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2023 Fiesta of Tabernacles, Greeneville, Tennessee
Sept. 29 to Oct. 6-7, 2023

The First Day of The Feast/Fiesta of Tabernacles is September 29, 2023 starts at 7:24 a.m. Eastern Time Zone.
For your local time, Please check for the time of your local morning civil twilight for Sept. 29, 2023.
7th Day of Feast of Tabernacles is Oct. 5, 2023.
8th, Last Great Day is Oct. 6, 2023.
October 7 is the normal weekly Sabbath day of rest and worship. Therefore we will continue to host the camping through the weekly Sabbath, and people can pack up and leave on Sunday October 8.
The last day to set up tents and campsites is Thursday Sept. 28.
Out of respect for Jesus, we won't allow anyone to set up or take down campsites during the commanded rest days of Sept. 29-30, and Oct. 6-7.

We always provide live broadcast via both telephone and internet. (Audio only.)
To learn why it is not evening to evening, please read the When Does the Day start article.
For The Holy Day Calendar for this year and beyond, Please Click Here.

Feast of Tabernacles Services for 2023 will be held on Sept. 29 - Oct. 6, in Greeneville, Tennessee and we will continue to host on Oct. 7 for the weekly Sabbath.
This is an easy drive for those in the region of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Cosby, Newport, Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Knoxville, Morristown, Greeneville, Erwin, Pigeon Forge, Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport, Tri-Cities, etc. But people outside of this area are also welcome to attend. As long as you love Jesus & want to serve & worship Him in Spirit & in Truth & in accordance with the biblical commandments to observe the Feast Days, and are very like minded with us, then you are welcome to attend.
Pre-registration to attend is required. This is a great opportunity for fellowship with like minded believers! We will have either sermon/worship services, bible study or prayer meetings every day. Plus we will also have daily cook outs, camping, prepping & survival classes, games, mountain nature trail walks & other activities! We will provide one group meal per day for free for supper/dinner in the later afternoon or early evening! Breakfast and lunch and snacks are your own responsibility.
Please bring your own lawn chairs to sit in.
Services each day will be either in our sanctuary inside the house or in the great outdoors in open fields and under trees.
You are welcome to bring musical instruments and to sing for worship. (But electric guitars, amplifiers, speakers and microphones are not allowed. These things are not necessary for such a small group; and we find they they are idols to many people who want to act like rock n' roll stars.)

Reason we call the Feast "The Fiesta":
When you look at the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words for "feast" in relation to the Holy Days, these words actually do not mean a feasting of food, but rather a party, a celebration, which of course includes a feasting of food but is much more. The word "feast" is actually an English word and does not appear in the Hebrew & Greek scriptures. Neither does "fiesta", but the latin word "fiesta" more accurately & vividly describes what the Feast of Tabernacles is actually supposed to be. It's supposed to be a Fiesta, a celebration. The Spanish language is spoken by more people on Earth than any other language other than Chinese. So to use a word that is known to so many people, is a great way to reach the Latin American population with the truth. The Latin American and Mexican population is falling quickly for Islam. Islam is now the fastest growing religion among Hispanics. Islam is trying to evangelize everyone on Earth. The ministers of truth must also try to reach all people of all races and languages on Earth. The word "fiesta" is also one of the very few English/Latin words well known in the middle east. So by using the words "Fiesta of Tabernacles", we relay the true meaning of the word, while evangelizing more people on Earth, both Hebrew/Israelite and Gentile. For God is not willing for any man/person to perish, but for all to come to everlasting life.

Free Lodging:
We will be hosting the 2023 Feast of Tabernacles on the private property of one of our members. It will be in the back/rear lawn of a house. It is fenced in. We encourage everyone to camp in tents, as that is the true will of God, to best represent temporary booths, dwelling places. However, if you absolutely can't (or more likely, refuse) to camp in a tent, we have space for only one small RV/camper (but no sewer hook up and no electrical hookup other than an extension cord), and people are also welcome to stay in nearly hotels. But campers, RVs and hotels can't fully capture the feeling and purpose of the feast. The only thing that we can provide free is a campsite for tents in our private lawn. We can't provide free hotels or free spaces in a RV park.

