The Death Curse Upon the KJV Translators

(Originally written Jan.25, 2017 in the online newsletter. Edited & republished March 6, 2018 as an article.)

Rev.22:18 "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
:19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

In the examples listed below, you can see that a large & unusual number of the KJV translators/leaders died before the translation was published or in only a few short years after it was published. Some of them lived a little longer, but I list them anyway to show their false doctrines. This is not a complete list of translators. Some did live much longer, but the large number of those that died during or soon thereafter is undeniably odd.

To be honest, there was an outbreak of deadly disease during the time of the translation work. But if God really did ordain and anoint the translators as claimed by King James Only bible believers, then it only makes sense that God would have protected them for the purpose of the translation work and even thereafter as a blessing for their good work. These men didn't die from honorable martyrdom like the saints of the bible, but rather from plagues upon sinful people. The number of people on the translation staff that died during the work and soon after the work was done, proves that the KJV translators were cursed.

Richard Bancroft: The "chief overseer" of the production of the King James Bible died 2 November 1610 before KJV was published. On 9 February 1589 he preached at Paul's Cross a sermon, the substance of which was a passionate attack on the Puritans. He continued to show the same zeal and severity as before, and with so much success that Lord Clarendon, writing in his praise, expressed the opinion that "if Bancroft had lived, he would quickly have extinguished all that fire in England which had been kindled at Geneva."
In 1839, Benjamin Hanbury maintained that “Bancroft, the supervisor of James' translation, altered fourteen places to make it speak the language of prelacy” (Historical Memorials, I, p. 2). In his 1853 book, Alexander McClure also referred to Miles Smith's complaint about the Archbishop's alterations: "It is said that Bancroft altered fourteen places, so as to make them speak in phrase to suit him" (KJV Translators Revived, p. 220). Bobrick confirmed that "Smith afterward complained that Bancroft made fourteen changes on his own account" (Wide as the Waters, p. 248). In 1671, Edward Whiston commented: “Indeed those and such other alterations were not only against the minds of the translators, but of the Bishop of Gloucester [Miles Smith], who was joined with the other as a Supervisor, and complained of it to a friend, a minister of that county, but he is so potent, said he, that there is no contradicting him” (Life, p. 50). Joseph Fletcher noted that “the Bishop of Gloucester excused himself for submitting to this tampering with the sacred text, by saying, ‘but he is so potent, there is no contradicting him’” (History, III, p. 39). The rendering of 1 Peter 2:13, ‘to the king as supreme,‘ being instanced as one of them” (Historic Origin, p. 78). Alister McGrath asserted that Bancroft “had reserved for himself the privilege of making revisions to what hitherto thought of as the final draft” (In the Beginning, p. 178). He also referred to Smith’s complaint “that Bancroft had introduced fourteen changes in the final text without any consultation” (p. 188).
The king indeed persecuted the Puritans for which reason many left for the new world during his reign. And I will cede the fact that Bancroft may well have been a Jesuit Coadjutor as was Archbishop Laud during the reign during the reign of Charles I. Clearly Laud was a Jesuit as proven by Augustus Toplady. Agreed, the Commission was terrible, but the Anglicans generally hated the Puritans who were the real targets of the Commission.

John Rainolds (or Reynolds) (1549 – 21 May 1607) One of the main people who started the translation. Died of tuberculosis before KJV was published.

Thomas Ravis (c. 1560 – 14 December 1609) Head of the New Testament translators at Oxford. Died before translation was finished! Opposed Puritan teachings.

Thomas Bilson (1547 – 18 June 1616) Lived only 5 years after KJV was published. This is the man who gave us the stupid, insane doctrine that Jesus literally went to a burning hell during his death and literally wrestled with Satan for the keys to hell.

Miles Smith (1554 – 1624) Died at age of 70, 13 years after KJV published. But he was a Calvinist.

John Overall (1559–1619) Died at age 60, only 8 yrs after KJV. On 14 December 1617 the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Spalato — who had been consecrated at Venice using the Tridentine Pontifical in October 1600 — assisted Archbishop George Abbot at the consecration of Nicholas Felton, and George Montaigne, elected, respectively, Bishops of Ely and of London, with the Bishop of Rochester, Bishop Overall, and Archbishop Spalato laying on hands. So he was in cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church.

Hadrian Saravia (1532 – 15 January 1612) Died less than one year after KJV was published.

Richard Thompson/Thomson: Died 1613. He worked on Genesis-Kings in the Westminster group. He was buried at St. Edward's, Cambridge, on January 8, 1613, less than 2 years after KJV was published. Would you contend that he was "led by God in translating" even though he was an alcoholic that "drank his fill daily" throughout the work? [Gustavus S. Paine -- "The Men Behind the KJV" Baker Book House/1979/pgs. 40, 69]

Geoffrey King died in 1630 While he lived 19 years past the completion of the tranlation and lived longer than many others of the KJV translators, he still died at an early age at only 63 years old.

Francis Burley died 3 May 1619, only 8 yrs after KJV. Age 67.

