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My Testimony

Rev. 12:11 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

First of all, as an ordinary imperfect human, I hereby declare my testimony of What God has done in my life, as a Witness to all mankind of the Power and Authority and Love of Jesus the Christ. I ask that you not judge me but rather test the Spirits. Thanks.

Hello, I am Pastor Tim of "I Saw The Light Ministries".
Like many people, I had a very rough childhood. My parents divorced when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I do not remember my real dad until sometime around 13 years old or older. My first step-father committed suicide. My second step-father was very abusive. Before I was 10 years old, my family would sometimes take me to Pentecostal/Holiness & Baptist church services. One of my best & favorite memories as a child was my "Maw-Maw" (Grandmother) taking my brother & me into the bathroom to teach us to kneel down in the floor & pray. But that is one of the very few good memories of my childhood. After a couple of other very tragic things happened in my family when I was 10 years old, I turned to a search for the meaning of life & the truth behind the scenes, I knew the answer to all my questions would need to come from GOD. GOD being present with me, I found a free sample issue of "The Plain Truth Magazine" by the Worldwide Church of God. This was many years (1978) before Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong passed away (1986). Without anyone telling me to, I started an intense study of the Holy Bible. I did not take anyone's beliefs for granted. I studied hard to prove what is the perfect & acceptable will of God. I maintained my studies most of the rest of my life.
Then when I was 16 years old, I started regularly attending church services of the Worldwide Church of God. But after a while, I decided to leave the church & explore sexual activities & so I dwelt in sexual fornication for many years. There would be periods of times that I would try to leave the sex/drug world behind & return to the church. I would be happy in the church scene for a year or less & then I would realize I'm still addicted to sex and would leave the church again. And so the roller coaster ride went. Each time I returned to the church, I would try with all my own strength to stay away from sex and drugs. But I could not do it. I always back sled.
After many years of counseling, I finally realized that in all my sexual activities I was trying to find true love. But I was using sex to try to find true love. Each time I had sex, I still felt unfulfilled. Because I still had not found true love from my true father. I grew more and more disappointed over the years. I also grew more desperate in my attempt to gain love. I went to extremes to try to satisfy the empty void inside me. I allowed myself to explore and become involved in S&M, paganism and the left hand path. I tried ANY thing and EVERY thing to feel alive, fulfilled, loved and appreciated. But I also still continued to pray and keep the 7th day (Sabbath) even though I was not truly honoring GOD with my body. No matter what I allowed my mind and body to do, I still talked to GOD from within. I still asked GOD to forgive me and I always told him that I still Love Him and that truly I serve him above all else. And GOD did see me. He did hear me and He still answered some of my prayers. He still protected me from death and from full evil demon possession. But I still was not serving Him fully and completely. I was not even serving Him in my life. But yet He still had mercy for me. I was at war with myself. The war within me and around me was more than just myself fighting myself. It was satan fighting for my soul. There was a war occurring over my soul that was even greater than I could have ever imagined at the time. Then I hit rock hard bottom. THANK GOD!
Thank GOD for my valleys and my troubles and battles. For out of them, I've emerged a victorious Christian soldier! In 2004, I gave up trying to fight my battles with my own power and strength. I gave up trying to do it myself. I gave my heart, mind, body, soul (spirit) to the one true living GOD, the Creator of the Universe. This time instead of just going to church, I was going to JEsus I started attending a small "Holiness Pentecostal" church where GOD's Spirit moved. I continued to allow GOD to teach me His Ways including His Sacrifice, Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy and Love. I learned that He is my True Father who shall never leave me nor forsake me. He really cares about me and loves me. Over time, I continued to lay down more of my burdens and sins. I continued to give Him more and more of me. Yes, I did slip a few times, in fact many times, but this time I realized that whenever I slip by mistake, all I have to do is to reach out my hand to Him and let Him pick me up and forgive me and cover me with His Grace. He knows me inside and out. He knows that I am only a human being. He knows that I am not perfect. But I cannot sin outright on purpose and live that lifestyle again. I must stay with Him and look to Him. He lives with me and inside of me. He is the greatest attorney, doctor, counselor, companion, mechanic, friend and Father there ever was. He is everything to me. He is my Salvation. He is my Redeemer. JEsus died for me. When He died for me and you and our sins, He took on all of our sins for our sake. He became the ultimate sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. The Father GOD sent His Son, Jesus Christ, as a flesh human being to dwell on this earth to endure temptation and set us many great examples. This Jesus Christ stood face to face with the devil and defeated him in many occasions. Then Jesus willingly died on the cross for us. Then He rose from the dead. He rose from the dead! He is alive! He is on the right hand side of GOD the Father right now. He is there on our behalf as an intercessory power for us. He knows what we have been through. Jesus himself knows what it is like to be tempted, to feel pain, to be betrayed, to be back whipped, to be beat and hurt, to be denied, to be despised, to be hated and even to die. But He also rose from the grave tomb. He has victory. We have victory in Him. He has great strength and power. He is soon to return to this Earth as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and Master of Masters!
I will serve Him for the rest of eternity. I will not return to my evil ways. I will NOT return to my previous life. I am going to keep on for my Lord Jesus. I look forward to the day He returns to set up His Kingdom (Government) on this planet. We shall be Kings and Priest and reign with Him! He has many great rewards for us if we will give ourselves completely, fully and unconditionally to him. 100%, not just part of us, not just half of our energy, not just 25% of our spirit, not just 99% of our body, but rather 100% of our hearts, mind, body and soul (Spirit) to him. Then He will live in us until the day He returns to rule over this entire planet and entire universe.
All Praise and Glory be to the one true Great GOD!!!

