Miscellaneous Exhortations of I Saw The Light Ministries

Section 1: Planet X: Nibiru
Section 2: Walmart Plumbing Closings Conspiracy Theories
Section 3: Jade Helm, Martial Law, Concentration Camps
Section 4: What You Allow In Your Eyes & Ears.

Section 1: Planet X: Nibiru

Posted April 27, 2017:
For many years I have heard about the mysterious, hidden, secret planet that is said to come to destroy the planet Earth. Some people call it "Planet X" & others "Nibiru". Every year, year after year, for at least 20-30 years that I personally know of, people have said "Planet X will hit Earth this year" or "Nibiru will cause major destruction this year or next year", yet it never happens. There are literally thousands of expert astronomers in many different nations on Earth. They are independently watching the stars, planets, meteors, comets & asteroids. Each one wants to become rich & famous for the next big discovery. They are watching the skies every day and every night. They are equipped with the best telescopes on the planet. Yet none of these astronomers have discovered Nibiru. Some people would say that
A. Governments cover it up.
B. The planet is dark & hidden in location.
My response to that is that the governments cannot completely control every one of the telescopes, universities, expert & amateur astronomers on Earth. If planet X was real, the governments would not be able to hide it forever. The astronomers would have access to television news and newspapers to publish their discovery regardless of government inference.
It's true that an asteroid, comet or meteor may be very difficult at times to see because of color, size & location. But a huge planet (which is what's claimed) that is near the Earth, (which is also what is claimed) would be totally impossible to not see, on a regular basis, with the human eye and amateur telescopes. These excuses of color & location just do not hold water. It's total nonsense!

Then there's the pictures of a "second sun" & other images which portray to be proof of Planet Nibiru's existence. All of these images have been proven to be:
A. Optical illusions which are common.
B. Photoshopped (Fake).
If it was so easy for someone to take pictures of the huge, nearby planet X, then I too would have a picture of it by now because I used to live outside for 7 years straight, year round, I lived in a tent and was outside a lot! And I have seen many meteors. I have my eyes to the sky a lot! But I have never seen Planet X. Nor has any of my family or friends or coworkers in my entire life. And I even have friends and coworkers around the globe! Yet none of them have ever seen the runaway planet that was supposed to have destroyed the Earth in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019... and still has never done anything! When are people going to learn their lesson and stop following and believing the ridiculous conspiracy theorists? I say "Never". Because people are lost and without The Holy Spirit which gives wisdom.

People always try to find a scientific explanation such as a possible earthquake splitting the waters of the Red Sea, instead of the hand of God. When the events of the book of Revelation are fulfilled it will not be via a hidden, secret planet. It will be by the hand of God! The stars & mountains that fall into the sea/ocean in the book of Revelation are said in the scripture to come directly from the throne of God! It doesn't say "from outer space" or "from a planet". The brimstone comes directly from God Himself and will not be able to be correctly explained by science. The bible evens says that the people will know that it's God bringing the destruction upon the Earth.

People need to think more spiritually, and less carnally. Planet X/Nibiru is very carnal thinking, just like thinking that the 666 mark of the beast will be a microchip, tattoo, biometrics or a credit card. The mark of the beast will not be any of those carnal, physical things! It's spiritually in people's minds (foreheads) & works (hands). The mark of the beast is the mental, emotional, spiritual & physical worship of false religion, especially of Nazism, Islam & Communism. Please click here to learn about the meanings of 666. However, there will be the physical counterpart of buying & selling which is the Islamic Sharia Law "Halal Mark", please click here to learn about the physical mark that represents the more important spiritual aspect.
People need to get saved, seek the wisdom of The Holy Ghost and be less gullible to carnal, irrational thinking such as the "Flat Earth" theory. Click here to see solid proof that the flat Earth theory is wrong.

