Sabbath, Holy Day and Feast Services for I Saw The Light Ministries

This page is in 6 sections:

Section 1: Online Audio/Broadcast Services: How to Listen Online Or By Telephone. 6 Ways to Listen.
Section 2: List of Local Locations For 7th Day Sabbath Services & Holy Day Services.
Section 3: About Our Local Worship Services.
Section 4: How To Attend Greeneville, TN. or Seoul, South Korea.
Section 5: Women Fellowship Group in Port Lincoln, South Australia.
Section 6: Future Locations.

Section 1:Online Audio/Broadcast Services: How to Listen Online or by Telephone.

LIVE weekly 7th Day of Rest & Assembly & annual Holy Day Feast/Festival/Fiesta Sermons: "This Gospel of The Kingdom" Broadcast.  Every weekly 7th Day of Rest & Assembly (Saturday/Sabbath) & every High Holy Day at 2 pm Eastern time. Average 2-4 hours or less broadcast.  House churches / living room congregations are also welcome to listen in as a group every week or Holy Day.

6 Ways to Listen!

  1. Listen LIVE online at TalkShoe (Works best with Google Chrome browser.)
  2. Listen later 24/7 in the archives at TalkShoe. Same Link as above. You can listen in the archives. But you can not actually save the audio to your computer from, therefore if you want to do that, you will need to use option 5 or 6.
  3. Listen LIVE on telephone/speakerphone. Call the phone number below for your region. Then enter caller ID "14366#"" and follow instructions. The phone numbers work only during LIVE sermons on every weekly 7th Day of Rest & Assembly and High Holy Day (Feast/Festival Day). Since the phone numbers only works during live broadcasts, please do not call before 1:56 pm Eastern time on 7th Day and Holy Days. If it does not work when you call, we are not live yet. Please wait one minute and call back in. Repeat every minute until the call is active.

    United States +1 605 562-0444
    Australia - Pinjarra +61 8 9520 3114
    Canada - Iristel +1 867 292-3066
    Denmark - National +45 78 72 94 11
    Finland - Helsinki +358 9 74790071
    Germany - Dusseldorf +49 211 95987113
    Hungary - Budapest +36 1 234 4377
    Ireland - Dublin +353 1 437 8371
    Israel - National +972 50-870-8322
    New Zealand - Wellington +64 4-280-6844
    Poland - Warsaw +48 22 116 58 23
    Romania - Bucharest +40 31 229 5270
    South Africa - National +27 87 232 5415
    Switzerland - Zürich +41 44 551 99 55
    Ukraine - Kiev +380 89 320 2607
    United Kingdom - National +44 161 500 0070

  4. For iPhone and iPad, you can also listen via iTunes. Instructions for listening on iTunes

A. Make sure you have downloaded and installed iTunes.
B. Go to the iTunes music store.
C. Click on "podcast" then click on "Submit A Podcast ".
D. Copy and paste this address: itpc:// into the "Podcast Feed Url:" on the iTunes screen and click "continue". If that doesn't work, try
E. Please note that on some phones/pads, you may need to load the broadcast in your news app.

  1. Listen or download via archives at

  2. Listen or download via archives in the widget located below:

Section 2: List of Local Locations For 7th Day Sabbath Services & Holy Day Services:

Greeneville, Tennessee and Seoul, South Korea
Women and children's fellowship group in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Section 3: About Our Local Worship Services:

We do not expect you to agree with 100% of our teachings immediately, but we do ask that you check out the website to ensure that we are in agreement on the basics & on many things. We seek fellowship with LIKE minded followers of JESUS Christ.

We are NOT Hebrew roots and we do NOT accept the pagan Assyrian/Babylonian names of Yah, Yahweh, Yahsuah, Yeshua, Jehovah, etc. We are JESUS Name only. Click Here to examine 100% proof positive that the y names are pagan and that JESUS is HIS true and correct Hebrew Name

We are 10 Commandments observant including the weekly 7th Day of Rest & Assembly (Roman name=Saturday, Assyrian Name=Sabbath).  We accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit/Ghost including prophecy, tongues, interpretation of tongues, healing, etc.

We do NOT believe in women pastors. But we DO believe that women have a part in the service and ministry. They can pray, sing, testify, prophesy, share, etc during our services. Please see this link. Everyone (both male & female) is welcomed and encouraged to ask questions AFTER the sermon, NOT to prove the sermon wrong, but rather in a sincere desire to understand and seek the Truth.

