Fulfillment of March 14, 2008 & Foreshadowing of WW3, Bashar Assad and Pope Francis I

Originally posted Feb. 2006. Last Edited March 8, 2021.

Starting in 2006, You were told in advance to watch "March 14" here at "I Saw The Light Ministries", & on a Christian forum discussion board and in our weekly Sabbath services.

In early 2006, I had been going to a certain business every week. The man that ran the business always had the television set on. It was always on either the news or the weather. Nothing else. Always news or weather. Well, one day unexpectedly the television was on a basketball game. The score was 14-14. I thought it was interesting that the game had a tie score and that it was a basketball game instead of news or weather. But I really didn't think too too much about it but I did take notice. Then, I went across the street to another business. They also had the same basketball game on the television. The score was still 14-14.
Then later that night, I asked God where should I read in my bible. He said "Matthew". So I started in Matthew chapter 1. Then I came to verse 17.
"So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations".

In that verse, you have 3 "14"s. That represents the date 3-14 or March 14. It also represents 3x14 = 42 months of Revelations. But it is not saying the 42 months begin with March 14, no it is not saying that. The related signs included "basketball", "weather" and "news". I posted online that God had showed me "March 14" but with no year. I posted the information about the basketball game, the weather and the news. I did not understand what it all meant. I did not proclaim that an event would hit on March 14, 2006. I did not know whether it would or would not happen that year.

On March 14, 2006 I did not notice anything happening to fulfill what God showed me. In 2007, again nothing.
Then when it came to 2008, I then came to realize that it would be March 14, 2008 that an event would occur to fulfill the March 14th date that God was showing me. This time, I did tell people that this would be the year of the fulfillment of the March 14th prophecy. So then March 14, 2008 did come:

Atlanta tornado debris

First Tornado On Record In Downtown Atlanta, Georgia!
State of Emergency Declared in Atlanta
CNN News World Headquarters Hit by Tornado
Georgia Dome Basketball Game Hit by Tornado

Today's tornado in Atlanta, while not as bad as many of the storms that plaque our nations, arises another warning to the human race to repent. The Tornado (weather) hit CNN News World headquarters (remember that "news" was one of the clues) and the Georgia Dome where a basketball game was playing at the time. Remember that basketball was another clue.

See these three very dramatic videos, which I did not make! This shows you that others considered the event as very significant!
Video #1 below:

Video #2 below:

Video #3 below:

See New York Times article: "Powerful Tornado hits downtown Atlanta", Click here

UPDATE: Why God showed me March 14, 2008 Atlanta Tornado
Ever since the March 14, 2008 Atlanta Tornado, I have always wondered why did God show this to me in advance?
So now in Feb/March 2013, God has now answered that question!
In recent months, God has taught me, that in the bible, the Assyrian Anti-Christ, Son of Perdition, is represented by storms. Isaiah 7:8 is same as Rev.13:3,
Isaiah 7:17-19, the word "bee" in verse 18 is referring to Tropical Storm Debby 2012. The word "rest" refers to the storm stalling in the Gulf of Mexico. The word "valleys" refers to a gulf of troubled desolate waters. The Gulf of Mexico fits that description ever since the so-called Gulf Oil "Spill".
Isaiah 8:6-8 again shows the king of Assyria, Bashar Assad, represented by storms. Will you please now turn in the pages of your paper bible (not the internet) to these scriptures? Thanks!

The March 14 Alliance/Coalition
Now, God has also shown me that there is a coalition of anti-Assad people known as the March 14 Coalition! That is based in Lebanon but is involved in the on-going war in Syria. It was named after the March 14, 2005 protest against Assad within Lebanon. But the alliance is not named the March 14, 2005 coalition, but rather just simply the March 14 coalition or alliance. Remember, that God had not originally given me any year, but just "March 14".

March 15, 2009 Civil War officially starts in Syria
While the trouble had already started somewhat in Syria before 2009, March 15th has become the official start date of the so-called "civil war" in Syria. Therefore, March 14th would then be considered the last day before the war broke out.

Trinity Clues
Matthew 1:17 said "14" three times.
There was the first television, the 2nd television, then the bible verse. 3 signs.
There was the "weather", the "news" and the "basketball game" clues to the march 14th prophecy. 3 clues.
There was the Atlanta Tornado of March 14, 2008, the protest of March 14, 2005 in Lebanon and then thirdly, the March 14, 2009 last day before the civil war in Syria.
The repeat of "3"'s in this prophecy refer to the trinity doctrine which is very much connected with Bashar Assad. The trinity doctrine is the foundation and capstone for the one world religion of Chrislam/Alawi sect of Bashar Assad.

The Ultimate Meaning of the March 14 Prophecy
The ultimate Assyrian Anti-Christ Storm is brewing upon America. Soon, war will break out in the middle east. The war will be between Syria/Iran/Russia/China and Israel/Jerusalem/Europe/England/NATO/America. The Nazi/Islamic/Communist (666) 10 toe confederation led by the son of perdition (Bashar Assad) and Gog (Putin) will successfully invade and conquer Israel and Jerusalem. The war will spread across Europe. At some point of time, early or later, China and Russia will attack USA. China and Russia will successfully invade and conquer USA. They will do so under authority of the son of perdition (anti-Christ) Bashar Assad of Syria. The Assyrian storm will flood America with her armies. It will hit Atlanta and the rest of America like a Tornado. Some people will be picked up and carried away to distant lands for slave labor. After the people repent, God will bring some people back to their home lands.