But then came must disappointment with the Pentecostal groups because they could not see the truth about GOD's Commandments, to keep the 7th Day (Sabbath), Holy Days, etc. And they also did not accept their birthright as part of the tribes of Israel and therefore did not understand prophecy. Their lack of the Holy Days prevented them from understanding prophecy and GOD's Plans. But also, I could not return to the splinter groups that came out of the old Worldwide Church of God because they did not accept the movement of GOD's Holy Spirit. They are afraid to raise their hands to praise GOD in front of anyone. They are too secretive about their meetings and you have to ask permission to attend. When you do get in contact with them, they will drill you for information to make sure you are not out to hurt them.

JEsus told me to start my own ministry (service). I am not starting a new splinter church. GOD's church as always existed in some way and form. I do not have to start a new church. I just have to obey GOD and do this ministry (service). JEsus will do the rest. I used to not believe anyone when they said that GOD told them to do something. I thought it was just their imagination. But now since JEsus has been actively guiding me, leading me, showing me miracles and speaking to me with His calm still Voice as well as very strongly telling me things, now I understand. And now JEsus is showing me other groups who have came out of the former Worldwide Church of God who is also now accepting the movement of the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost and the Gifts of the Holy Ghost even if they are not using the word "ghost". I even see some Pentecostal groups starting to learn about the Holy Days! GOD IS building a bridge between the two groups of His People who Love him. He doesn't want us to focus on His Laws, but to keep them. He wants us to accept Him more than we previously had. He wants us to learn how to love each other. He wants us to have the Power over the wicked one! He's building a new shape to his people. He's molding us into what He wants us to become! Now in an update in 2010, I am learning from GOD just how much the Pentecostal and Baptist churches had right the whole time, BUT YET they still truly did have a lot wrong of course but so did the old Worldwide Church of God. Therefore, you will find BOTH Error AND Truth in ANY group, no matter who they are or where they came from. But our job is not to condemn them, we are to love them. Our Salvation is between GOD and us. No one else. We are to search/study the scriptures and proof all things.

