Visions from Apostle Ehud

July 1, 2022 Prophetic Dream: Ukrainian/Russian War Goes Nuclear

I had a short but very terrifying dream. In it I saw president Biden and some members of the cabinet. They were standing outside and there some to be some contention. The president was very bitter about ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. I saw that other nations too were at war with themselves. The president demanded that he be given what he called "nuclear key". He was very upset and wanted to trigger a nuclear attack. One person (possibly a member of his cabinet or a war general) was wrestling it from his hand. He contended with the president for too long but the president was determined to trigger the nuclear attack.

I could see fear in the faces of many people. They were fearful of the nuclear attack. The person contending with the president prevailed and he let it go. But after few days (I felt it was about ten days) the president walked out of a meeting furious and rushed to a certain room to trigger nuclear attack. As he was going, and I could see in his face that he was going to do it, I rushed to the airport to take a plane off to Africa. I was terrified. I woke at that point.

Apostle Zimmerman's comments:
This shows a possibility that Biden might be the first to strike nuclear, rather than Putin.
We don't know when, or how soon this occurs.
However, I believe that it is possibly months away.

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