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Testimony of Many Miracles that God has Worked in My Life from 2004 to the Present

I feel compelled to share this with you because God has blessed me in so many ways and I want people to know what God can do. He never ceases to amaze me. The list below is a very brief, abbreviated list of the many miracles that I have personally witnesses and/or has occurred in this ministry of I Saw The Light Ministries.

Mark 16:16-20 (NASB)
:16 "He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.
17 These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues;
18 they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."
19 So then, when the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was received up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God.
20 And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.

-2004- Salvation!

-2005-2006, a woman who did not know me and did not know that I felt called to the ministry was praying for me in a parking lot. After the prayer, she said that God told her to tell me that I left Him but He's coming back for me and that He wants me to start my ministry. This was a big confirmation from God to start this ministry.

-Jan. 05, 2006- Thursday Evening- At services, we had just finished prayer and everyone including myself was still at the front of the room, the pastor's wife then gave a testimony that many years ago at a different location she had her eyes closed when something fell into her lap. She looked and a small child had taken the prayer box from the front of their congregation and dropped it into her lap. She asked God what it meant and He told her that these are mine and now they are thine. Now, everyone whose names were written in that prayer box are now Christians. So, she finished this testimony and we all returned to our seats. When I got to my seat, there was a bolt laying in my seat. It was not there before. No one else was around (we had all been up front) except for a small child who was laying down across the way. I asked God what this meant and he said that he was fastening me that I move not away from him ever again and that he would bring together the pieces of the puzzle.
Update 2016: Jesus has revealed that the "bolt" is actually a drum key, used to tune drums. Anthony said that he believes that it means that Jesus is fine tuning me. I agree with this as part of the meaning. I am not really interested very much in playing drums.
Another Update: I have also now discovered that drums are the leading musical instrument in front of war units/troops. The drummer is the leader of battle. The sounds of the drums give instructions of when to shoot, which way to turn, etc.!

-Feb. 10, 2006 Friday - For a few days some words kept coming into my mind. These words were "satanic clock off Panther Creek Rd". I couldn't hardly get this out of my mind. I kept wondering if it was just my imagination or what. So, then one day I was near this road and told God that I was going to see if he was telling me something. I went down that road praying and watching. Then there was the sign that said "Clock Repair". I turned there and went for a while praying. Then there was the house. There was a pagan symbol on the front porch. I wasn't for sure this was the house at first. I circled around and there I could see the wind strongly but yet slowly blowing, and then, there was the very very very large bird of prey up on top of a shed. Immediately I knew then that this in deed was the house. I did not know what to do next. I continued in prayer for a few hours and asked 2-3 other people to be praying about this matter. Then I got into my car at about around 8 pm. Immediately as soon as I turned on the car, the minister on the radio said "Why has God led you to this house?, Why else would He lead you to this house except that you are going to lead this person to Christ. And this will be your first person you have ever led to Christ. How glorious! Why else would he lead you to this house. Why else would be put a piece of the puzzle in their backyard!"- Wow! So, I asked God what I should do, and he said "what ministry have I given you that you are already doing?" and I said, "giving bibles to people and sending the bibles to them in the mail as you have directed me to the houses" and he said "Do it". So I did it.

-Feb. 23, 2006- Thursday- I asked God to let me know whether or not to do something and say something at church services. And God responded a very big "No" during the sermon! He very powerfully answered my question!

-June 15, 2006- Thursday - while my grandmother (age 92) was in the hospital, I was outside when this unknown woman sit down beside me. Her mother (age 93) was in the ER waiting for a room upstairs. She didn't feel like talking. So, I went to my car and prayed. God told me to give her a card that I had in the car that said "With God, all things are possible. Matt. 19:26" I had several several cards in the car but this was the one that God showed me to give her. I was excited and ran to her with the card and told her that God told me to give it to her. She looked at it, smiled and said "How wonderful, Praise God! I was just here thinking "With God, all things are possible"!

-Oct.16, 2006, Baptism!

Nov.19th, Sunday evening, 2006,
God has within the last year told two different people to give me Luke 10:19 "Behold, I give unto you power to trend on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you."
Then tonight, He told me that Matthew 16:18 "...I will build my church (Ekklesia, called out ones) and the gates of hell (hades, grave) shall not prevail against it." goes with the Luke 10:19. He says that even though the powers of darkness are coming against the church, the called out ones, the worldwide congregation, that the darkness/evil shall not prevail against us! That we have power over all the power of the enemy. That we are going to be okay. He will be with us. Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we shall fear no evil for He is with us and his rod and his staff shall comfort us. This ministry has had many battles, but He has told me not to give up. We shall prevail.

