Libya, Greece and Egypt in World War 3

This sermon explains the prophecy of what the bible says about how the conflict with Libya, Greece and Egypt will increase to World War 3 with the provoking of Assad of Syria.

Sermon notes from Sept. 12, 2020 (24th of 6th month)

These are only very brief sermon notes, not a full transcript. Please listen to the entire 1.5 hour sermon for full understanding and edification. MP3 audio sermon link:

Dan. 11:40-12:1 The "Old Greek" version of Daniel in Dan. 11:40 says "King of Egypt" instead of "King of the South". (This is also shown in The Alpha & Omega Bible.)
Therefore, we now know who the King of the South in verse 40 is.
We already understood from verse 43 that Assad/Syria will invade Egypt.
But now we understand better that Egypt will have a major role in the attack against Assad.
There is a large alliance of nations in verse 40, shown by the fact that there will be a lot of military to come against Assad with many ships, etc.
The king of the north seems to be more than just one nation, being NATO, the North American Treaty Organization, which Turkey is a member of.
Therefore, for Egypt to be the only nation that is specifically named in the beginning of the war in verse 40, shows that Egypt will have a major role.

These events are in connection with how Assad will gain great power in the middle east and has connection with the time-frame and events of The Strong Delusion of Purim of some year.
Therefore, we should look at current world events to see if there's anything important happening with Egypt. And immediately what comes to my mind is the situation in Libya and how that Egypt is involved there!
Then, remember also that Libya is also mentioned in verse 43!
Wow! Both Egypt & Libya are in these verses telling us how Assad comes to power in war!

There has been civil war in Libya for years; ever since Muammar Gaddafi was removed in 2011. (Followers of our ministry in 2011 might remember me saying at that time that the removal of Gaddafi and also of Mubarak of Egypt and the overthrow in Tunisia as well, were all part of the uprising of Assad, and a manifestation of the green horseman in Rev.6.)
But only just recently did the situation in Libya become much worse with the involvement of Turkey, Russia & Egypt!
And guess what?!
There's at least 7000 people who was previously fighting in Syria that are now fighting in Libya! There are 5,000 of those previous Syrian war fighters that are now fighting for the "Government National Accord" (GNA) of Tripoli, Libya and another 2,000 fighting for the eastern rival "Libyan National Army" (LNA)!
Turkey has also transferred 5,000 Tunisian nationals to Libya to fight for the GNA.
Plus, ISIS has moved a lot of their people there also.
So, a lot of the Syrian war has now spread to Libya!
Therefore, Assad has reason to invade Libya in order to seek revenge on those fighters and to also fight Turkey.

Here's the 2 sides in Libya: (Both sides are evil.)

In the west, in the capital of Tripoli:
Fayez Al-Sarraj
GNA : Govt of National Accord
The UN
The EU
Muslim Brotherhood
Somalia National Army
At least 5,000 previous Syrian fighters.
Was supported by Obama who helped to overthrow Gaddafi.

In the east:
Khalifa Haftar (An American citizen, but is Arab & a former Gaddafi officer. Therefore this is the government that was overthrown.)
LNA: Libyan National Army
UAE: United Arab Emirates
Russia (Playing both sides, but mostly in this against Turkey.)
Saudi Arabia
At least 2,000 previous Syrian fighters.
(USA/Trump trying to remain out of it.)

Syria has enemies on both sides.
But Assad doesn't want to just follow one side over the other. What he wants to do is to control and dominate all nations. He want to control Egypt, Israel, the UAE, etc which are on one side of the Libyan situation. But he also wants to defeat Turkey on the other side. He's not likely to follow in line with either side completely but rather to do his own thing and fight elements of both sides. As the bible says, he exalts himself above all.

Ezek. 38:5 Libya will help invade Israel.
The old Gaddafi aligned rulers of eastern Libya would love to help Assad invade Israel.
And so would all of the rulers of the western side. Both sides are evil.
With the exception of Greece, both sides in Libya would willingly follow Assad in the invasion of Israel.
But what we see in Ezekiel 38, is that Assad, Iran & Russia will be able to form that alliance with Libya (with one side or both) before the end of the 30 days between Purim and Passover of some year, or earlier.
(What is occurring with the new peace treaties with Arab nations with Israel and America has a good appearance. But we must face the facts of history. The Islamic play books declare their plans to make peace treaties with the enemy and then break those treaties and then conquer the enemy. We can also learn the lessons from the Bible that it does not work to try to make peace with the enemy. They will always stab you in the back. The Bible is also clear concerning the upcoming Ezekiel 38 war between Islamic & communist nations against the nations of Israel. This reminds me of 1 Thes. 5:3
"For when they shall say, 'Peace and safety'; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.")

This revelation helps us to understand that we are now truly closer to The Strong Delusion of 2 Thes. 2. (Also called The Abomination of Desolation in Matt.24 & Dan.12.)
If we had truly fully understood Revelation 6:8 we would had understood that a pandemic had to occur before the Strong Delusion (Assad in the sky). Also if we had truly understood Daniel 11:40 we would had understood that the situation of Egypt and Libya had to increase before the Strong Delusion. But now that both of those events have been fulfilled, it is now a much more appropriate time for the fulfillment of the Strong Delusion to occur soon. This confirms that we are close to the Strong Delusion. We must prepare!

Still don't understand all specifics. 

A lot of times, when Jesus first shows us something, we don't understand all of it, but soon after the first initial revelation Jesus reveals more to us and we begin to understand more and more in the following days, weeks, months and years ahead. I don't fully understand precisely how everything will occur with Libya, Egypt and Syria, but now we know that we must be looking and watching the events connected with Egypt and Libya and we will understand it more soon.

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