7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Plagues

1st Seal

White horse, appearance of righteousness but heart/spirit of Conquest, false peace, anti-Christ spirit = all Nobel Prizes & Nobel Prize winners, 1901. Matt. 24:5,24 Rev. 6:1-2

2nd Seal

Red horse, events of 1914-1918, World War 1 and its fruit of Communism & the Russian Revolutions of 1917, includes modern day Russia & China as well as communism/socialism anywheres. Matt. 24:6 Rev. 6:3-4

3rd Seal

Black horse, Hitler, Nazism & its fruit of Famine, Great Depression, Dust Bowl, World War 2, events of 1929-1945, still riding in Nazism across the globe. Matt. 24:7 Rev. 6:5-6

4th Seal

Pale horse (Green Horse) = Islam and its fruit of pestilence/disease.
-The "1963 Syrian Coup d'├ętat", also known as the "8 March Revolution". It occurred on the day before Purim. The coup brought the very demonic "Ba'ath Party" into power in Syria, which eventually led to Bashar Assad's dictatorship.
-Then, the Iranian Revolution, also known as the Islamic Revolution 1978-1980.
-The Islamic revolutions that overthrew President Mubarak of Egypt, The "Arab Spring" and the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.
-BLM riots.
-Ebola, Swine Flu, Sars, Sars 2 (COVID-19)

Seals #1-4 result in death through wars, revolutions, protests, famine, pestilence and beasts. Matt. 24:5-8 Rev. 6:7-8. (For an in-depth Study/Revelation of the first four Seals, please see the article The Four Horsemen Revealed.)

30 days before the Great Tribulation begins, some true Christians flee into the wilderness to be protected by God. Rev. 12

5th Seal

The 5th seal will open on Purim on the same date of the Abomination of Desolation of Matt.24:15, which is the same event of the "strong delusion" of 2 Thes.2:11. This is the appearance of Bashar Assad in the sky in a fake coming of Jesus.

30 days later, on the 1st day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover week), the Great Tribulation begins = Gog Magog War/WW3, Israel invaded by Syria, Iran & Russia. Great Persecution/Martyrdom of Christians. Two Witnesses Arise. (The Great Tribulation and preaching of the 2 Witnesses last for 1260 days). Rev. 6:9-11 Matt. 24:9-28, Rev. 12:17

6th Seal

The 6th seal will open on the Day of Pentecost the year before Jesus returns. Heavenly Signs = Darkening of the moon and sun, meteors fall. Matt. 24:29 Rev. 6:12-17 Joel 2 Acts 2

144,000 male virgins of House of Israel including America (Tribe of Manasseh) sealed Rev. 7:1-8 between 6th and 7th Seals. Their sealing protects them from the 7th Seal Trumpets. They take the gospel to all nations during the last part of the Great Tribulation and their numbers grow to an innumerable multitude. Even the great multitude is also sealed with the Holy Ghost of the Pentecost promise. Ephesians 1:13

7th Seal

Rev. 8:5 Earthquake 7 Trumpets

The 7th seal will open on the date of the Feast of Trumpets 1 year before the saints are caught up to Heaven on the Day of Atonement. Isa.34:8 describes "The Day of the LORD" as being a year. The 1st trumpet will blow on the Feast of Trumpets. The 7th trumpet will blow on the Day of Atonement, a year later.

The final 41.5 day Wrath of God begins. First Resurrection occurs. Saints, including the 2 Witnesses, temporarily enter Heaven for the final 41.5 days for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God (Rev. 19)= while the 3rd Woe (7 vials of God's Wrath) are poured out on the unrepentant.

These 7 bowls/vials/plagues occur over a period of 40-45 days. Blessed is he that cometh to the 1335th day!
1. Sores on those with the mark of the beast
2. Sea = blood, everything in sea dies
3. Rivers & fountains of water = blood, blood to drink
4. Sun scorch men with fire, great heat
5. Seat of the beast & his kingdom = full of darkness, Great Pain
6. River Euphrates dries up, way of the kings of the east prepared, armies gather at Valley of Megiddo
7. Battle of Armageddon. Jesus Returns with all His Saints/army. Great Earthquake, voices, thunders, lightnings, every island & mountain gone, hailstorm, hail weighs a talent. Jesus stands on Mount Olives in Jerusalem (Zech. 14), kingdoms of this world become The Kingdom of God. Rev. 20: Satan is removed and thrown in chains into the bottomless pit.

After Jesus Returns:

Ezek. 39 Physical people bury the dead for 7 months and burn weapons for 7 years.

Zech. 14 Some Egyptians refuse to keep the Feast of Tabernacles & is punished by God via no rain.

After 1,000 years is Finished:

Rev. 20 Second Resurrection on the Day of Atonement: The "rest" of the dead (everyone who was not resurrected in 1st Resurrection including babies who died in abortion, people who died young, people that died lost and un-repented and everyone that lived in Old Testament times) is resurrected back to life as physical humans for a short season of 100 years (Isa.65:20).

Satan is also loosed out of his prison so people can decide to either repent or be deceived again. I realize that this is scripture that is not commonly known or taught but it is scripture! Every person must have the chance to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour including babies who died before they had a chance and people who lived in the far reaches of the world and in old testament times before the Holy Ghost was given and people who were just too confused in this life by the hundreds of false teachings. God's Plans are vast and we do not realize the scope of His Plans for our Salvation. For an in-depth study of the Resurrections and the fate of the dead, please read the article What happens when you die, the truth about Heaven and Hell.

On The Day of Atonement At the End of the Short Season of 100 Years:

Those who still haven't repented are led by Satan into an battle attempt against the Saints but the wicked are destroyed by God via Fire. God burns the entire surface of the earth to finally put an eternal end to all human flesh and wickedness. Those that do not repent in the short season of 100 years are accursed to be destroyed by consuming fire. They never live again and they no longer exist. They consume into smoke and be no more. Those that do repent and accept Christ as Saviour are transformed to eternal spiritual life. Then God remodels/transforms the earth and heavens into a New Earth and New Heavens. Then New Jerusalem comes down out of Heaven and lands on Earth which becomes headquarters for all of the universe as God gives many people the stars and planets that are in the universe. Rev. 20. Romans 8:14-23.

5 Holy Day Dates in the Prophetic Timeline

To see undeniable proof that the 5th, 6th & 7th seals open (& the 7th trumpet blows) on the holy day feast dates, please click here.

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