-Oct. 26, 2007 Early this morning a thought entered my mind from God. "Get a round wall clock and don't put any batteries in it and set the hands at nearing midnight and put this on the wall to show people that it is near midnight, the end of this age". Then later today, I received the phone call from Dr. Alfred Adams requesting that we do an interview on my internet radio show concerning the end times. He is the author of the book "Nearing Midnight"! And his website is www.nearingmidnight.com This is a major confirmation. The Lord speaks to me and shows me many things. I'm not special more than anyone else. But we're serving a great God! I'm so glad He loves me, chose me, called me and still speaks to me via his grace and mercy and love. Praise God! Now that ministry is not correct on everything, for example they still believe the rapture lie, but God wanted me to get to know them and them me for some future purpose by God's Great Design.

-March 14, 2008 The Tornado in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to learn more.

-Dec. 13, 2008 - The Ezekiel 38 chain
Click here to learn how and why Jesus gave me a large, heavy chain with two huge hooks, and how it is connected to the Russian and Chinese invasion of America.

- October 2, 2009 - The snail and turtle in the sky
Click here to read about the time that Jesus showed me a snail and a turtle in the sky, to tell me to tell the people to prepare for the Great Tribulation. Later, I also realized that it was also a confirmation that he cleansed animal meats to be eaten.

- November 26, 2009: I was driving around asking Jesus to show me where to visit for church services tonight. Then a song came on the radio that said "city on a hill all lit up with lights". I looked up and saw a church all lit up on top of a hill immediately after hearing this. So I went to the church building and parked. I went inside and immediately was given a plastic sandwich bag with 5 kernels of corn (uncooked) in the bag. I immediately knew it was Jesus speaking and a miracle. Because very recently, I had been sitting inside my tent counting the 5 kernels of corn in my bowl of noodle soup. I had been spending tons of money on the radio broadcasts in 7 cities around America. I had been eating mostly only noodles for almost every meal, day after day, week after week, month after month. But Jesus saw me sitting in my tent and saw and heard my heart concerning the lack of food and only 5 kernels of corn. Everyone in church that night received 5 kernels of corn each. The pastor explained that in the first Thanksgivings in America, it wasn't always a great feast. History shows that someone only had 5 kernels of corn. Everyone in church that night took turns sharing our testimony of what we were thankful for. One man said that he was thankful for my visit. After services, he gave me $20 which I was very thankful for. I didn't tell anyone the full connection of the corn. But I did say that I thought it was a miracle and Jesus speaking to me and perhaps also a connection with 5 years of salvation.

-From the years of 2008-2015, while living in a tent, I went through tornado warnings, many severe thunderstorms, heavy lightning, heavy rains, horrible winds and major winter storms. But Jesus always divinely protected me from the weather and from people, trees and other things. For example:
- One morning, I woke up to loud sounds that sounded to me like gun shots. I rolled out of my bed into the flood to avoid getting shot. I looked out the window and show a truck that had smashed into a tree on the border of my campsite. But the sounds continued. The truck backed up and drove through the field and back up onto the roadway from which it had come. Later, I saw police up on the roadway and I went to see what was going on. The sounds continued! It turns out that the truck had run off the road and pulled down the guild wires that go from the ground to the electric lines on the poles, and had also pulled down some of the electric wires, which were jumping and banging against the roadway, sounding like gun shots. Days later, a detective came and showed me the trail marks of the truck tires. He explained from the trail marks, that the truck had gone at high speeds toward my campsite. It became evident to me that if he had not hit the tree, he could have ran over my pile of fire wood and gone air born into my tent, or else, he could have gone between the trees and hit me. Either way, I know that I was under the protection and mercy of Jesus Christ!
-Many times, I would receive notifications of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms. Many of those times, I would be watching the approaching storms on the radar on my cell phone. The dark red coloring on the radar would get closer and closer, until it reached the very edge of where I was living in the tent, and then the storm would totally disappear or split in two and go around me. At other times, there would be storms all around me on the radar, but there would be a dry circle on the radar directly at my location. Many other times, the storms were extremely fierce at my locations. But Jesus always protected me. One time, a large tree branch literally bounced off my tent! Another time, the Dec. 21, 2012 storm "Draco" picked up the much larger church tent and bent the thick metal poles and threw the entire huge church tent toward my living quarters (dwelling tent). But Jesus stopped it just 1-3 feet from my bedroom window.
-Many other divine miracles occurred during this time frame and afterwards, but too numerous to post right now.

