Antichrist Comparison Chart, Who Can Be and Who Can NOT be The Son of Perdition (The Antichrist Beast)

Scriptural Requirement Bashar Assad Obama Prince Charles or Sons
(This focuses on Prince Charles. But you can apply most of this to any of his family as well.)
Erdogan, President of Turkey
1. Claims to be God, Worshipped as God above all gods. Daniel 11:36-37 Assad: YES, Click here and read confirmations #1-3 for PROOF that Assad is worshipped as god, worshipped above all gods, by his soldiers which take their orders from him. Proof of others (outside his army) worshipping him as well. People being beheaded for refusing to worship him above all gods, even above Allah. Obama: NO, he may be called "messiah" by some, even worshipped by many, But no body literally believes that he is truly god. Prince Charles: NO, has no followers as god Erdogan: NO, Only a few select members of his own government and religious figures under his control give subtle suggestions of deity and worship. That is NOT unusual for nations under dictatorship. We do NOT see anyone being beheaded for refusing to worship Erdogan as we do in Syria with Assad. We do NOT see anyone worshipping Erdogan ABOVE Allah, as we do with Assad. False prophet Walid Shoebat's claims about Erdogan are wildly exaggerated. Erdogan is NOT claiming to be God. However, He does BELIEVE himself to be the Mahdi (end time islamic world leader), but even islamic prophecy says that there will be a false Mahdi who wages war against the end time leader of Syria who is the true Mahdi. That's what ancient islamic prophecy says!
2. Daniel 11:40 "And AT THE TIME OF THE END shall THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSH AT HIM: and the KING OF THE NORTH SHALL COME AGAINST HIM LIKE A WHIRLWIND Assad: YES, he has the king of the south (Egypt and/or Israel) pushing against him. King of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Turkey coming against him like a whirlwind, about to be intensified.
Click here for some of the evidence that NATO and Israel are pushing at him and preparing to come against him like a whirlwind.
Obama: NO, there is NO northern king or southern king coming against him like a whirlwind. N. Korea is the closest possible match to this right now. But the only thing N. Korea could do is strike just one American city and N. Korea would very quickly be destroyed by American missiles. It is no match. Prince Charles: NO, there is NO northern king or southern king coming against him like a whirlwind. Erdogan: NO. Although isis could be seen as a king of the south from Syria and Iraq, the only nation/president that could even come close to being the "king of the north" in relation to Turkey would be Russia, but Russia is NOT active in a military war against Turkey. Thus far, Turkey has been the aggressor toward Russia, with only ONE plane shot down, which does NOT fit the biblical requirement of the King of the North attacking with MANY ships. The requirement of Daniel 11:40 can only be fulfilled with Turkey and Russia ONLY if these 2 nations come into a full scale war BEFORE the Great Tribulation which is highly unlikely.
3. he will invade Israel and many other middle eastern nations.
Daniel 11:40-41 "....and he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over. He shall enter also into the glorious land (Israel) and many countries shall be overthrown..."
Assad: YES, he has already previously attempted to invade Israel and has threatened to do so again. He will do so after he recovers from the deadly head wound caused by NATO. He is also already at war against many middle eastern nations and will use that as reason to invade them. Obama: NO, The Untied States will NEVER invade Israel. That's ridiculous. Prince Charles; NO, England will NEVER invade Israel. That's ridiculous. Erdogan: HALF POINT, It could be possible that Turkey COULD invade Israel but they have traditionally allied with NATO and the USA, so to invade Israel would be a complete turn around from their traditional pattern of military loyalty. Whereas Syria HAS ALREADY invaded Israel before. Turkey was NOT involved with the last 2 great wars against Israel, the Six-Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Whereas Syria attacked Israel BOTH times.