Please review this website and ask JEsus what to do. Please do not stay where you are, wherever that may be. Become what you were meant to be. You were not meant to be a slave to this world, it's ways, it's bondage. You were meant to be a great King and/or priest in the Kingdom of GOD! YOU were born for a purpose. You were born for a reason. He knew you before you was born. You was NOT born by accident! Hell does NOT hold the keys to your destiny! GOD holds the keys of the gates of hell and he holds all power over anything there ever was, is or ever will be. He is the creator of all things. He is the Father who is never leave you or forsake you if you will just live for him instead of living for the evil one. There is the Right and the left. There is the Light and the darkness. There is the Holy Good Righteous Loving GoOD side and there is the dirty filthy rotten evil bad side. Which side will you take? I already know which side will win the final battle. I know which side I will be standing on. What side will you be standing on?

Why did I post my life story/testimony?
I posted this as a testimony of what God has done in my life, Not to brag about my pass sins. I have nothing to hide. NO minister is perfect. GOD has cleansed me by His Blood. My pass life is in the pass, I ask that you not hold my pass against me. Jesus forgave me. Will you?
I feel it necessary to testify more about what GOD has done for me by His Grace and Mercy.
He has shown me many things, some of which is listed in the Miracles section, which is a MUST read!. And here are some others:
March 10, 2006 I was baptized with the Holy Ghost and also spoke with tongues for the first time.
May 27, 2006- I was prophesied over by a local minister. The prophecy was that I had a broken collar bone, the collar of ministry and that GOD was healing that collar right now and that I will be preaching in 7 weeks.
July 15, 2006- 1st 7th week passed without preaching in a service although I was ministering to people individually. But JEsus told me that the reason I did not preach at the end of this first 7 weeks is not that the prophecy was wrong but rather that I messed it up, it was my fault. And I agree.
Aug. 20, 2006- 1st Sermon preached to a Pentecostal church.
Sept. 2, 2006- 2nd 7th week. Held first conference and preached for second time.
Sept. 7th, 2006- God sent previous unknown minister to preach truth to Pentecostal church about the rapture not be correct. He did not use the word "rapture" so that he would not be thrown out of the church but he did give tons of evidence against the rapture theory. This was really an answered prayer! But unfortunately, it flew right over everyone's heads and they could not see the door that GOD had opened for them.
Sept. 17, 2006- Last time of attending regularly at that Pentecostal church.
Some time before Sept.17th, God started showing me to eventually go to Chattanooga, TN. Then He told me it would be a 3 day journey. The town of Chattanooga is only a 3 hour drive.
Sometime shortly before October, God led me to "Hungry Hearts Ministry" website.
Oct. 7, 2006- (1st Day of Feast of Tabernacles)- 1st trip to Chattanooga. Confirmed to me to start living room congregation.
Oct. 14, 2006- (Last Great Day)- 2nd trip to Chattanooga. Thought about asking permission to leave fliers about next Sabbath's conference that I will be holding in the same building. Was hoping that some of the same people from the Feast would return to the conference the following week. But did not realize the importance and need to really act on this before everyone left to return to their homes. So I left the advertisements just to internet postings, etc. But did share the messages with people along the way.
Oct. 16, 2006- Water Baptism!
Oct. 21, 2006- 3rd 7th week ended. 3rd trip to Chattanooga. (end of 3 day journey) Preached at my second conference. But no one wanted to hear the messages, over 200 people had seen the internet ads but no one showed up. I preached anyways, to myself, the angels and God. Some have said this is proof God is not behind my ministry but actually it proves that God is behind my ministry because it was prophesied to a different ministry that I would not realize the need to reach the people before the end of the Feast and that no one would want to receive the messages God gave me. I have not told that ministry that I see myself within that parable. And they did not know me when they posted it on the internet. And it was given to them on the day of my baptism. That doesn't mean it was just talking about me but rather just that I can see myself within that parable. We are supposed to see ourselves within parables and learn from them.
Oct. 23, 2006- My birthday, began 40 day fast and God led me to some former brothers (which have since forsaken me)
Oct. 28, 2006- 1st Sabbath Living Room congregation started.

