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The purpose of this specific page on this men's ministry website is to provide males with a good place to listen/watch decent music that is acceptable to the Almighty and to our soul, and sounds good. I realize that we must be extremely careful what we allow into our ear and eye gates to our soul. Extremely careful. But neither should we be overly legalistic about it either. Every song/video on this page has been reviewed to ensure that every word is acceptable to The Holy Spirit and that the artist/band is not satanic. You are never going to find a perfect artist that is without any sin. We have all sinned and made mistakes and we are all learning. But neither will we be posting music by people who have a proven record of being anti-Christ. If you disagree with any song or artist that I have posted, it is your own prerogative to either listen or to not listen, that is your choice. But I am 100% confident of the music that I have posted, as I am very selective. Thanks for your understanding. Now, let's have fun!

Gospel Music

Josh Turner, Country Gospel: Me & GOD Please click on "Play track" in the upper left to only listen, or watch the YouTube video on the upper right.
LORD Have Mercy on a Country Boy. Josh Turner, Country Gospel
More Gospel Music recommendations, Click Here.

Country Songs

Brand New Girlfriend by Steve Holy.
I'm still a guy by Brad Paisley
I'm Gonna Miss Her Brad Paisley
He can't even bait a hookJustin Moore
Ladies Love Country Boys Trace Adkins
Dierks Bentley - What Was I Thinkin'
Billy Currington - People Are Crazy
Easton Corbin - A Little More Country Than That
Easton Corbin - All Over The Road
Billy Currington - Good Directions and Turnip Greens
Kip Moore - Somethin' 'Bout A Truck
Randy Houser - How Country Feels
Randy Houser - Boots On
Randy Houser - Like a Cowboy (Full Length Version) 7 min.
Lee Brice - I Don't Dance
Lee Brice - Drinking Class
Thomas Rhett - Make Me Wanna
Florida Georgia Line - Cruise You make me want to cruise with my windows down.
Rodney Atkins - Take A Back Road
Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was
Alan Jackson - Country Boy
Alan Jackson - It's Alright To Be A Redneck
Alan Jackson - Where I Come From

John Turner Songs

Your Man
Why Don't We Just Dance
I wouldn't be a man
Everything is Fine
King of the Road, With Randy Travis
Punching Bag
Loretta Lynn's Lincoln

Chris Young Music

Who I am with You. I sing this to Jesus.
I can take it from there
The Man I want to Be I sing this to Jesus.

Not Recommended And Why

(Just a very short partial list:)
Dolly Parton: She has made antichrist statements in public repeatedly in support of homosexuality and against Christians for speaking out against the sin of homosexuality. She is one of the largest idols of homosexual people. She has a long history of support for their sin.
Tim McGraw: He is a demoncrat who has publicly pledged his support for Obama and his policies. This is public support for the murder of millions of children and sodomite marriage and all the other wickedness that has destroyed America.
Garth Brooks: There is a strong demonic spirit that is working with him. It was publicly manifested when he released his "Chris Gains" CD. Although I used to love his music, including the Chris Gains CD, I must acknowledge and warn others that the CD had a very strong presence of evil upon it. It had antichrist images, darkness and an evil spirit upon it. It manifested who Garth really is. This was all discerned via The Holy Spirit.
Little Big Town: Their song "Girl Crush" is very clearly promoting the spirit of homosexuality. Regardless of their claim that it's talking about a heterosexual woman being jealous against a woman who stole her man, it doesn't take much discernment to know that it has a spirit of homosexuality upon it.
Michael Jackson: He was very clearly a child molester and sodomite. All of the accusations were true. Several of his songs were satanic if you very carefully review the lyrics with discernment of The Holy Spirit.
Madonna: Very clearly a satanic lesbian.
Lady Gaga: Very clearly a satanic lesbian.
ACDC: Very clearly a satanic band. Just look at their album covers and research the meaning of the letters.
KISS: Very clearly a satanic band. Just look at their album covers and research the meaning of the letters.
Contemporary Christian Music: Most of the bands are Catholics and are very compromising on moral values. They are selling praises to God. We should never sell our praises, our worship and the songs that Jesus gives us. That's just plain wrong! Many of these groups have antichrist symbols on their CD's such as triangles and the all seeing eye.

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