Jesus' Name Only
We make every effort to open our doors to sincere followers of Jesus Christ and for those who are seeking, But we cannot compromise with what The Almighty has revealed and we cannot compromise with evil, demonic pagan names which actually represent the devil.
Therefore, the use of the pagan Assyrian letter Y names (Yah, Yahweh, Yahshua, Yehsua, and also Jehovah and "Hallelujah", etc.) are strictly forbidden because all of those words originated with the demonic false god of the Assyrians, called YHWH.
Click here to see solid undeniable, irrefutable proof that those names represent the devil.

We will be reading the scriptures from the Alpha & Omega Bible. But you are welcome to try to follow along in KJV, NASB or other translation, other than a Y name version which is satanic.
Please click here to learn why The Alpha & Omega Bible is far more accurate than any other version widely available today.

Live Broadcast via Phone & Internet
For those who are unable to attend, we always broadcast all of our weekly sermons and High Holy Day Sabbath sermons.
But we will not be broadcasting the midweek bible studies, classes & recreational activities.
For the live audio broadcasts of the services via internet or phone, Please click here.

Where / Location / Details:
We are hosting the Feast of Tabernacles in Greeneville, Tennessee. But the exact location will remain unreleased to the general public. It is in the best interest of those attending if our services will be secure without interruption from any protesters or others trying to cause troubles, considering that our ministry is one of the most actively vocal against Islam, gay marriage, demon-crats, etc. We seek to meet with like minded brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus and to provide a venue for the Feast of Tabernacles for people who sincerely want to grow in the real truth. Therefore considering all things, I have concluded that it will be best to not release the exact location to the public. If you feel that you might be interested in attending, I encourage you to read as much of this website as possible to ensure that we are like minded and that you are sincerely interested in attending. Then fill out the pre-registration form and then I will call you and we will talk & if we are like minded, I will inform you of the specific location of the Feast.

Rules for Entire Feast:
-Please turn off all cell phones during services, bible studies and classes.
-No pets allowed on the property. No exceptions. You can stay at another campground or hotel with your pets and still visit us each day if you want.
-No candy, snacks, food or chewing gum during worship services, sermons, and classes. We want to respect the holiness of worship and also not cause distractions while people are trying to focus & learn. Drinks are okay during services and at all times. Of course if you have a cold, sore throat or other medical reason for candy or cough drops during services/classes, that is acceptable but please notify me in advance so that I will know what the situation is. Thanks. Drinks are to be used for simple dry mouth.
-No Pepsi or Coke products during services/sermons/classes/group gatherings. These are offensive to us because the Pepsi company admits using aborted baby cells in testing for their flavors. The Coke company is led by an openly unrepentant Muslim who is active in Islamic warfare against Christians. We ask that you please respect our stand against evil by refraining from these products during all group gatherings. We will be providing water & some other type of drinks. You are welcome to bring your own drinks as well as long as they are not Pepsi or Coke products. Dr. Pepper, 7 UP & Dr. Enuf are not Pepsi/Coke and are welcome as well as generic brands.
-No halal marked products allowed on the property. Please see our article about the 666 halal mark.
-No skull/bones on clothing, no wings on clothing, no minions on clothing, no rock n roll singers/groups on clothing. No black nail polish. Please respect that we are a ministry of conservative Christians and so we do not tolerate satanic clothing styles. If you want to wear all black everyday like a Goth or like a witch, please attend the feast with some other group!
-No cursing in the presence of women or children.
-If you disagree with a teaching, please refrain from causing trouble, fights and arguments. You are welcome to attend other feast sites hosted by other groups which you may agree with better.
-We are Jesus Name only. No letter y names are allowed. No yeshua, yah, yahweh, yahshua or any other version of y names. No Jehovah. No Halleluyah/hallelujah.
Acceptable names & titles are: Jesus, LORD, God, and Christ.
-Alcohol is acceptable at all times except during worship services but if you become a jerk, rude, disrespectful, too loud or out of control, you will be evicted from both our gatherings and the property!
-Males are allowed to be shirtless at any and all times. We are camping outside! Nothing wrong with it! We are located in the south where it's hot and where the culture well tolerates males being bare-chested. If you disagree, please chose a different feast site. We don't get along well with legalistic religious people.
-No smoking of pot any where, not even in your own tent or camper or car. Anyone found smoking pot or smelling like pot will be evicted from the gatherings and from the property. No exceptions.
-No Smoking of cigarettes or vapes among any of our gatherings. If you smoke cigarettes or vapes, please restrict this to only your own campsite and your own car. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, not even on your own campsite. Please depose of cigarette butts in the campfire, and/or your own ash trays until they are emptied into the campfire. Do not throw them in the trash, as it might cause a fire.
-Please do not leave personal items such as wash cloths, soap, shampoo, etc in the showers. This is not your home. Please be respectful of others that come after you, that don't need your stuff in their way!
-By attending at this feast Site, you agree to abide by all these rules for the peace and unity of the congregation and Feast.

