The Miracles of This Gospel Of The Kingdom Radio Broadcast

This Gospel Of The Kingdom Broadcast has been going live on the radio and internet since 2008. In 2008, I prayed that if Jesus wanted me to go on the radio to deliver HIS Word, Revelations & Messages, to make a way. I did NOT look for any radio station. I did NOT look online, newspaper, yellow pages or anything. I simply prayed. Then I received an invitation from a radio broadcasting company that had radio stations across America. Again, they asked me. I did not contact them first. I had already been doing This Gospel of The Kingdom broadcast online but had never broadcast on the radio before. They had found the online ministry website and broadcast and invited me to go on the radio. So I accepted and I went on the radio in Asheville NC, Chattanooga Tn, Greeneville SC, Albuquerque NM, Omaha Nebraska and 2 cities in Pennsylvania. Some of these stations were also able to reach into nearby states. I was on the air for several months. Then I was no longer able to do the radio broadcast but continued the internet broadcast.

Then eventually one year, I prayed again that if Jesus wanted me to go back on the radio, to make a way. Jesus had been showing me that HE was calling me to be a Prophet to Detroit Michigan. NOT that I was to go there in person, or at least not yet. But that I was to warn them and point them to repentance and to Christ Jesus. So eventually, I prayed that if Jesus wanted me to go on the air on the radio IN DETROIT, to make a way. So then I received the invitation from a radio broadcasting company to go on the air in DETROIT. Again, I did NOT look for any station or way of going on air. They contacted me first after I had prayed for this specific location. I was on for over a year in Detroit on 1440 am radio station.

During that time, I also received an invitation from a radio broadcasting company in Wilmington, NC and I accepted. They told me that they send all their broadcast, including This Gospel Of The Kingdom, not only on the air in North Carolina but also via satellite radio in many nations including in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I did that for several months in addition to Detroit. Eventually, I discontinued all the radio broadcasts but continued the internet program.

Then I prayed that if GOD wanted me to go back on the radio, to open the door but that this time please give me 1 hour for FREE. All the previous broadcasts were only 15 minutes and were very expensive. Again, I did NOT look for any radio station. I only said a simple prayer. Then Jesus led me to a man and he offered me to go on the radio for 1 hour every week FOR FREE! And so I accepted and was on for several months. In fact, eventually the broadcast expanded to 2 hours every week, for FREE. Then the radio station eventually went out of business.

Then in 2015, I received an invitation to go back on the air on the Detroit Radio station, 1440 am. They had asked me several times over the years but this time I could not refuse considering the urgency of the hour and time that we live in now and considering the recent gay ruling of the stupid court in Washington D.C. I also received invitation to go on the air in Cincinnati Ohio. Since Jesus has proclaimed the same Judgment for Ohio as HE has for Michigan, I cannot turn down the invitation. If there was EVER a time to make a stand, or to proclaim GOD's Word, THIS IS IT! Therefore, As of July 19, 2015 Sunday, I will be on the air on the 1440 am Detroit radio station. As of July 22, 2015 I will be on the radio in Cincinnati, OH which also goes into Kentucky. I will NOT be doing the programs live or in person at the stations, but rather I am pre-recording the program and they will broadcast it for me. I encourage everyone to tune in. There have been unusual earthquakes recently in Michigan which is very rare for the region. Also they recently or will soon open a satanic temple in Detroit, complete with a statue of the devil. Plus Detroit and the surrounding communities is the largest population of muslims in America. It is URGENT that I deliver the Final Warnings to city of Detroit and to the residents of Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. Please keep these broadcast in Prayer. Thanks.

But I will keep these radio archives online for your edification. Please note that these audio archives will also serve as proof of fulfilled prophecy that was declared ahead of time.
Also, we continue to reserve the right to the radio broadcast name "This Gospel Of The Kingdom", which we continue to use for our internet broadcasts every week, and which title we have consistently used since 2008.

We CONTINUE TO have a 2 hour broadcast of "This Gospel Of The Kingdom" on the internet on Saturdays at 2:00 pm NOON Eastern time. For that internet broadcast, please Click Here.

ARCHIVES 2015-2016: Listen below 24/7

(Archives for 2006-2014 are not available.)