Section 2: Walmart Plumbing Closings Conspiracy Theories

Time after time, we see these stories released on popular conspiracy and false prophet websites like steve quayle, nathan leal, etc, and everyone automatically become their puppet robots and run with the rumors, lies and deceptions, without any fasting, Holy Spirit Discernment or logic. This is just one more example and the latest.
So Walmart temporarily closed 6 stores. Out of thousands of stores. They shut down just 6 for repairs and people think this is related to martial law and related to Jade Helm, another popular conspiracy theory snare. Lord have mercy!
What in the world does Walmart have to do with Jade Helm, martial law, the military or anything? Nothing!
I am sorry if I sound like I am ranting and raving. Maybe I should put this in my rants and raves page. But no, this is not just my pet peeves or my rants and raves. These things frustrate the heart of God Himself! It hurts God that His people do not have any discernment and do not exercise logic, common sense, or discernment.
Boy, the demoncrats, left winged sinners, just love these conspiracies! They make "Christians" look like crazy nuts. Hey, I'm just saying it the way it is.
Anyway, there is nothing unusual about a business closing for repairs. It's simply a case of a large corporation contracting with a plumbing company to make extensive repairs. Nothing more, nothing less. As far as details about how much notice were employees given, etc. Well, it's hard to know the truth without actually working in that particular store ourselves. When people lose their jobs, they become emotional and can proclaim anything and not always be truthful to all the details. The news media no longer does a good job at investigating the facts and they run with the rumors and conspiracies just as much as the public. There is just simply no documented, factual reasons to believe that anything is going on beyond needed repairs. Period. If you disagree, why don't you fast about it? Take it to God.

Section 3: Jade Helm, Martial Law, Concentration Camps

Another emotional, popular conspiracy theory for internet users.
Jade Helm is claimed to be the time and location of martial law coming to America and people rounded up and thrown into Nazi style concentration camps. But Let's take the time to think!
1. Why would the government tell us the exact dates and locations, months in advance, when they are going to attack us? That's just illogical. Some people claim that the advance notice of "military training" will be a disguise so that the people will not understand what's happening when it occurs. But that's just simply not how martial law happens. It's never happened that way and never will happen that way. Look and learn from history.
2. We also know that Obama is destroying the American military. We know that. It's very clear. So, why would he destroy the very military that he is supposedly going to use to attack domestic citizens? Doesn't make sense! If he was going to use his own military to take control of America, He would strengthen his military, not destroy it. Hitler strengthened his own military, as all dictators do before they take complete control of their citizens.
3. The great majority of the American military is against Obama. And most are very patriotic, pro USA. These are men who have enlisted to fight for America. Not against. It doesn't make sense that they would turn against their own people and obey orders that are very clearly anti-American. Yes, sure there are some Muslims, leftists, atheists and other rotten tomatoes in the bunch who would have no problem obeying Obama and killing millions of Americans. In fact, there are obviously those implants in the military and in the government. They are there. I am not denying that. But the number of those implants are very small in comparison to the large number of pro-American Military Men.
4. The wooden shoe symbol. False prophet, Nathan Leal of "The Watchman's Cry" website, has been teaching that the wooden shoe image in the middle of one of Jade Helm's logos is a symbol for concentration camps. He comes to that giant leap of conclusion because he typed in an internet search engine the words "wooden shoe concentration camp". Well, duh, if you type it in a search engine, you are going to find it! It doesn't matter what it is. If you type it into a search engine, you will find it. It doesn't mean that God led you to it, or that God is revealing it, or confirming it. It's not God. It's Google!
He shares the fact that the Jews who were held in the Nazi camps were given wooden shoes. Then jumps to the final conclusion that wooden shoes must represent concentration camps and martial law. How ridiculous!
What about the fact that wooded shoes are sold by the thousands every year in Holland and has nothing to do with the concentration camps? In fact, here in the USA, Tennessee and Kentucky, my own family used to wear wooden shoes. They were sold in the stores in the great depression era and before. So, to jump to such a dramatic conclusion as that the wooden shoe in the symbol means that Americans in the southwestern United States are going to be rounded up in July 2015, is just illogical and insane.
So what does the wooden shoe symbol really represent?
According to https://www.symbols.com/group/12 Quote: "The 'wooden shoe' (also known as clog) was used symbolically by anarchists in the 19th and early 20th century, although it has largely faded from use since then. The French word for wooden shoe, sabot is the probable root of the word sabotage: and refers to the tactic by early Dutch unionists of throwing wooden shoes into the gears of factory or farm machinery, effectively stopping work until the equipment could be repaired. The American analogue of this tactic is "monkeywrenching," referring to the similar practice of throwing a monkeywrench in the machinery to damage it and prevent strikebreakers from being able to replace striking union members". End Quote.
Therefore, the shoe represents the training scenario of unfriendly forces sabotaging America, or in other words terror attacks or other plots of the enemy. It has nothing to do with concentration camps are martial law. If Nazi prisoners wearing wooden shoes proves that the Jade Helm symbol equals concentration camps, then so does Dutch stores selling wooden shoes also proves that the dutch will conquer America. LOL. Or that stores in Kentucky/Tennessee selling wooden shoes also proves that Kentucky and Tennessee will conquer the southwestern states. Ridiculous.
5. Why would the government declare martial law only in all of the southwestern states and not any other part of America? Doesn't make sense!
6. There is nothing in the bible to make us believe that America will be destroyed from within. Yes, Obama is destroying America from within, But the real destruction must come from the gentile nations of the Assyrian Son of Perdition as declared by the Holy Scriptures. Also, I have never heard of any true prophetic dream or vision that described any such Jade Helm type of martial law coming to America. Yes I have heard of visions/dreams that claimed it, but it was also always very clear that those dreams/visions were just imaginations and demonic manifestations. I have never heard from a true and trusted servant of God that such an event will take place. But please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that there will never be any martial law in America. No, I am not saying that. In Fact, I have repeatedly warned that martial law will eventually happen in USA. But when it happens, it will not be announced months in advance in the newspapers like Jade Helm is. And it will not be for the purpose of Obama rounding up all of his enemies. The real martial law, when it comes, will be for our own good! It will be the result of Islamic terror attacks, huge earthquakes and because of major violent riots that will break out when Obama falls (leaves office before his term is finished). So there are at least 3 different possible reasons that martial law will become necessary. We will need protection from the leftist rioters and looters.
7. There have been other military training drills all across America. And this also occurs in other nations. There is nothing unusual about the military have training exercises. It's normal routine.