RSVP/Registration Required Please: So that we know how many people to expect, who to expect and how much food to have prepared, Please RSVP/register by clicking here. We would love to open our doors to everyone, but the reality of the world today is that we must restrict our gathering from those who want only to cause trouble. We will make every effort to accommodate anyone who is simply wanting to serve God in Spirit and in Truth, but who are not dangerous to a peaceful gathering of like minded followers of Jesus Christ.

Offerings Accepted
In accordance with the Biblical requirement (Deut. 16:16-17) for each head of household to bring an offering during the Feast of Tabernacles, We will be accepting your Tabernacles Offerings. We do not pass the plate or offering basket. Please give your offerings directly to the pastor. We are not about the money. But we do hope that you will be obedient to Jesus in all matters in every area of your life. If a penny is all that you have to give, then so be it.

To search for other possible Feast of Tabernacle Sites across the world, please visit www.feastgoer.org

Schedule for the Feast of Tabernacles, Greeneville Tennessee September - October 2023

(This is not the complete schedule. You will be given the complete schedule after you have been approved to local attendance.)
Many activities are outdoors. Please bring clothing for both hot and cold weather as east Tennessee weather varies greatly from day to day. Dress is very casual. You can even wear shorts & flip-flops. But please do not wear satanic clothing. See list of rules. (Normally, it doesn't turn cold here until the middle of October. But you might want to bring long pants and jackets/coats, just in case.)
All activities & classes (except worship services) are voluntary, but encouraged. If you do not want to attend a specific activity, you are welcome to do whatever you want at that time, or just watch. But worship services during the 4 Sabbath days are mandatory attendance, otherwise, why did you even come here in the first place? But if you want to attend one or two of the Sabbath days with a different group locally, then that's acceptable, as long as you are correctly observing the commanded Sabbaths and as long as you keep at least 2 of the high Sabbath days with us.

September 28, Thursday: Preparation Day:
Set up tents, campers, RV's, hotels or other lodging.
Go in town & purchase last minute supplies.

Sept. 29, Friday: 1st Day of Feast of Tabernacles: "High Holy Day": Annual Sabbath.
(Eat Breakfast at your private campsite every morning.)
10:30 a.m. Meet in the sanctuary in the house. Please arrive in the sanctuary and be seated before this time.
(Free coffee and water. Free water provided at all group gatherings.) Everyone please take a copy of the new updated printed schedule.
Introduction to Feast: Information and Announcements. Q & A.
10:50 Worship Services/Sermon. (Also broadcasted online.)
Followed by Q & A and then fellowship.
4-9 p.m. Group Cook out / Camp Fire & Fellowship around main campfire/center. Everyone invited!

Sept. 30 Saturday: 7th Day of Week, Weekly Sabbath
Services 10:50 am (Also broadcasted online.) (Please be seated before 10:50.)
Followed by Q & A and then fellowship.
4-10/11 p.m. Group Cook out / Camp Fire & Fellowship around main campfire/center. Everyone invited!

October 1-4: Sunday to Wednesday:
Daily activities of hiking, free survival classes, dart shooting, bible studies, bible questions, prayer sessions and camp fires and cook outs.

Oct. 5: Thursday: Preparation Day
In addition to activities and fellowship, time will be given for everyone to go to the store and buy whatever they need and prepare for the next 2 Sabbath rest days.

Oct. 6 Friday: Last Great Day
Services 10:50 a.m. (Meet in sanctuary earlier please.)

Oct. 7 Saturday, weekly Sabbath
Services 10:50 a.m. (Meet in sanctuary earlier please.)
Followed by questions and answers. And then fellowship, cookout and campfire.

Oct. 8 Sunday, Packing up and leaving out. Depart unless you are staying over extra night(s).
Please make sure your campsite is clean before leaving. Thanks!

Other Activities during the Fiesta:
-Class on how to identify & harvest wild edible plants/flowers/herbs for food and med,
-Tent living and tent repair class,
-Bible games,
-Group trail walk,
-How to make tinctures class,
-and possibly foot races, badminton, volleyball, horse shoes, etc, if enough people come.

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