from my past, and at the time: I thought nothing of it. Fast forward back to the movie that I was going to watch about the “Philadelphia Experiment.” My pastor was led to play this movie that night, and I noticed that the movie had some elements that were eerily similar to the sermon that I just heard not even hours earlier. Things like “GOD is energy” was a theme in the movie and the sermon. In the movie, the two main characters were part of a ship that military scientists were trying to make invisible from radar; however, not only did they make it invisible to radar, but they made the actual ship vanish. Later on, we realized that the ship did not become invisible itself; but, rather, was transported through time. The two main characters leaped off of the ship and into a new time. During their journey, a vortex is constantly trying to pull them back to the their own time through the element of lightning.

Within the movie, however, something strange happened besides the striking connection with the sermon of that day. You see, part of my conversation from my pastor somehow seeped into the movie itself. A Marine (there is only one in the movie, and I am the only Marine in this ministry) said that there were two intruders (the two main characters, but they did not know that humans landed there, yet) at the facility in the future. The Marine explained to his superior that they were probably “Jackrabbits” that tripped the security alarm.

A few minutes later (just like in my conversation with my pastor), the image of a tumbleweed appears rolling on screen. Me and my pastor knew at once that JESUS was working some kind of miracle before us. We did not yet know the significance of it all yet; however, JESUS was teaching us some new doctrine during this time that was connected to this movie, sermon, and miracle. One week later, also on the seventh-day, we saw the movie “Powder.” In this movie, the element of “GOD is energy” was at play once more. I won’t go into too much detail, but it became clear that the main character had a deep connection with energy itself. He had amazing powers, but was a gentle soul that could know your own heart just by touching you. At the end of the movie (SPOILER), he returns home by running towards a thunder storm and getting hit by lightning. The lightning then transforms his flesh into light, and he is transformed and zapped into the heavens to be with GOD.

At the end of the movie, I wondered whether the first resurrection of the saints would happen in a similar fashion. One week later, a new sermon came on the 7th day with a new teaching from JESUS about a Bodily Resurrection of All Dead That Ever Lived. I learned the truth about the resurrection! I became exceedingly ecstatic about learning such a great truth, and knowing that JESUS has been leading this ministry into his truth.

If I had not left my family to serve JESUS; nor obeyed JESUS by following the 10 Commandments and observance of the holy days, becoming baptized, accepting communion with TRUE Christians, etc.; nor ever attempted to seek out JESUS… then, I would not have ever come to know the truth and spirit of JESUS Christ. AMEN. I am on a journey to further learn all of the mysteries of GOD (1 Corinthians 4:1; Wisdom of Solomon 8:4), to enter into the light of Truth, and to serve the King of Kings: JESUS, the Alpha & Omega! AMEN.

It is important to note, that after removing a majority of sins in my life, that I no longer experience nightmares anymore, let alone the dreaded “night terrors!” AMEN. I have but a seed of salvation (Matthew 13:23; Matthew 13:38; Mark 4:20; Luke 8:15), and JESUS is still working with me to become more holy and righteous– day by day. I’m not there, yet; however, I am growing more and more into the truth (Ephesians 4:15), and am being led into the perfection and the spirit of JESUS Christ.

Saying a single prayer out loud does NOT save you (I learned this the hard way), for it takes more than just a prayer in order to become a FOLLOWER of JESUS. Confessing that JESUS is your saviour is NOT what saves you, for we all must be doers of the law (Romans 2:13) of JESUS (not just hearers or speakers of it) if we want to be a FOLLOWER of JESUS. Performing miracles, healings, and exorcisms is not NOT what saves you (Matthew 7:22-23), either, because trying to impress JESUS with our works means nothing if we are disobedient to him.

So… what saves a man or woman from sin? JESUS. (Well, that was obvious). But what do we have to do in order to stop sinning? Well, in order to stop sinning, one must first know what sin even is? I used to think that sin was some sort of disease that all humans are born with, and that it could only be banished from our bodies through the use of spells or incantations (In the name of JESUS: Be gone, sins! So… that’s not actually how it works, folks.).

1 John 3:4 breaks it down for us so that we can understand: “EVERYONE WHO COMMITS SIN ALSO COMMITS TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW; FOR SIN IS TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW.” Breaking the law has always been a bad thing! Break the laws of man, we call it a crime; break the laws of GOD, we call it a sin. AMEN. I have taken the steps necessary in order to be saved by JESUS; and, although I am in danger of losing my salvation whenever I sin (2 John 1:8-9; Revelations 2:25; Revelations 3:5; Revelations 3:11), I make sure to make specific changes in my life so that these strongholds of sin do not have control over me (1 Corinthians 6:12).

We must be more than just believers of Christ JESUS, we must be FOLLOWERS of him (James 2:19-20). The etymology of the word Christian means: A follower of Christ. I don’t care what denomination you are in: Leave it, and be what the Bible indirectly tells you to be (Acts 26:28): A Christian! In order to follow JESUS, you must follow his commands (Exodus 20; Leviticus 23; etc.)! Obey him, and do not falter in your commitment to serving JESUS. Would you like to enter into the Light of Truth? Would you like to become a truth-seeker? Would you like to get to know JESUS, and have him make ACTUAL changes in your life (as he has done with me)? Then you must be saved! Click here to learn how to be saved.

One last thing! When you read that above article on “What Must I Do To Be Saved? HOW TO BE SAVED”, you are eventually going to reach the conclusion of that article. If you are going to be saved, then you need to do ALL of what is listed as bullet points under the “ANSWER:” field! You must do ALL of those things; you can’t just pick and choose the one thing that is the most simplest and do it. You will do everything on that list, starting from the first bullet point and all the way through to the last bullet point, IN… THAT… ORDER! Belief is not enough! If it was, then I would have been saved at paragraph 16 and would not have needed the baptism in paragraph 43, and I certainly should have ended this true story at paragraph 8 if prayer was all that I needed. As you can see, our salvation is not so cut and dry that it can be accomplished over-night! It takes time, dedication, commitment, perseverance, prayer, worship, fasting, travel, and so much more! You can’t look at just one verse in order to determine how we must live… YOU MUST CONSIDER ALL OF SCRIPTURE (2 Timothy 3:16). AMEN.

This is my testimony. May all those who read this be inspired to venture into the truth of JESUS Christ, so that they too, may be born-again as a new creature in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17)! I hereby allow this testimony to be published and to be accessible to all those who are yearning for Truth.
Michael, from Atheist to True Follower of Jesus,
In JESUS’ name: AMEN!

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