4. To recover from a deadly head wound. Rev. 13:3 Assad: YES, suffering from heady head wound right now and will intensify when NATO attacks soon. Click Here and read confirmation #5 for PROOF that the Greek words in Rev. 13:3 refer to a capital city (Damascus) being pounded flat. Obama; NO, has not occurred. Prince Charles; NO, has not occurred Erdogan: NO, has not occurred. Is NOT occurring. The so called "coup" in Turkey in July 2016 was orchestrated by Erdogan himself & therefore was not a true head wound.
5. Daniel 7:20 look was more stout than his fellows. (Can mean tall, Powerful; forceful, Stubborn or uncompromising, great, master, chief, captain, lord) Assad; YES, 6'2". Taller than most all other world leaders, a "great" captain of an army that has been successful at fighting off fighters from Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, England, etc. He is forceful, stubborn and uncompromising. Obama; NO, 6'1", the weakest leader America has ever had, losing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Prince Charles; NO; 5'10", not even king yet and getting older by the day. Erdogan: HALF POINT. 6 ft tall which is 2 inches shorter than Assad. But he is definitely forceful and stubborn. But he is not uncompromising and he does not enjoy the same measure of power as Assad. Assad has the publicly declared support of Iran, Russia and China who are without question the most powerful nations on Earth right now. When faced with a war with these 3 plus Assad, there is no way that Turkey would win.
6. Horn with eyes. Daniel 7:8, 7:20 Assad; YES ABSOLUTELY, he is a eye doctor! Please Click Here and read confirmation #11 for further information. Obama; NO Prince Charles; NO Erdogan: NO.
7. Daniel 11:37, Not regard the desire of women Assad; YES, Alawi Muslim's believe women do not have a soul, therefore they disregard the desires/needs of women. Obama; NO, I don't see how we can apply this requirement to Obama. He is pro-abortion which regards women's personal choices over the life of another human being. His wife is also very well respected by democrats. Although he is a muslim, he is a western muslim, lacking some of the characteristics of the middle eastern true muslims. Prince Charles; NO, I don't know how we could apply this requirement to him. Erdogan: YES. He is a middle eastern muslim who has little respect toward women.
8. Daniel 7:25 shall think to change times and laws Assad; YES, Click Here to learn about the muslim "Mecca Clock" which will change time zones across the globe. Obama; HALF point, he sure knows how to change laws for the worst, but I cannot see any way that he intends to change time. Prince Charles; NO, does not fit requirement. Erdogan: YES. As a middle eastern muslim, he could eventually have the ability to control the Mecca Clock.
9. War against the Saints. Daniel 7:21, Daniel 12:7, Rev. 13:7 Assad; YES. Right now he is trying to act friendly to the Christians but after he joins forces with the pope and conquers many nations, he will eventually make it very clear that he is THE enemy of the Saints. He is a muslim = enough said! Obama; YES, absolutely fits this one! which is the reason many people believe that he is the anti-Christ. But just fitting 5 out of 15 requirement's isn't enough. Prince Charles, NO, i don't see any evidence at this time. Erdogan: YES. He is muslim.
10. He must the 8th King of The statue of Daniel's Kingdoms. Rev. 17:11
These empires have always stood in the same region.
Assad; YES,
1- King Nebuchadnezzar
2- Cyrus of the Persian Empire
3- Darius the 3rd of Persian Empire
4- Alexander The Great, The Greek Empire
5- Antiochus Epiphanes, Greek Syrian Empire
The above 5 kings has already fallen before the time that John wrote.
6- Vespasian, Roman ruler in 70 A.D. This is the king that is, during John's time.
7- Constantine 1 of the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire which got taken over by the Ottoman Empire and islam.
8- Bashar Assad, who is the same fallen angel of Antiochus Epiphanes. He is one of the 7, but returns as the 8th king. The Assyrian Empire was the blood line of all these kingdoms. Most pagan religious customs originate from Assyria.