Beware of the Assyrian storms! These storms represent the coming Chinese, Russian, Iranian invasion of Israel, Australia, England and America!

March 14, 2013; Pope Francis I and Bashar Assad

On March 14, 2013, a major date in History, Jorge Bergoglio's first full day as pope, Bashar Assad sent a cable to Pope Francis congratulating him as new pope.
Soon, Assad and Francis will stand together as the two men of the anti-Christ and false prophet!

Mankind needs to come to surrender to God's Will and Commandments, Surrender to the Kingdom of God. God continues to confirm to me to warn the people that He has removed His Hand of Protection upon this nation. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

The problem is that most people don't think they need to repent. They refuse to hear the Word of God just as in the day of Jeremiah when he prophesied the destruction and invasion of his country. You want to hold onto your traditions and customs of mankind instead of obeying God. You must get rid of your idols of movie stars, rock stars, sex, money, greed, porn, horror movies, pagan holidays (Christmas, Easter) and abortion. You must stop all the pillow talk technique of loving the abortion people and actually step up to the plate and tell the people their sins so they know for sure what to do and that they realize it's serious business. This is not a game. And you don't have time to waste. Get busy now proving all things and cleaning up your life, house, business, temple, church, beliefs, heart and mind. Get right with God now! Repent for the day of tribulation are starting very soon!

UPDATE: November 20, 2017

I was led to watch Nov.20, 2017 as a date of spiritual prophetic importance. Then, later, that was confirmed with the announcement that the Georgia Dome in Atlanta would be destroyed via planned implosion (like the Word Trade Center was imploded on 911) to make room for the new stadium that they had already built right next to Georgia Dome. The Georgia Dome is only 25 years old! So the fact that they would destroy it is odd.
The Georgia Doom was imploded as scheduled. But there was a very surprising development that greatly confirmed the implosion as a confirmation of the prophecy! The Weather Channel had a man filming/recording the implosion. But suddenly, a bus pulled in front of the camera, blocking the view, and preventing a successful recording. Thankfully many other news organizations was able to record the implosion from many other locations. But for the Weather Channel, it was a huge failure. The photo-bomb itself made major news worldwide and the recording of the bus blocking the view, went viral. The implosion was already major news. But this photo-bomb of the bus blocking the view made the event even more news worthy and many people who would have never heard of the implosion, was made aware if it just because of the bus blocking the view. Therefore the Weather Channel became part of the story of the implosion. If the bus had not blocked the view of the Weather Channel camera, the Weather Channel would not be a major part of the story. The fact that it was the Weather Channel video that went viral, brings the weather and the Weather Channel back into the prophecy as it was originally back in 2006-2008! Remember that in the original March 14, 2006-2008 article, that the car business always had on the Weather Channel. And the fulfillment was a tornado that hit the Georgia Dome and CNN headquarters. So the tornado was a weather event, and the Weather Channel was one of the original clues! The bus pulling up and blocking the view brought the Weather Channel back into the theme of a direct connection between March 14, 2008, the weather, the Weather Channel, and the news. The photo-bomb made the implosion become an even greater news report and made it a worldwide story! Very clearly, Jesus was involved in this! And makes the Nov.20, 2017 prophecy even more confirmed that it was a date to watch.
Please be aware in the below videos, that the camera man repeatedly used the F word.
Below: Video of bus blocking the view of the explosion. F words beeped out.

Additional videos of the implosion, but not blocked by the bus.

What It Means

The explosion/destruction of the Georgia Dome stadium was important to notice. It was the location of the fulfillment of the March 14, 2008 prophecy connected with a tornado, representing the coming antichrist storm/army invasion of USA. The explosion represents the same destruction of the tornado and the coming invasion.

Update: The Prophecy is to Be Fully Fulfilled 14 Years After the First Fulfillment

This updated is being added on March 8, 2021. Jesus has now revealed to us that from March 2008 until March 2022 is 14 years; and that is why Jesus kept showing me the number 14. Also later in 2008, Jesus started showing me the number 22 which I only now understand to be the year 2022.

Update: March 29, 2021

On March 16, Jesus gave me a prophetic dream of a news report on television showing that a large earthquake had hit Los Angeles and that buildings were burning. Later the same day, Jesus gave a powerful confirmation to the entire world via a huge explosion of fireworks in the same region. Two men died in the explosion and one of the men was named Caesar which is in relation to other prophecies that Jesus has given us. I now believe that an earthquake of the magnitude of 7.0 - 7.2 or larger will hit Los Angeles. I think between the date of the strong delusion and the date of the Gog/Magog invasion. This timeframe is my educated guess. The timeframe is not necessarily "thus saith THE LORD." But I know that Jesus gave me the dream of a large earthquake hitting L.A., resulting in many fires.

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All glory to God, I know nothing of myself

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