Elon Musk Exposed As A Leader of The New World Order

Mark 10:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Elon Musk was already idolized, but after his purchase of Twitter his popularity greatly increased. At a glance, he's agreeable, funny, condemns the far left and many of their dogmas, and condemns evil billionaire boogeymen like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg. He's also one of the richest men on Earth, worth over $250 billion dollars. Who wouldn't like him, at a glance?

But, most people overlook the degree of evil and insanity this antichrist man is involved in. And this makes him all the more dangerous precisely because, at a glance, he appears to be on your side. But the truth is that he's not on your side, but rather is working to advance a technology which he understands and believes will erase humanity!
(Is it any surprise that, in 2018, when Musk compared himself to a superhero comic character, of all things he could have picked, he compared himself to the supervillain Thanos, who, in the comics he was featured in, developed an advanced technology and killed half of all life while thinking he was doing good? That by itself is actually very revealing of Musk's hidden motives and direction.)

Musk's Businesses

Musk's history of business ventures started with Zip2 in 1999, followed by PayPal through 2002. Then Musk founded SpaceX, Tesla, and OpenAI. SpaceX is a business which makes space expeditions and manufactures space equipment, including rockets and the Starlink internet satellites.

One of Musk's stated goals for pursuing space travel is to establish human colonies on Mars. This in itself is an antichrist endeavor. Not only will it be in vain, but it's an extremely selfish waste of resources that could be better spent on projects — even other ambitious sci-fi types of projects — which more directly and immediately benefit humanity. When someone amasses billions of dollars and decides the best thing to do is to try and move to Mars, I have to question their sanity and, in the case of the leaders of this movement, even their humanity.
One of SpaceX's rocket lines is called the Dragon.

Tesla is an electric car company named after Nikola Tesla, a man who greatly increased the spread of electricity and machines across the entire world.
The company Tesla depends significantly on China for its parts and manufacturing. This degree of dependence on Communist China, regardless of motive, is an act of giving significant financial and technological support to Communist China. Despite his public statements in support of free speech, Musk is supporting one of the most censorious and anti free speech regimes on Earth!

Musk received at least $4.9 billion in government funding since 2015, from electrical and solar energy incentives granted to Tesla and SpaceX.

Not only are Tesla cars fully electric, but they have a "self-driving" feature connected with Musk's other endeavors in so-called artificial intelligence (AI). The "full self-driving" mode of these cars is known to require significant human intervention even for safety, and has led to some very bizarre scenarios such as police pursuing and pulling over an empty vehicle.

That's pretty bizarre! But what's really strange is the pursuit of futurist, transhumanist, technocrat ideology, including such concepts as artificial intelligence and body/brain augmentation with computers. One of Musk's company OpenAI's partner projects is Neuralink, an implantable brain-machine interface. Their short term goals make the project sound like a pacemaker or a prosthetic limb, something that could be used to help people with disabilities to use computers, overcome paralysis, or even to see or hear or speak again (and doesn't that by itself sound like someone trying to play God?). But the long-term goal of OpenAI and Neuralink is to enable humans to connect their brains with computers and the internet.

News article:
Elon Musk vows to implant 'brain chips that control your PC' in Humans in 2022

Insane Personal Beliefs

Musk stated in 2016 that he believes we are most likely living in a computer simulation. (So is everything just a game to him?)

Musk calls artificial intelligence "the most serious threat to the survival of the human race." And he has stated that "with artificial intelligence we [humanity] are summoning the demon". Nevertheless, he owns AI companies and funds AI research.

Why? Musk claims that it's dangerous for any one organization or entity to monopolize AI, and therefore he is advancing technology to "democratize AI" by letting humans turn themselves into cyborgs.

That's the kind of mentality an arsonist has, who, upon seeing a dry forest, thinks to himself, "Well, something is going to set it on fire eventually. Might as well be me!"
It also sounds very similar to Alfred Nobel's "peaceful" invention of dynamite to try and stop war. Except add on to it the act of giving every man a few dozen sticks of dynamite, to "democratize warfare". Why not go a step further and give every man his own personal nuke?
But Musk believes that AI is even more dangerous than nukes, yet wants everyone to have access to it. That's just how evil and insane his beliefs are.