Robert Tighe died 1620, only 8-9 yrs after KJV.

John Layfield death in 1617 only 6 yrs after KJV.

Edward Lively (1545 – May 1605) He played an active role during the planning for the King James Version of the Bible, and his death from a peritonsillar abscess is said to have considerably delayed commencement of the work.

Robert Spalding 1569-1625 Died only 56 yrs old.

John Harding (died 1610) Leader of the First Oxford Company of translators after the death of John Rainolds; therefore, the previous leader died and then this replacement also died! Then he was also replaced with the 3rd or more leader of that team.

Richard Kilby (Kilbye) (1560–1620) Died only 8-9 years after KJV.

Thomas Holland (Died 17 March 1612) was a Calvinist. Died 1 yr or less after KJV.

Miles Smith died 1624, was a Calvinist.

George Abbot (19 October 1562 – 5 August 1633) The Chambers Biographical Dictionary describes him as "sincere but narrow-minded Calvinist".

Giles Thomson (Tomson, Thompson) (1553–1612) Died only 1 year or less after KJV.

Richard Edes (or Eedes) (1555–1604) Died in the earliest stages of the project, before it was finished.

John Harmar (ca. 1555–Oct. 11, 1613) Died 2 yrs or less after KJV.

Ralph Ravens (c. 1553 – 1615) Died 4 yrs or less after KJV.

John Perrin (c.1558-1615) Died 4 yrs or less after KJV.

Thomas Sanderson 1561-April 1614. 3 yrs or less after KJV. His mom died in 1612. His wife died in 1608-09.

William Dakins (died 1607) Died before it was finished.

Ralph Hutchinson 1552- 16 January 1606. Died before it was finished.

Roger Fenton died before he turned fifty on 16 January 1615, less than 4 yrs after KJV.

John Spenser (1559–1614) Died 3 yrs or less after KJV.

William Barlow (died 1613) Died 2 yrs or less after KJV.

Jeremiah Radcliffe (died 1612) Died 1 yr or less after KJV.

John Duport (died 1617) Died 6 yrs or less after KJV.

John Aglionby "Divine" (died ca. 1610) Died before it was finished.

Thomas Bilson (1547 – 18 June 1616) Died 5 yrs or less after KJV.

There might have been other people involved in the King James Version that also died during or very soon thereafter the translation. But these are the ones that I could easily find.

The Church of England

In 2019 and recent years, The Church of England has been embracing the sins of homosexuality, sodomite marriage, homosexuals in the priesthood, etc. This is the church that translated & published the King James Version bible! This should be a major wake up call to all of the people who believe that the King James Version bible is the only & perfect word of God! If the roots be wicked, then the whole tree is wicked. If the whole tree is wicked, then the roots are wicked. The Church of England is extremely wicked & always has been. In fact, what most people do not know, is that the Church of England is a denomination of the Catholic Church. Many times throughout history, they publicly proclaimed themselves to be the true Catholic Church. At times, they were under control by the Roman Catholic "Pope", and at other times tried to be more independent, but yet still maintained a very Catholic nature. Even after the 1611 publication of the KJV, the Church of England continued to claim to be the Catholic Church. The KJV is a Catholic bible. And the modern Roman Catholic Church even publicly admits that! Many people who support the "King James Only" cults, claim that other translations are Catholic, but not the KJV. These people are very ignorant and refuse to even look at and examine the proof that says the total opposite.

Violence of the KJV Only People

It is my personal experience, and the experience of other people that I have talked to, that many people who believe in only the King James Version, are people who very violently attack anyone who dares to speak against their idol worship of the KJV. They literally do worship the translation of humans, as if the translation itself is God. They will harass you and even threaten to kill you if you speak against their god of paper. Of course, not all KJV only people are that extreme, but nevertheless, many are. And the ones that are not that extreme, will still disfellowship from you, or else at least claim that you are not saved, if you dare to even try to present proof of the truth.

KJV Only Limits Spiritual Growth

The KJV only cults forbid people from comparing other translations, and/or from looking at the original Greek and Hebrew words and manuscripts. I've heard many KJV only preachers say that people should not look at the original languages. They purposely forbid people from questioning their doctrines and from learning & growing in the truth. When people stay stuck in the King James Version bible, and don't examine other translations and the original languages, then they are very much hindered concerning how far they can go in greater understanding.

The Lie of The King James Translators

In the first few pages of the original 1611 King James translation, it says that they translated the bible from the original tongues. That is a lie! It was translated from the Masoretic Text, which is no older than the 9th century A.D.! Not from the 1st century, nor from Old Testament times! The KJV did not consider the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered in 1946-47. And there has been many other discoveries of ancient bible manuscripts since 1611. The original bible manuscripts were destroyed by Syrian and Roman soldiers in 70 A.D. Even before 70 A.D., most of the original Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts/scrolls had been destroyed by Assyria, Babylon and Rome. There is no way possible that the KJV was translated from the original tongue of Paleo-Hebrew, nor from the original bibles, nor from any 1st century copy. The translators directly lied. Period.

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