Why Boycott Starbucks: Due To Their Promotion of Abortion, Islam, Homosexuality, Antisemitism and Other Reasons

Starbucks Bows to Anti-Semitic Farrakhan Fans, Boots Jewish Group (May 1, 2018)

Fecal Bacteria Found In Drinks Sold By UK’s Top Three Coffee Chains (June 2017)
Ice drinks from Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and Costa all had traces of the fecal-derived pathogen. Anyone still supporting Starbucks SHOULD have Fecal bacteria in their drink!

Starbucks Employees Bully Trump Supporter Customer (June 2017)
What do you expect when you give your money to these demons?
The republican deserved it for supporting the left with her money!

Starbucks Brand Plummets After Issuing This Anti-Trump Call to Action (March 2017)
It's ABOUT TIME people put what is right before coffee!!!!!!!!

Black Rifle Coffee Company Fires Back At Starbucks, Announces Plan To Hire 10,000 Veterans (Feb. 2017)

Starbucks to Hire 10,000 Terrorists Over Next 5 years (Jan.2017)
What would you like in your coffee if they see you wearing a cross? Or see that you have a Christian Bumper Sticker?

StarBucks Coffee TOP Founder of Abortion (From Oct. 2016)

See why you should also boycott Google, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. They ALL promote abortion, Islam, homosexuality & antisemitism. And they also censor & work against free speech and freedom of Christians and conservatives. They actively persecute Christians and Jews, males and white people. Click here for PROOF.

Tell others to boycott Starbucks. Use tag #BoycottStarbucks

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