Grace Jesus Girl's Visions

"Grace Jesus Girl" is a faithful member of our worldwide congregation from Jamaica. Also, at least 2 of her prophetic dreams or visions have already come true. Therefore, these are reliable testimonies.

Jan. 30, 2021: Earthquake Dream & Woman in Sorrows

I saw that I was waiting to get across the street while waiting I saw a white truck driving around very slowly, I could not see who or what was moving the truck, but I could hear the voice of a weeping woman who was in much sorrow coming from the truck, her mournfulness was terrifying. I also heard a another voice says for three years the warning of an earthquake went out...It is still coming.
In the dream there was a feeling of gloominess hanging over the atmosphere. While being awoke I heard warn!
(Pastor's reply: "It seems to me that the 'woman in sorrow' is like saying that we are in the time of the birth pains, which is some times translated as 'sorrows'."
"Based upon todays' dream report from Sister Grace Jesus Girl, I now believe that a bad earthquake is coming soon to Jamaica and I will be adding it to the list of prophecies at prophecies.html
I believe that her dream was more specific to Jamaica, rather than anywhere else, because the dream said that the warning was issued 3 years ago. Whereas, I have been warning of a great American quake for 14 years. Plus, Jesus usually gives people dreams of their own location. Not far away places. So it must be Jamaica.")

Dec. 20, 2020 Tsunami Dream

I was in a dream this morning and I was telling people that a wave is coming, a wet wave is coming!

Divine Confirmation of the Sermon of Nov. 21, 2020: Testify More!

After the sermon about needing to share our testimonies, I received the following testimony:
From: Grace Jesus Girl ❤
While I was listening to the sermon, a vision came back to me that I had yesterday:
I saw in a vision where a young man who was on a track about to run a race, while he was there, he had a chart in his hands and he held it up to the crowd and it said "My testimony is for His Glory"! And then he put the chart down and another young man who was also a part of the race took him to his lane and showed him where he should start. Praise Jesus!

Oct 21, 2020

In this vision, I was on an open field and I was hurrying somewhere while walking speedily. I looked behind me and I saw a group of people under a shed and suddenly their skin turned spotted red and it was as if something was eating away their flesh so quickly, like termites were under their skin and I could literally see their skeleton/bone afterwards, and in that very moment I felt in my spirit disease and while looking at the people that were dying I begun saying this is not being reported on the news. Then I woke up.

(On the same day of receiving this vision from "Grace Jesus Girl", I also saw this report of flesh eating bacteria spreading in North and South Carolina. But she had not seen that report yet before writing me. Then a month later, I saw a report of disease in Senegal, on the west African coast. Then later, the number of infected in Senegal went up to 700 and was spreading among the population inland. All of this also confirms what I had already been teaching that the bible very clearly predicts a massive increase of death via bacteria and viruses, and that we would see it fulfilled soon.)

September 20, 2020

In this vision I could see darkness hovering the atmosphere and the place under lockdown and the police and military forces took over, drone cameras were flying in the sky all over as well as helicopters, high tech tankers and some other traveling port which I have never seen before that I cannot even describe, with devices that can scan someone approximately 20 feet or more away before it reaches close to you. In the vision, it was as if I was in a military zone. While waking from this vision, I heard a voice said "Warn!".

The others are similar to the above vision From August - September I kept on having visions of the military taking over and seeing wars and explosions.

I saw where lots of dead bodies was laying in the streets both men, women, children, even dead animals and I heard a voice say "Desolate I will make thy streets". In other dreams, the streets are covered in water and I saw a great war and the military taking over, but I cannot remember them in detail, as they were too terrifying.

May 2020

I saw these numbers 666 in a vision and a voice says to me the order of a man.

(This vision confirms the revelation that Jesus gave me that 666 is referring to people. Not a microchip and not a vaccine.)

In a vision, I was sitting on a beach wall it seems and from where I was, I looked over to the right where the water was and I saw huge men like hulk and there was a group of men gathered where they were and one of the men were training these giant looking man on his speed to see how fast he could move when he swims, from the expression of the men's face he was quick. It was like giants were living among us and it didn't matter to some. Men were teaching them to live normal. When I woke up I was led to read Genesis 6.

2018: The Lion of Judah and People Not Coming to The Ministry and The Gathering

Currently listening to this sermon (of July 15, 2017 "God is tired of waiting" which Jared posted online) and it is bringing my spirit in a state of weeping. I am not sure why is that...God is indeed tired of waiting, yet it's not in His will that any should perish, yet He is long suffering to us.
It is so ironic that this sermon also dragged my memory back to a dream I had around 2018, where I saw a lion (pastor's note: The Lion of Judah) walking back and forth as if he was waiting on people to come. Each time he looked up and saw no one coming he let out a groaning sound as he continued pacing back and forth anticipating the arrival of the people, but they refused to come. I saw where he flashed his paw like a finger as if the people were in trouble and they were going to be punished. He continued the same movements and groaning until I woke up.

February 28, 2018

In this vision, I saw an open field and there was this pavement that you would have to walk on in order to go to the field. I saw myself standing near the fence a little distance from the pavement, and there were a few people standing around holding onto the fence just talking. In the midst of it, I saw the sky turned like fire and out of it came a huge ball of fire gnash out in the midst of the field leaving a hole and the fire was still burning. Then I ran towards the pavement in terror and I turned to look behind me, what I saw shook me more than the fire ball, no one else was running or even moving; no sense of fear or panic from the people that were standing near the field. Everyone was just standing there looking as if nothing has happen. I was calling out to them to move but they could not hear me.
This time I looked again in the sky and I saw 2 men, 1 was standing, the other was sitting on a white horse and the man that was standing by tried to hold on to the man on the horse as if he wanted to delayed him from going somewhere, but the man on the horse seems angry. Then the horse took off riding towards me so fiercely. The man that sat on the horse: his hair and beard was as white as wool and on his face there was a frown. He was riding so fast as if he was in a haste. I didn't know whether to run or hide. I was too terrified to move. All I could do was to look around in terror where a nearby market was and I realized that nobody else saw the man riding towards the earth. The people in the market were still carrying on their business as usual.
In fear my eyes went back to the sky still seeing the man riding with such urgency. As he came closer to me, he made a stop about air level and he held his hands together and open them so that I could see in his hands. Suddenly my gaze shift from his hands to his right. I saw the word "Judgment" written across the sky. My gaze went back to his and he had his hands open still for me to see and he said these words: "Tell my people that I am coming back again with 'Judgment' written in my hands."

(The vision of the man on the white horse is very clearly Jesus coming on the white horse in Revelation 19. He's coming back after the Great Tribulation in anger and judgment, not smiling.)

From 2018 to Present

I started hearing the gunshots and explosions in 2018, then I started hearing them again September 2020. The last episode I had was Sunday night November 22. 2020.

I would hear sounds of terrifying alarms sounds going off as a warning, I would hear gunshots and explosions and when I got up to look through my window nothing happening. I would be half awake and half sleeping and I would hear a voice giving me names of people that are going to die. When I ask about the names, I am told these are wicked gunmen in the community.

(The gunshots and the explosions that she heard were not in present time. Just like Jesus showed her the future, He also let her hear the future.)

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