Refer a Friend Program

Earn and Receive a free bottle of our unique colloidal silver plus solution by referring friends and family.
1. Order and receive your colloidal silver as a regular customer with donation.
2. Share the website with friends and family and help them to make the decision to order their colloidal silver from our website and send required donation(s).
3. After they send the required donation and receive their colloidal silver, Email us with the name and address of the person who successfully received their colloidal silver from us. Also send us your name and address and date of your donation And request your free bottle. We will then send you a free bottle of colloidal silver without any additional required donation.
You must be an established customer, that is that you must have sent us a donation and received at least one bottle of colloidal silver from us. You must request your free bottle by email. You must include in the email the date of your last donation and the name and address of the customer you referred. The referred person must have already sent a donation and received their bottle(s) of colloidal silver. You can only receive one free bottle of colloidal silver per address/name. You may refer as many friends and family and people as you desire. You will receive a free bottle for each successful referral. A successful referral is a household address which has successfully sent a donation and received colloidal silver from us because of your referral.

Also, established customers will automatically receive a free bottle after they order their 7th bottle with required donations.

God Bless You!

Please contact us at istlm @ bellsouth .net with no spaces in the address.

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