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Joshua 24:14
Now therefore fear The LORD, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye The LORD.

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  • What Happens When You Die? Truth about Heaven & Hell
  • Bodily Resurrection of All Dead That Ever Lived
  • Universal Reconciliation Refuted by The Bible
  • What Time & Day Jesus was Truly Buried & Resurrected
  • Is Cremation of The Dead Acceptable?
  • Is Jesus Only A Prophet? Who is "The LORD"?
  • Once Saved, Always Saved?
  • Women in the Ministry?
  • Are Cosmetics (Make-Up) Acceptable?
  • What Is Marriage In The Eyes of The Almighty?
  • Men with Long Hair, Sin?
  • Is Alcohol Sin?
  • When Are We Saved?
  • The Cross is NOT Pagan, However...
  • King James Version COMPARED to The New American Standard Bible
  • Curse Upon the KJV Translators
  • Assyrian Origin of the Trinity Doctrine
  • What is The Unpardonable Sin?
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • Have you Received The Holy Ghost?
  • Holy Worship of GOD
  • Do NOT Fall Backwards!
  • Power of Testimony
  • Miracles AND Things GOD is Telling Me
  • Meekness Was Divinely Healed: Miracle!
  • The Electrical, Petroleum & Automotive Industries Corruption Of Mankind
  • Curses for Disobedience: Biblical Reasons For The Judgment Of The Jewish, African and Native America People
  • The Historical Fact of White Slaves
  • Is All Medicine & Physicians Sorcery & Witchcraft?
  • Are We Required To Always Forgive Everyone For Anything Without Exception?
  • Do The Saints Have Any Power to Remit or Retain Sins?
  • Dr. Bronner's Satanic Pure Castile Soap
  • Boycott of Satanic Companies
  • Do We Need Pastors & Teachers?
  • Are Church Buildings Forbidden, Required or Necessary?
  • Legalism About Secular Music
  • Why Do I Claim to be an Apostle?
  • The Sins of St. Peter
  • Miscellaneous Exhortations: Planet X: Nibiru; Walmart Plumbing Closings; Conspiracy Theories; Jade Helm; Martial Law; Concentration Camps; What You Allow In Your Eyes & Ears.
  • Proof the Japan Earthquake & Nuclear Event = Man Made & Planned.
  • Tim Tebow & The goddess Nike Conquest
  • Selective Learning
  • Ecclesia of Theos At (location)?
  • Who are What is The True Church
  • King James Version (KJV) Vs.Non-Existent Scripture Text/Taught (NEST)
  • Flat Earth Theory Refuted
  • Rants and Raves; Pit Bulls; Dogs; Speeders; Tail Gaters
  • Did the Jews kill Jesus?
  • Does the New Testament Forbid Polygamy?
  • Questions to Pastor Tim & the Answers
  • About Me, The Pastor of this Ministry, My Testimony
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