Obama; NO, There have NOT been 7-8 empires to rule the United States. Obama is not the 8th existence of anything. The USA is NOT in the same region as the history of Babylon. Prince Charles; NO, We might could say that many empires have ruled in the region of England. But England is still NOT in the historical region of Babylon. Erdogan: NO. Although he could fit the regions of the first few empires, he CANNOT fit the requirement of Antiochus Epiphanes who ruled much farther east in Syria.
11. Must be Assyrian.
Isa. 10, Isa. 14:25 Isa. 19:23 Isa. 23:13 Isa. 30:31 Isa. 31:8 Isa. 52:4 Ezek. 31:3 Hosea 5:13 Hosea 11:5
Daniel 7:20 with Isa. 10:12
Micah 5:1-5 with Rev. 11:2
Ezekiel 28
Click here and read confirmation #20 for further explanation.
Assad; YES: he is the King of Syria. Obama; NO he is not Assyrian. Prince Charles; NO he is not Assyrian. Erdogan: NO. He is of the bloodline of the Georgians. He is NOT Assyrian or Arab.
12. Becomes strong with a SMALL group of people.
Daniel 11:23 "And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people".
Assad; YES, His family came to power with the Alawi sect, a very small minority sect of islam which was much hated by most muslims. For his family to come to power is nothing short of a miracle. They did not have the support of anyone. Obama; NO, he came to power with the help of democrats a very huge political party in the USA. He has had the endorsement of Iran, Russia, China and many nations. Prince Charles; YES, Since the king could only come from one family, he could fit this description. Erdogan: NO. He has a large majority ruling party. He is a member of the largest political party in Turkey as well as being Sunni which is definitely NOT a small religious group.
13. Against Egypt and Libya.
Daniel 11:42-43
Assad; YES, he is the enemy of the muslim brotherhood that now controls Egypt and Libya. When he manifests himself as the end time son of perdition, he will conquer his enemies and bring them under his control. Obama; YES, by helping to bring the muslim brotherhood into power in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, he has come against those nations. Prince Charles; Probably not; There is reason to believe he may be on the side of the muslim brotherhood. Erdogan: No, I have no reason to believe that he is against Egypt and Libya.
14. Son of Perdition: What does the word "perdition" mean? In 2 Thes. 2:3, the Greek word for perdition is Strong's G684 - apoleia, which means destroying, utter destruction. He must be the son of destruction Assad; YES; his dad was famous for almost completely destroying Damascus in the rebellion that was against him in his day. Now, the son, Assad, is following his dad's footsteps of destruction. Obama; YES; he is destroying the USA, the American Constitution, Israel, Egypt, etc. Prince Charles; NO, I couldn't see him killing a fly! Erdogan: NO. The only reason he could possibly deserve any points for this category is his possible support of isis. He also wants to destroy the Kurds but has been unsuccessful at that goal. If he is so weak that he cannot even destroy the Kurds, that's not enough ability to cause any lasting and widespread destruction outside of Turkey. Isis will be defeated, so isis CANNOT be a real fulfillment of this requirement, therefore I cannot give him any points for this.
15. Connection to Rev. 13:18 the number of man 666 Assad; YES; click here for the true understanding of 666. Learn how the number refers to Nazism, Islam and Communism. Obama; YES; Same reason as Assad. Both Obama & Assad are leaders of Nazism, Islam & Communism. Prince Charles; YES. Same reason as the other 3. Let's face it, all four are anti-Christ. But only one can be THE end time Son of Perdition. Erdogan: YES. He does fit the requirements of Nazism, Islam and Communism. But this is no different than the other 3 candidates.
Total Score, # of Requirements Met Assad; ALL 15 of 15 It is VERY CLEAR that Assad is the Son Of Perdition!!! Obama; 4.5 of 15 Prince Charles; 2 of 15 Erdogan: 5 out of 15.