If you disagree, why don't you take it to God in fasting and prayer?

Section 4: What You Allow In Your Eyes & Ears.

Be extremely careful about what you read, watch and listen to. Our eyes and ears are gates to our soul. Everything is a seed. Think about that! Everything is a seed that will grow. What are you planting in your heart, mind and soul? The internet is full of lies and deception. It is as powerful as music and television! Use caution and discernment. If you know something has lies in it, why do you keep reading? Or watching? Or listening? As a pastor, I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen people wounded because they continued to entertain the lies of the devil, even after I warned them. It's so frustrating to watch people follow the lead of the devil, against the Will of God and against sound pastoral counsel. True discernment is almost nonexistent in our modern times.

As your brother in Christ, as your friend, and as a minister under Christ Jesus, I am sincerely and rightfully concerned for all. And I just plead for each person to exercise good caution and discernment about every sound, image and article that comes to your gates. Beware the enemy is roaming about, seeking who he may devour. Don't volunteer to be his victim.
I cannot wait until the day will come when there will be no more internet to snare and destroy my brothers and sisters. Yes the internet can be used for good. I have over 100 articles, pages, blogs, etc on the internet, exposing darkness and manifesting the Light of Jesus Christ. But I am willing to give it all up, to have everyone just read the bible, fast, pray, have and use true discernment, truly hear from God themselves and follow Jesus and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. I would that everyone would be a Prophet, hear from God and declare the works of The LORD. But the fact is, I must continue to preach, reprove, rebuke and exhort until we all come into the unity of the Faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the statute of the fullness of Christ, that we be not children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine (and every internet conspiracy theory and hoax) by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness, whereby they (Steve Quayle, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, Nathan Leal, Tom Watkins, Kenneth Copeland, James Robison, Rick Warren, Michael Rood, Nehemiah Gordon, Steve Fletcher, Kirk Cameron) lie in wait to deceive.
Remember, a little leaven leavens the whole lump.
Just a drop of poison can kill.
Don't be sipping on the poisonous lies of the devil.
Test everything with fasting, original scripture, prayer, and The Holy Spirit!
Learn the Truth about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine.
Learn about those wolves, ministers of deceptions.

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