Japan Nuke incident related to Gulf Oil incident.
Proven in Knowing Movie 2009

In the DVD, at the opening credits it states "In association with Mystery Clock Cinema". Early in the movie, Nicolas Cage is sitting on his couch and the time is 11:59 PM at night. Nearing Midnight. (one minute til midnight, an expression used to describe conditions before a nuclear event).
The time turns to 12:00 Midnight and his clock says "Japan"!
Then Breaking News on his TV that the Gulf Oil Spill explosion just happened.
Listen to the words on the TV: "malfunction in the cooling system".
Notice the first time Nicolas looks at the clock, He sees a book beside/behind the clock that is named "French Relations".
As I am writing this newsletter today, right now, I am hearing a clock ticking. Constantly! It's driving me nuts!
The news reporter says "Oct 15, 81". Nick looks at a paper with numbers on it.
actually, 0981424
81 for 1981.
81 is also the Country Code for Japan!
tick tock tick tock tick tock!
what I can find on Oct 15, 1981
"The U.S. will dispatch two AWACS surveillance planes to Egypt. They'll provide early warning of any air attacks against Egypt, particularly in view of threats made by Libya. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes 9-8 to kill the proposed sale of AWACS radar surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia. The concern was secret military technology falling into Saudi hands. President Reagan believes the move will hurt his Middle East peace process."
The White House fires Maj Gen. Robert Schweitzer -- the top military officer on the National Security Council staff. The reason? In a speech, he said that the "Soviets are on the move, they are going to strike."

French Relations:
Cherbourg, France (AFP) March 1, 2009 — France is set to send recycled nuclear fuel to Japan in what environmentalists say is the biggest ever plutonium shipment and one that increases the chance of nuclear proliferation.

Someone is claiming they have eyewitnessed 10,000 Chinese Military armored vehicles in Mexico near Texas border. Now, the source of this report is reported to be on Steve Quayle website which has had tons of false reports in the past. However, there is a possibility that this report could be true considering the times we are now in and are now entering. So I don't completely discount it at all.

Doomsday Clock of Mecca Saudi Arabia

Remember those numbers in the movie?
Japan Postal Code!


Knowing, the Movie

Additional Proof Japan Earthquake/Nuke Event was Planned:
Illuminati card game made in 1995, shows 911 twin towers getting struck, pentagon getting struck and it also shows Japan in a Double Event!
The Japan event card shows the Ginza Wako Clock Tower in Tokyo.
I think this is relation to the Mecca Clock Tower!
They even sell clocks and watches in this building!
Also, as additional confirmation, a friend of mine, who did not see the "Knowing" movie, had a dream where he saw a piece of paper with the number 7 over and over. He had seen this in days of the earthquake in Japan. I'm not sure if it was before or after, I will have to ask him again.
Well, in the movie, which he did not see at the time I talked to him, Nicolas Cage saw numbers on a piece of paper, as my friend did. The numbers in the movie showed a Japanese postal code even though this was never mentioned in the movie!
The 7 connection?
The illuminati card game card for the japan event is card #7

Ginza Wako - Clock Tower
4-5-11 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Subway Ginza Station A9 Exit
The clock tower on top of the Wako building was made in 1932. There are many jeweries and high-class items sold inside the store.
Wako Co., Ltd. (株式会社和光, Kabushiki-gaisha Wakō?) is a retailer in Japan, whose best known store (commonly known as Ginza Wako) is at the heart of the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. This store is famous for its watches, jewellery, porcelain, dishware, and handbags, as well as upscale foreign goods. There is an art gallery, called Wako Hall, on the sixth floor. Wako was founded in 1881 by Kintarō Hattori as a watch and jewelry shop called K. Hattori (now Seiko Holdings Corporation) in Ginza. In 1947, the retail division split off as Wako Co., Ltd.

Ginza Wako at night
The Wako store in Ginza. From 1894 to 1921, the Hattori Clock Tower stood on the site that Wako occupies today. In 1921, the Hattori Clock Tower was demolished to rebuild a new one. The reconstruction was delayed due to the Great Kanto Earthquake of September 1, 1923. The new tower was completed in 1932 as the K. Hattori Building. In homage to its predecessor, the new store was also fitted with a clock.
Its 1932 Neo-Renaissance style building, designed by Jin Watanabe, with its curved granite façade, is the central landmark for the district and one of the few buildings in the area left standing after World War II. The building functioned as the Tokyo PX store during the Allied Occupation of Japan from 1945 to 1952. The clock tower plays the famous Westminster Chimes.
Wako has branches in Haneda Airport, Shinsaibashi, and some luxury hotels in Japan.

Repeatedly seen in the Godzilla movies

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