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LIGHT VS. darkness

Joshua 24:15 choose you this day whom ye will serve

Top Excuses why people refuse to submit to GOD

Left Hand Path

Proof God is Real

demonic Help

Help for Vampires



Is Paganism Benign/harmless?

Why wicca is evil

sadist/masochrist S/M BDSM


Abortion is Murder!

Common Pagan household items

Evils of Halloween



Why smoking pot is a sin



What Must i do to be Saved?

How to Overcome anything!

"Judge Not", Sinner's favorite Bible Verse & most taken out of context Scripture

Prophecy Ministry:

1 Thes. 5:20 Despise not prophesyings

Book of Revelation Outline & Printable Bible Study

The False Prophet Revealed!

The Assyrian Son of Perdition (Anti-Christ) Revealed!

Anti-Christ Comparison Chart: Who CAN be and who can NOT be the son of perdition

The Beast Revealed!

The Mark of the Beast Revealed!

The 4 Horsemen Revealed!

1290/1335 Days of Daniel Revealed!

Prophecies for 2011 & Beyond!

The Assyrian Invasion: Russia/China To Invade Europe, USA & Israel, The Gog Magog War.

Daniel 7:25 Fulfilled

Truth about the Rapture!

Japan Quake RELATED TO Gulf Oil spill.

An islamic memorial built over the graves of 911 victims!

goddess nike & her conquest of America & Tim Tebow

Pale Horseman of Rev.6 Caught on Camera!

Warning to the Sodom and Gomarah's of America

Where is the Place of Safety?

How to be able to afford to PREPARE for the Great Tribulation

United States is Manasseh in the Bible

7 Seals Outline

Truth Ministry

Joshua 24:14 serve Him in sincerity and in truth

What Time & Day Jesus was Truly Buried & Resurrected


Forsake Not the Assembly

Selective Learning?

Graven Images, The forgotten Commandment

Once Saved, Always Saved?

Women in the Ministry?

Men with Long Hair, Sin?

is alcohol sin?

Are Women Required to wear Headcoverings

Beware of Internet Doctrines!


You MUST Be Baptized in Jesus Name

Ye Must be Born Again

When are we saved?

The Cross is NOT pagan, However...

King James Version COMPARED to The New American Standard Bible

Assyrian Origin of Christmas

Assyrian Origin of Easter

Assyrian Origin of the Trinity Doctrine

What happens when you die? Truth about Heaven & Hell

Speaking in Tongues

Have you received the Holy Ghost?

Holy Worship of God

Do NOT fall backwards!

Power of Testimony

Miracles AND things God is telling me

Commandments in the
New Covenant Era?

2 Cor. 3:6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

Are all Laws done away? Did Jesus Fulfill all things?

The Law versus the Blood

What is the Message? The Torah?

Pitfalls of the
Hebraic Roots Movement

Judaism & islam Are The Same

Oldness of the Letter vs. Newness of the Spirit

Why all meats HAVE been Cleansed

Who or What is the True Church?

The Holy Sabbath

True Holy Days / Holidays

When does the Day Start?

The Almighty's Created Calendar

What is GODs Name? Jehovah?, Yahweh? Jesus?

Assyrian Origin of so called Star of David

The Real Davidic Dance

Study Helps:

Test Your Bible Knowledge
Take the Quiz!

Suggested Links

Bible verse of the moment

Bible Study Tools, Search tools, Greek Septugint, Apocrypha


Freemason Ministers, Wolves Exposed

Worship Music

Put on the Whole Armour of God

Did the Jews kill Jesus?

Online Bibles in 29 languages

Download Free Book, Understanding The Mysteries of GOD. 142 pages, 5.1 MB, Word Document


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I Saw The Light Ministries

Serving God in Spirit and in Truth
John 4:23-24

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Online Bibles

Bible Gateway.com
Audio Bible.com

Misc. Bible Topics:

Temple of Ezekiel 40-48 Will Never Be Completed. It was actually the 2nd Temple. Will NOT be in the millennial period.

Sexual Recovery / Porn Recovery

Sexaholics Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Mastering Life
Ex-porn star delivered by Christ, testimony of Shelley Lubben
Porn Free.org

Marriage Conflict:

Solving Marriage Conflict: A Bible Plan to Resolve Family Strife and Alienation For BOTH of you, With Love, Tim.

recovering from addiction, abuse or trauma

International Christian Recovery

Recovery from drugs and alcohol


Recovery from anything

Christians In Recovery.com

Good resources against paganism, satanism, demonic forces, etc.

Last Trumpet Ministries Tells the truth about the new world order, christmas, easter, halloween, etc.
demonbuster.com information on what not to have in your house and how to overcome demonic forces in your life.

Great Places to surf on the web

Worthy Links - Christian Search Engine
Act for America, a group devoted to saving America from radical islam. A Great Group!

Visit SeekGod.orgSeekGod.org

Evangelism Tools

Bibles by the case.com a great place to buy bibles in bulk!

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