Additional Documentation For the Notes in The Alpha & Omega Bible

This page was created to provide additional reference documentation for the notes in The Alpha & Omega Bible. Not all notes will be listed here. I am listing only the notes that are discovered to absolutely need documentation of additional evidence/proof for what the notes declare. Most of the notes provide enough scripture reference or additional information to clarify and prove the statement if a person cares to carefully & sincerely study the bible without bias of preconceived religious/denominational beliefs. However, it's impossible to always provide enough evidence/proof or documentation within the brief notes in the bible. The purpose of The Alpha & Omega Bible is primarily to present an accurate translation of scripture. Extensive documentation is the job of additional reference books and website articles. Therefore, this page has been created to point the serious bible student to the additional documentation.

John 1:19 note says
(“The Jews” here is referring to the Jewish Babylonian religious leaders who followed many ancient Assyrian Islamic practices. Although the common claim is that Islam began with Muhammad, both scripture & historical evidence strongly prove that the belief system of Islam existed in Old Testament times under different names. Muhammad was not the founder of Islam. He only became it's prophet/leader & presented the Koran. Both scripture & history also prove that Israel embraced the ancient Assyrian Islamic practices including their calendar, reckoning of days from sunset to sunset, the so called "Star of David", the Talmud and many other elements of the pagan practices of Assyria & Babylon. This also included the worship of "The Yah" {Yahweh} also now written in English as "Allah" & "YHWH". I am of Jewish ancestry, so my statements are not based upon racism, but upon scripture & historical documentation. For proof, visit

Documentation of:
- The existence of Islam before Muhammad
- Connection between name "Allah" and "the-ilah"

- Connection between the "Star of David" and ancient Assyrian pagan religion.
- Proof the religion of Judaism is the same as Islam.
- Both scriptural and historical proof that Israel adopted the observance of days from sunset to sunset from ancient Assyria & Babylon.

Documentation of:
Allah, Al-Yah and "the-ilah" is "YHWH" & "Yahweh" and all versions of these names all refer to the ancient Assyrian & Babylonian pagan worship.

Documentation for more notes will be added as needed. Please check back monthly, or better yet, continue your extensive research via the 2 links below:

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