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John 4:23-24

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Bible Gateway.com
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Temple of Ezekiel 40-48 Will Never Be Completed. It was actually the 2nd Temple. Will NOT be in the millennial period.

Sexual Recovery / Porn Recovery

Sexaholics Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Mastering Life
Ex-porn star delivered by Christ, testimony of Shelley Lubben
Porn Free.org

Marriage Conflict:

Solving Marriage Conflict: A Bible Plan to Resolve Family Strife and Alienation For BOTH of you, With Love, Tim.

recovering from addiction, abuse or trauma

International Christian Recovery

Recovery from drugs and alcohol


Recovery from anything

Christians In Recovery.com

Good resources against paganism, satanism, demonic forces, etc.

Last Trumpet Ministries Tells the truth about the new world order, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.
demonbuster.com information on what not to have in your house and how to overcome demonic forces in your life.

Great Places to surf on the web

Worthy Links - Christian Search Engine
Act for America, a group devoted to saving America from radical islam. A Great Group!

Visit SeekGod.orgSeekGod.org

Evangelism Tools

Bibles by the case.com a great place to buy bibles in bulk!

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World News:

Washington Free Beacon

Survival Resources

How to Prepare for Nuclear incidents
Free Survival PDF booklets
Preparedness.com A Survival supply store
CCrane.com Really neat gadgets!

Inbox Dollars, Earn money by reading emails, surveys, completeing offers, watching videos, redemning coupons, playing games and completing cash tasks. Lots of ways to earn money at home at this great site. it's on the up and up! I promise!

The Hunger Site

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