You have now seen 100% PROOF that it's absolutely impossible for either Obama, Prince Charles or his sons, or President Erdogan of Turkey to be the Son of Perdition (Antichrist). The doctrines that the antichrist is Erdogan, Obama or Prince Charles is hereby forever refuted and debunked! False prophet Walid Shoebat's prophecy that Erdogan is the antichrist is hereby proven wrong & refuted & debunked! Walid Shoebat is just one more blind leader of Babylon. In Fact, False prophet Walid Shoebat unknowingly worships Bashar Assad via his own worship of the Assyrian holidays of Christmas & Easter, as well as his belief in the Assyrian doctrine of a trinity god.
Prince Charles as the antichrist is also refuted & debunked! The Obama antichrist theory is refuted & debunked by Bible Scripture!


Myth #1: The anti-Christ must be a man of peace.
FACT: He will proclaim peace. he will proclaim that he is a man of peace. Assad DOES claim that he is a man of peace. But the Bible NEVER describes him as a real man of peace. The Bible actually describes him as a man of WAR. he conquers many nations and makes war against the Saints as well.

MYTH #2: Must be European. Antichrist must come out of the "Revived Roman Empire"
FACT: There is NOT any scripture in the entire Bible that uses the word "Europe" or "European". There is a "Euroclydon" (storm) in Acts 27:14 but has nothing to do with the anti-Christ. The ONLY national identity of the son of perdition mentioned in the Bible is that he is the king of Assyria and prince of Tyrus.
Ezek.28:2-12 calls him the prince of Tyrus. Tyrus was an ancient city of Assyria.

MYTH #3: He comes from among ten nations/kings in the restored Roman Empire.
FACT: Just like everyone else, I thought the 10 toes (10 horns) of the beast, will be 10 nations which already exist. Most people believe it's 10 nations of Europe. Others believe it's 10 Arab nations. I thought it was 10 Islamic Arab and communist nations including Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, etc.
But now, JESUS has opened my eyes.
It cannot be nations that have already existed for a long time like Russia, China, Iran, Germany, England, Turkey, etc.
Rev.17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
(Notice they have NO kingdom yet. They receive power for only one hour (3.5 years) with Assad.
Putin, China, England, Germany, Iran, etc already have a kingdom and power for long periods of time. These are 10 beings [some human, some nephilim Daniel 2:43] who do NOT yet rule real nations. The word MINGLE in 2:43 is the Syrian word ARAB. Bashar Assad has repeatedly declared a wish to have an Arab Union. These are 10 beings who are fighting for control of Syria, of which Assad will appoint 7-10 of his supporters as provincial governors over the entire earth), (The prophecy in Daniel 7:8 about a little horn plucking up 3 of the other horns, concerns Assad's future defeat of isis and 2 other rebel leaders OR else was already fulfilled in ancient times.)
13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. (Beings and groups who eventually submit to Assad)
14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
(They will still be ruling with assad when Jesus returns)
15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
(The alliance between Assad and pope Francis is not a true heartfelt sincere alliance by Assad. He only uses Francis to gain the support of false Christians. At first, it will appear as a unity between Islam and the Catholic church. But at the end, Assad and his 7-10 rulers will turn against Rome and will destroy Rome. However, the Pope will still be alive at the coming of Jesus. Both Assad and the Pope, both are fallen angels, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire at JESUS' Coming)
17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. (Rome).

One little horn= one being, the son of perdition.
2 horns of false prophet= 2 Popes.
10 horns= 10 beings who will rule 10 regions of the world. These are NOT 10 nations already in existence. Daniel 11:39 says he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land (the entire earth) for gain.

MYTH #4: His name must add up to 666 with gematria.
FACT: Rev. 13:18 "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."
The myth of 666 Gematria is based upon a misinterpretation of Rev. 13:18. Gematria is of Babylonian origin & is basically Kabbalah witchcraft. It is unreliable & have led to many false declarations of who the son of perdition could be.
Recommended link #1 about gematria
Recommended Link #2 on gematria
Click HERE for the true meaning of "666" of Rev. 13:18

MYTH #5: Bible Codes.
FACT: Bible codes are NOT real. They are unreliable & have led to many false declarations of who the son of perdition could be & other false doctrines. Recommended Link about bible codes with additional links

MYTH #6: Antichrist will not be married. He will be gay.-- Daniel 11:37
That is a misinterpretation of Daniel 11:37. It doesn't say that he won't be married. It doesn't say that he will be gay. It doesn't say that he will leave the natural affection of women. It says he won't regard the desire of women, in other words he doesn't have any regard/respect/consideration for the desires/will/needs/lives of women. He disrespects women.