July 19, 2015 Detroit and July 22 Cincinnati. Subject: Introduction to broadcast and testimony of how GOD gave me these radio stations.
 July 26, 2015 Detroit and July 29 Cincinnati. Subject: What does Judge Not mean? Exhortation to study scripture in prayer and fasting.
  Aug. 2, 2015 Detroit and Aug. 5 Cincinnati. Subject: What's happening in Turkey & Syria, Son of Perdition, Antichrist & Mark of the Beast
Aug. 9, 2015 Detroit and Aug. 12 Cincinnati. Subject: No Temple
  Aug. 16 Detroit and Aug.19 Cincinnati: Subject: Miracle Testimony of how GOD gave me a bolt that I now wear around my neck and the first person I led to Jesus Christ.
  Aug. 23 Detroit, Aug.26 Cincinnati: Jesus Name compared to Yeshua
  Aug. 30 Detroit & Sept.2 Cincinnati. Subject: Is Halloween Acceptable to Jesus?
  Sept. 6 Detroit & Sept. 9 Cincinnati. Subject: True & Astounding Meaning of the Blood Moons of 2015
  Sept. 13 Detroit & Sept. 16 Cincinnati: Subject: Halal Mark 666 Assad Islam
  Sept. 20 Detroit, Sept. 23 Cincinnati: Subject: Prophecies for 2015-2019
  Sept. 27 Detroit, Sept.30 in Cincinnati: Subject: NO pre-trib rapture
Oct. 4 Detroit and Oct. 7 Cincinnati: Subject: The Laodicean Church
Oct. 11 Detroit and Oct. 14 Cincinnati: Subject: The 10 Commandments including the 7th Day Sabbath.
Oct. 18 Detroit and Oct. 21 Cincinnati: Subject: The Halal Mark of the Beast
Oct. 25 Detroit and Oct. 28 Cincinnati: Subject: Halal Part 2
Nov. 1 Detroit and Nov.4 Cincinnati: Subject: Is this Satan's World? How is he the god of this world?
Nov. 8 Detroit and Nov. 11 Cincinnati: Subject: Reason for the Season of Christmas
Nov. 15 Detroit and Nov. 18 Cincinnati: Subject: Prophetic Meaning of Tornado in Skies of Cincinnati Ohio on a Good Weather Day
Nov. 22 Detroit and Nov.25 Cincinnati: Subject: Who is Taken Away in 2 Thes.4?
Nov. 29 Detroit and Dec.2 Cincinnati: Subject: Repent of Support of the Democrat Party
Dec. 6 Detroit and Dec. 9 Cincinnati: Subject: Part 2 of Repent of Democrat party
 Dec. 13-16 Repeat from Oct.11-14 See above programs.
Dec. 20-23 Repeat from Sept.20-23 See above programs.
Dec. 27-30 Repeat from Sept. 13-16 See above programs.


Jan. 3-6 Repeat from Aug.23-26 See above programs.
Jan. 10 in Detroit. Jan.11 & Jan.13 in Cincinnati. Subject: Worship Any Time, Any where
  Jan. 31 in Detroit. Feb. 3 in Cincinnati
Feb. 7 in Detroit. Feb. 10 in Cincinnati
  Feb. 14-17 repeat from Oct. 18-21 See above programs.
Feb. 21 in Detroit. Feb. 24 in Cincinnati. Subject: WW3 Announced. Preparing for The Abomination of Desolation
  Feb. 28 in Detroit. March 2 in Cincinnati: Subject: Is It Enough To Just Believe
  March 13-16 Repeat from Aug.16-19. See above program list.
  March 20-23 Repeat from Aug. 9-12 See above program list.
March 27 in Detroit. March 30 in Cincinnati: Subject: David Taylor Antichrist demonic apparitions appearing worldwide
  April 3 in Detroit. April 6 in Cincinnati: Subject: Thorn in Paul's Flesh was not sin.
  April 10 -13 Repeats.
April 17-20 Why we must boycott PayPal, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Ebay & Google.
April 24-27 Syrian Altar of Baal to be erected in NY City and London. Pope to accept Islamic Mahdi. 
May 1-4 What is an Apostle? Are there still Apostles?
May 8-11 Nearing Midnight Clock Miracle Testimony
May 15-18 Power of Testimony, $4.99 Razor Miracle Testimony
May 22-25 Letter J Miracle Testimony
May 29-June 1 How Jesus put me on the radio Miracle Testimony + Free Alpha Omega Bible offer.
June 5-8 Receiving Godly Correction
June 12-15 Strong Delusion Revealed, Antichrist to appear in Heaven Part 1 of 4
June 19-22 Antichrist to Appear In Heaven Part 2
June 26-29 Part 3
July 3-6 Part 4
July 10-13, 2016 Repeat from Oct.11-14, 2015 See above listings. Subject: The Sabbath.
July 17-20 How to Overcome Temptation, Depression & other problems. Part 1 of 4.
Jul 24-27 Part 2 of 4
  July 31-Aug.3 Part 3 of 4
  Aug 7-10 Part 4 of 4
  Aug 14-17
  Aug 21-24
  Aug 28-31
  Sept 4-7
  Sept. 11-14 repeat from Aug.30-Sept.2, 2015 Halloween
Sept. 18-21 repeat from Nov.22-25, 2015 Who is Taken Away
Sept. 25-28 Mecca Clock. Daniel 7 Antichrist thinks to change law and time. Being Fulfilled right now!
  Oct. 2-5
  Oct. 9-12 repeat from Feb.28-March 2, 2016 Enough to Just Believe?
Nov. 13-16
  Nov. 20-23
  Nov. 27-30
  Dec. 4-7 Should End Time New Covenant Christians Observe Hanukkah? Part 1
Dec. 11-14 Part 2
Dec. 18-21 Part 3

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