How could anyone this insane be supported by anyone at all, let alone be popular with the public? Well, part of it has to do with how evil and insane most futurists are — some wanting to create a super-AI that supplants humanity, others wanting to make themselves immortal at any cost. The guy saying "Let's have humanity become the ruling machine class", which is Elon Musk, looks like the good guy in comparison to those freaks.

But he's not. It's extremely evil and extremely demonic to want to merge humans with computers. That's a corruption and a destruction of humanity, not an improvement!

Wicked Animal Experiments

Elon Musk's Neuralink shares video of monkey playing 'mind Pong'

Musk is guilty of abusing animals, subjecting them to skull and brain surgery to implant these chips.

Scientists are trying to play God with these abusive animal DNA and brain experiments!
(These are the same types of experiments that demons do in secret, and are rumored to have been done before the flood. Nazis may have done similar horrific experiments.)

His Political and Religious Views

Musk has described himself as "socially liberal and fiscally conservative".
He claims he prefers to stay out of politics, but his own tweets show his beliefs.

In 2016, Musk supported Hillary Clinton and was against Trump.

In 2017, when Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, Musk quit one of Trump's advisory councils.

He supported 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang. They share a common belief in universal basic income, another globalist agenda item.

In 2018, Musk declared himself a socialist. What kind of dictator would Musk appoint/be if he got his way in politics?

Musk has made comments in a Babylon Bee interview which suggest that he is atheist or agnostic. (Babylon Bee is a satire website, but the interview was real.)

Many of Musk's other beliefs and positions can be inferred from what he hasn't done with his great wealth and power. (For instance, will Musk ban the evil ruler of Iran, or will he give him free speech too?)

Globalist Agenda Items Musk Supports

Elon Musk opposed the mandates but, like Trump, he supported and recommended the COVID vaccines.

Elon Musk wants a carbon tax.

Elon Musk wants universal basic income.

Elon Musk wants humans to be linked to machines.

Elon Musk was against banning travel to America from terrorist nations such as Iran.
(2017 news article: Elon Musk joins court fight against Trump travel ban)

Elon Musk has stated he is in favor of "good" socialism.

Elon Musk wearing Novus Ordum Seclorus shirt

Elon Musk likes and supports demonic Japanese anime. (Besides his tweets and recommendations of anime: In 2019, he changed his profile picture to the main character from Fullmetal Alchemist for about two weeks. Then in 2021, on two different days, he changed it to an anime girl in front of a bitcoin icon.)

In 2016, Musk supported Hillary. Before that, he supported Obama. Did he suddenly become a conservative in 2022? No. Just look at all the evil things he still supports. He even mocked the conservatives who fall for him, with a meme where he becomes (supposedly) right of center only because the left become even more extreme.

In 2022, Elon Musk's company Tesla stated that it would cover employee travel costs for out-of-state abortions. Source.

Musk still supports turning humans into androids like "Data" and the "Borg" on Star Trek. How is that any better than a tranny who wants to cut your boy's balls off? It's just as nasty!

Musk's Demonic Girlfriend and Two Children with Creepy Robot-like Names

You can tell a lot about a person by their close friends and family. And in some cases by what they name their kids!

From 2018-2021, Elon Musk had a relationship with the demonic pop singer Grimes. He had a son with her, and they named him X Æ A-12. They had another child via a surrogate mother, and named her Exa Dark Sideræl.

(What kind of a man marries an evil singer and gives their children creepy robot names like "Exa Dark Siderael" and "X AE A-XII"? I would change my name and sue my parents if they named me something like that!)

Oh yeah, what was the original reason Elon stated for his interest in Grimes? She had made the same joke Musk wanted to make in a song several years ago about a horrific thought experiment about an evil AI entity that tortures anyone who didn't contribute to building it. The song was extremely anti-humanity and pro demonic "artificial" intelligence. Is Musk even human? This and the robot baby names ought to be enough by themselves to make you never want to listen to a thing that comes out of Musk's mouth ever again, until he apologizes and renames them.

Mark Dice on Elon Musk

The well known and well respected political pundit, Mark Dice made a video about Elon Musk and how the far left media hates him, back in 2017 after Elon blocked Dice on Twitter.

(This isn't the tweet where Elon blocked him, but it's definitely one that people will share when they see it. Almost five years later, Elon still has Mark Dice blocked.)
Elon Musk blocked Mark Dice on Twitter

Mark Dice's video on Transhumanism is a good summary of the insanity and wickedness surrounding that topic.