CLAIM: Son of Perdition must sign a peace agreement, which will later be broken.
Where in the Bible does it tell us to look for the signing of a peace treaty or a rebuilding of the temple? In Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 Jesus gave us a very good and detailed list of things to look for. Matt.24:5 false Christ and deceivers, :6 wars and rumours of war's. :7 warfare, famine's, pestilences, earthquakes. :9 martyrdom and persecution. :11 false prophets. :12 lawlessless and lack of love. :14 This Gospel of The Kingdom preached in all the world for a witness to all nations. :15 abomination of desolation, son of perdition standing in holy place. THOSE ARE WHAT WE ARE TO LOOK FOR. Notice it NEVER says to look for the building of a temple or a peace treaty. The last thing to happen before the great tribulation is to be an abomination spoken of by Daniel. So we must go to Daniel. DO NOT ASSUME WE MUST SEE THE TEMPLE BEING BUILT AND A PEACE TREATY SIGNED. MATT.24 DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT US BEING ABLE TO SEE SUCH. DO NOT ADD TO SCRIPTURE. Daniel 9:25 describes a rebuilding project that was to occur to prepare the first coming of Christ. :26 the Messias is cut off and the city and temple destroyed. All of that was already fulfilled thousands of years ago. :27 is the main verse used by everyone to assume a peace treaty and rebuilding of temple. But please search this verse for the world PEACE TREATY. You won't find it because it's NOT there! We do find the word covenant. But it doesn't say what kind of covenant nor does it describe any details of the covenant. It also mentions the overspreading we abominations he shall make it desolate. So we see a destruction. But we do NOT see rebuilding project. It does NOT say anything about us witnessing a rebuilding project. It says he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease. Again it's talking about a abomination and a ceasing of sacrifice. People ASSUME AND INTERJECT that therefore we must see the beginning of such sacrifices and therefore we must see a temple being built. Even Revelation 11 and 2 Thessalonians 2 says there will be a temple. Therefore people ASSUME AND INTERJECT that we must see the temple being built. However Scripture NEVER tells us to look for the building project to begin. It is DESOLATION (destruction) that we must look for and witness. Not rebuilding. Desolation of what? =Jerusalem. But we are not to look for the rebuilding project. but rather we are to look for the armies to invade Jerusalem. When you shall see the city surrounded with armies you will know the desolation thereof is near. NEVER says when you shall see the temple. It is the WAR/INVASION/ARMIES/DESOLATION that we are told to look for. The son of PERDITION means DESTRUCTION. NOT son of Peace. He is described as a man of war. If there is to be any peace treaty, He is not known for it. In Scripture, he is known for war and destruction.
Please examine the article "There Will NEVER be a Third/Jewish Temple!".

There are MANY more confirmations that Bashar Assad of Syria is the son of perdition. Please click here to read the entire article of PROOF that Assad it the son of perdition.

Do you disagree? We encourage you to take your time in prayer & fasting as you continue to examine this subject. Many times, it takes days-weeks, even years to undo man's doctrines or traditional thinking. It's a process. Many times, just reading websites is NOT enough. We must be willing to take the time to talk to our LORD & Savior Jesus Christ in MUCH prayer & fasting, and continual repentance and continued growth in spiritual maturity. We should pray that HE remove all deception from us & always be willing to change as HE continues to teach us. If we have NOT changed anything that we believe in 12 months, we are NOT growing enough in His Truth. We must continue to grow every year until we reach FULL maturity to the full stature of Jesus Christ. Eph.4:11-16. May JE-sus continue to bless you in all of your seeking for His Truth.

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