April 29, 2007- God Healed my left arm and hand. I had been suffering very severe pain in the left arm and hand for at least 7 months or more. But the Lord Healed me on this day through the ministry of Leroy Jenkins a man who God has given the gifts of knowledge and the gift of Healing. I'm not sure if He knows and accepts Gods laws but during the entire 4 hours or more that I was at his crusade in Greenville SC, He never once said anything out of agreement with Gods Word! We need to stop judging people and start loving people. It's not about the laws, it's about Jesus. But the laws are important but that should not be our focus in life, but rather LOVE/GOD.

As far as this healing of my arm, God Healed it. I also made a promise to the Lord and then eventually broke my promise shamefully. God then allowed some of the pain to return but by His Mercy the pain was not to the extent that it originally was. I repented and the Lord again delivered me by His Mercy and Love. Many of the problems in our lives are caused by our own actions. Then we want to blame God and wonder why things happen. I want you to know God's Mercy, even the sure mercies of David (Isa.55).

These are just a FEW of the blessings God has bestowed upon me. None of this is to glorify or exalt myself, but rather to give glory to God. I'm just an ordinary person, but I'm a servant of the Most High God Eternal.

For those that would like to keep up with the latest revelations as God shows them to me or just wants an inside peak at my mindset and what's going on, maybe test the spirits and such or who want to be very involved, please request to be added to our Newsletter and also read the Miracles section. Please remember that I add onto and edit the website often. Please check back often on each article and the main page. The navigation bar on the main page will always be the most updated.

UPDATE 7-9-2008: Dear Called Out Ones,
It is very interesting how law keepers want to say "you came from a Pentecostal background" while at the same time, Pentecostals and "non-denominational" sects say I came from "a background of Armstrongism". Each person reads the same testimony of my life story and come out with a different conclusion. That is pretty sad really. The fact is, I have always been on a pursue of Truth and have both visited and attended groups of all kinds of beliefs. I have attended law keeping groups as much as I have attended Holy Ghost filled groups and vice versa. I still attend many group congregations and still support many people and friends and brethren from many different belief systems, which causes a lot of warnings and accusations against me. I am called to be a bridge builder. I believe in working toward unity. We are all on a journey and some people are at a different point in that walk. The Good Lord continues to instruct and teach me and I am praying that each one of us will accept each other as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus regardless of our place in the journey. God is calling all people to repentance. But GOD takes me to several churches for His Purpose. Sometimes to gather one person or other reason based on His Will, not yours. GOD is my judge. I eagerly look forward to the day when there is no more division, no more denominations and no more deception. In the mean time, let's LOVE one another.
May GOD bless you,
Pastor Tim of Tennessee

UPDATE JULY 3, 2014;

Let me be perfectly clear. I am NOT a rebel against man's government. I do NOT consider myself to be sovereign. I respect the law and government of man. The Bible tells us to submit to the king (president) and to the governors and to every ordinance (law) of man. Not only to the good and gentle rulers/laws but also to the unjust! The only time the Bible grants us permission to disobey man's government and laws is only when it conflicts with obeying and serving GOD. NOT when we just don't agree with the law. We are supposed to obey the speed limit, pay taxes, fasten our seat belts, and get license for everything the government requires. We DO NOT have bible permission to break the law just whenever we don't like the law. The Bible even tells us to submit to the King of Babylon. Except when it breaks GOD's Law. I am also NOT a patriot. I understand that this nation is ALREADY DEFEATED. Petitions, law suits, protests are NOT the answer. I do not seek the restoration of this nation to the 1700s or 1900s. I only seek that every individual return to JESUS THE CHRIST. Only national repentance is the answer. Nothing can be resolved via violence or guns or revolution. ONLY REPENTANCE is solved anything. if we All were to pray AND REPENT, Only then would GOD save and bless this nation again. That's NOT going to happen until Russia and China has already invaded and destroyed much of the nation. That must occur. It will occur. Only then will repentance come and GOD will save. 1 Peter 2:13-20 Romans 13:1-7 Titus 3

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