William Branham's Vision of America's Destruction

We can't find the exact words that he had originally spoken about this vision. So we only have what others have said about what he saw. The following was what we found:

"The voice bade him to look once more. As he turned and beheld, a great explosion rent the entire land, and left the land of America a smoldering, chaotic ruin. As far as the eye could see there was nothing but craters, smoking piles of debris, and no humanity in sight. Ashes from coast to coast. The vision then faded away."

William Branham, like all prophets, was a very controversial person. It would help to give a brief summary of his beliefs, both correct and incorrect.

He said that 3 "isms" (Fascism, Communism, Romanism [Catholic Church]) will rise, and one "ism" will rule.
Fascism, Communism, and Romanism will rise, and Communism will take over the world.
Then he changed it to say that Romanism will take over the world. And that it would be the other that would take control over all others.
He had it right about Nazism & Communism and one other! Romanism = Catholicism = Islam. Fascism = Nazism. So I believe that he had these basically right but without full understanding.

Mark of the Beast:
Branham claimed that Communism was the Mark of the Beast. And that all Christian denominations would unite with Rome as the Mark of the Beast. He claimed that there were only two classes of people on the earth: those with the Mark of the Beast and those without the mark.

"God is from above. He's writing the zodiac in the sky. Zodiac starts with the Virgin, the first coming of Christ, ends up with the Leo, the Lion, the second coming. And He's writing His first Bible. There's three of them. One of them was written in the skies, one in the pyramids, one on this."
Branham, William. 1951, Jul 29. The Resurrection Of Lazarus Erie Pa Sunday.

Supported Polygamy: Yes.

Xmas Forbidden
He originally observed Christmas, but grew in the truth. He was strongly against Christmas by 1964 or earlier.

Baptism required: Yes!

William Branham is typically remembered by religious historians as a "Oneness Pentecostal" minister. He had started out believing in trinity but moved away from it. As with Xmas, you can see that he grew in truth over time.

Jesus = Michael Angel (Contradicts)
Like the Jehovah's Witnesses, William Branham taught that Jesus Christ was Michael the Archangel. However, some of his statements contradicted that belief. So perhaps, maybe, he was unsure about it.

Wrong Sabbath
He didn't keep, nor teach, the 7th day. However, it does seem like that he at least acknowledged and gave some importance to the true holy days, but didn't teach that they are required.

False Serpent's Seed doctrine:
Quote: "Now remember, Satan's son was Cain. Now I think you all been through all the tapes, which, I see your libraries out here, of them. Now remember that Eve become pregnant by Satan, and in the same day... We got a case of it in Tucson now, that a woman, if she becomes... she lives with two man, she can have two different type of children."
Branham, William. 1965, Oct 31. Power Of Transformation.

Although, at least, he seemed to contradict himself on that also. Maybe he grew in truth away from that.

Flat Earth
William Branham claimed to have believed in a flat Earth.

When he was buried, Branham was placed under a pyramid-shaped tomb.

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