(A similar article against Musk by The Federalist, April 12, 2022.)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Science Fiction?

In a science fiction novel Project Mars, written in 1949 but published in 2006, Wernher von Braun describes a Martian government where the leader is titled "the Elon".

The Martian government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and entitled "Elon." Two houses of Parliament enacted the laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet. The Upper House was called the Council of the Elders and was limited to a membership of 60 persons, each being appointed for life by the Elon as vacancies occurred by death. In principle, the method was not unlike that by which the College of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church is appointed. Usually the Elon chose historians, churchmen, former cabinet members or successful economic leaders who could offer lifetimes of valuable experience.

Very strange that the #1 man pushing the hardest to colonize Mars is named Elon!

False Savior Figure: Likeable Man with Dark Agenda

One has to question why such a person with a larger-than-life personality and an apparent dedication to saving the human race would, when there are so many pressing problems to humanity, be working on this particular set of projects:
1) Colonizing Mars
2) Advancing Artificial Intelligence
3) Building a brain-computer interface
4) Manufacturing electric cars

Green energy, space travel, transhumanism... it's exactly the kind of agenda that the New World Order wants! Especially the brain-computers.
He's also heavily into cryptocurrency like BitCoin.

Musk is doing more than any other figure to popularize these technologies and to persuade and influence people to support them. He's even more dangerous than most of the evil transhumanist "we're going to become gods" freaks, because unlike them he's funny and likeable on the surface.

If you didn't research his history of political actions and his eccentric beliefs and statements in support of transhumanism, and just heard one recent headline, you'd probably want to support him!

For instance, the 2022 use of Starlink satellites to provide internet to Ukraine during the Russian invasion was definitely a good thing, short-term. But what's the long-term outcome of having all these satellites in orbit, connecting the whole Earth with high-speed internet signals? Will that not eventually result in the exact kind of centralization of power that the Starlink system was purportedly created to avoid?

Is space travel really going to save humanity? No.
Is artificial intelligence going to save humanity? No. The opposite.
Is merging humans with robots going to save humanity? No way!

Bad Fruit of the Musk Twitter Buyout

Musk's claimed motivation for buying out Twitter for $44 billion dollars is to defend free speech. It sounds cool, and there will be freer speech on Twitter for a short time. That's a good thing. But what does Musk mean by "authenticating all humans" on Twitter? Will it no longer be anonymous?

Moreover, not only did ownership transfer to one of the most evil and insane men alive, but considering Twitter's leftist policies, how much of the buyout money went to leftists?
If I told you I was going to stop the Russians by buying all their tanks, there are a lot of things that could be said about how ridiculous that is, and one such statement is "But did you stop them from building more?"

Just because mainstream media and far leftists are upset about something, in this case Elon Musk buying Twitter, doesn't automatically mean it's good.

Despite whatever they may say about not caring about money, the world's richest billionaires don't buy multi-billion dollar companies as a self-sacrifice. If anything, Musk will get richer off the Twitter purchase.

Because of the buyout, and his temporary position as a public enemy of the far left, Musk will be much more popular with moderates and conservatives. Many thousands of Trump supporters will idolize Musk and have a vain hope in him, and want to be like him. But the truth is, that Musk and his futurist beliefs are something to be distanced from, not in support of. It's something that the most evil beings on Earth want!

Musk is not against the New World Order. He is one of their leaders and he is just playing people for fools. Don't you know that satanists pretend to be nice and lie to people to trick them later?

Musk in Costume

Elon Musk wearing demonic Halloween costume

In 2022, Elon Musk observed Halloween and wore a red-and-black Japanese samurai armor with an image on the breastplate of a large Baphomet goat head with an upside-down cross in its forehead. Clearly satanic.
News sources list the name of this costume as "Devil's Champion", sold by witchcraft store Abracadabra NYC.

There Are No Good-Guy Billionaires

People don't just work smart and become billionaires in today's wicked world. They have to be in agreement and in support of the powers that be, or they will quickly be attacked and cut down to size.

Musk's support of many globalist agenda points, especially transhumanism, is why he's allowed to stay a billionaire.

James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Matthew 19:24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God!

(Article written by brother Jared.)

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