We allow and encourage everyone to WORSHIP The Almighty in Spirit and in Truth during services. This includes raising your hands and arms in worship and verbally praising GOD/JESUS. We do NOT hinder the free movement of the Holy Spirit. But we DO reserve the right to stop false tongues of meaningless gibberish and other confusion and counterfeits. Everyone is encouraged to come early and stay late for fellowship.

We read from a translation called "The Alpha & Omega Bible". Click here to learn why.

Please note that unlike the "Living Church of God", "Philadelphia Church of God" and "United Church of God", we do NOT require people to already understand ALL truth and be perfect before attending. We also do not forbid worship, unlike those groups. We seek to evangelize the public, including the lost, unsaved people, concerning the Full Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD. Luke 5:32 "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

More about Greeneville Tennessee Location: This is within 2 hours drive or less for Morristown, Bean Station, White Pine, Cosby, Newport, Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Bulls Gap, Knoxville, Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City and other areas of East Tennessee. We have parking for 18 wheel semi trucks and other truckers. Truckers welcome! We are around 20 minutes from the truck stops on Interstate Highway 81 in Bulls Gap.

Section 4: How to Attend Local Services for the following locations:

Greeneville in Northeastern Tennessee or Seoul, South Korea

If you have already checked out the website and are in basic agreement and like minded, and are interested in attending live services in person in Greeneville, Tennessee, or Seoul, South Korea, please click here to fill out an online form to tell us about yourself. Please provide all of your contact information including telephone number and we will call you to discuss attending. We want to ensure that we accept all like minded people who are sincerely seeking truth & who want to follow Jesus. But at the same time, we do not want to expose our congregation to spiritual or physical danger & to people that just want to disrupt services and cause trouble. In this wicked & dangerous generation that we live in, I am sure that you understand that we must protect our congregation & this also protects you in return. Please do not use that form for general contact. It is to be used ONLY for request for information for local services in Greeneville, TN. and Seoul, South Korea. If you live locally in Greeneville, Tennessee & already know where & when we have services, you are welcome to drop in unannounced without completing the online form as long as you are coming to worship WITH us & not coming to disrupt services or to cause trouble, debate & argue.

For general contact (NOT to come to services), please click here.

Section 5: Other Locatons: Women & Children Fellowship Groups

Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia

We have a local Women's Fellowship Group in Port Lincoln, South Australia.These are weekly 7th Day gatherings of women & children who are like minded with I Saw The Light Ministries who agree to fellowship & support & encourage one another in the truth of Jesus Christ. These groups may eventually grow into congregations of both men & women if and when Jesus sends local male pastors. But we have decided not to wait until a man decides to step up to the plate. The women are seeking Jesus & His Truth and deserve local fellowship. No local male leadership is necessary when all attendees are female & children. These groups are under the mantle & care of Pastor/Apostle Tim in Tennessee & I Saw The Light Ministries. Format of each group may differ. Some may listen as a group to the broadcast from the USA, then discuss the sermon & fellowship. Some local groups may have a detailed bible study. IF you are female, LIKE minded with our ministry & are interested in attending in a home in Port Lincoln, Australia on the 7th Day (Saturday), please click here.

Please do NOT use that form for any other reason.

For all other reasons/General Contact (NOT to come to services), please click here.

Section 6: Future Locations

We currently do NOT have any other meeting places in other areas but are always seeking men (or women if for a women's only fellowship group) to fulfill their ministry calling in other states and regions across the world. We are seeking people who are LIKE MINDED and agree with the majority of our teachings to host services in either their homes, your local parks, barn, garage, basement, rented store front building or other location. We are seeking mature men who are willing to be leaders/deacons/pastors of local congregations. We are also seeking women who are willing to host women's only fellowship groups in areas where the men are not stepping up to the plate. You must agree with The Alpha & Omega Bible.

If you are willing to host or lead a local gathering, and are like minded, AND agree with a great MAJORITY of our teachings, Please Fill out this form to be considered as a host or local minister in your area and start a local congregation or fellowship as part of our worldwide ministry. Although you do not have to already agree with 100% of our doctrines, you DO need to agree with all of the major important ones. We are seeking ministers, leaders, congregations & fellowship groups in all areas of the world. You will NOT be paid by our ministry. This is a volunteer position (as called and ordained by GOD/JESUS) and must be approved by I Saw The Light Ministries to represent our ministry. Please do not use this form for any other reason than to request to host or lead a local group in association with I Saw The Light Ministries.

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