-2008-2015 Radio Broadcasts- Click here to read about the multiple times that Jesus miraculously put me on the radio without me even looking for or asking any radio station.

Click here to hear my $4.99 Razor Miracle Testimony 2008-2012.

-January-July 2016, The Dead Raised
Mrs. Brown was the first person outside of the congregation to come into our new ministry building that we just recently rented. A few months later, she called me to tell me that her 15-16 year old grandson had a very bad bicycle wreck. He suffered severe brain damage & had brain surgery.
One of the next phone calls from her, reported to me that he was brain dead. And they were going to pull life support.
They did pull life support. But only 4-6 months later, not only was he still alive, but was out of the hospital, out of rehab and was now at home, walking on his own, feeding himself and talking! Praise Jesus!

Nov.30, 2016 - Jesus Burns KJV Bibles & Churches In Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Originally posted at http://proveallthings.weebly.com/latest-newsletter/archives/11-2016
Earlier today at 5:03pm Eastern Time, I posted that the new Alpha & Omega Bible translation is completed and available for free download. I also said that "Jesus will burn every copy of KJV". I also mentioned again "Gatlinburg" and "churches" in the context of fire. Then just a few minutes ago, a Sister in Jesus Christ sent me a link to a news article that told about a man who works at Dollywood Amusement Park in Gatlinburg. He found a page of a burned KJV bible! I did not know anything about this when posting the earlier newsletter! Wow! Praise Jesus! This is undeniable proof positive that Jesus is going to burn every copy of KJV! And that the fires were the Hand of Jesus Almighty's Judgment! And that The Day of the LORD is at hand! The verses on the burned KJV page are from Joel 1:13-20 and 2:1. These verses in the KJV says "the LORD" which originally said "JESUS". The Alpha & Omega Bible restores Jesus' Holy Name to these verses! The words "the LORD" was inserted into the bible. This is a total non-debated fact of bible history!
Then, after learning about the burned KJV in Gatlinburg, I went to the man's Facebook page to try to contact him to inform him of what Jesus said. And so then I discovered that he shared about the burned KJV page on his Facebook page yesterday. However, Jesus knows that I never have seen his Facebook page in my entire life! So many people are sure to jump to false conclusions and assert that I must have seen his Facebook page or read about it in the news first. But Jesus knows that I would not lie about such a thing. I would be afraid that Jesus would strike me with lightning!
Then also, someone then told me that it says in the newspaper today that churches burned to the ground! Remember in the newsletter below that I also mentioned "churches" and Gatlinburg in the context of fire. Remember also that Jesus led me to post about fires as Judgment before the outbreak of fires in Gatlinburg. Jesus is now also showing me Judgment upon "Greenville South Carolina".
Jesus is very real, and Yes, the Day of the LORD is Near. Praise Jesus Almighty!
burnt KJV
Man Finds KJV Burned Page. Click for news website.
At Least 3 Pagan Assyrian Churches Burn in Gatlinburg. Click for proof. Later it was announced other churches burnt also, plus many houses, which in this region, these churches and houses would be owned mostly by "KJV only" people.
Click here to learn why the KJV is extremely corrupt.
Click here to learn of the curse that was upon the KJV translators.

Prophecies Fulfilled: March 1-2, 2018 & April 1, 2018 Symbolized The Abomination of Desolation and Antichrist
Click here to learn of the huge prophecy fulfillment with picture proof!

-July 2, 2018, Meekness in Zimbabwe has been divinely healed of Tuberculous! He was baptized on July 1, the day before he received his miracle test result that he no longer has TB. Click here for scientific proof and more information.

-July 12, 2018 - Testimony sent in from Sister Kiki, a member of our worldwide congregation:
Proof demons (in all forms) are on the lose, prowling around, seeking out Jesus' true children/followers. They are out seeking/trying to destroy our faith in Jesus. Another (different) pit-bull incident today. They seem to be getting bigger and meaner each different incident. This pure white massive pit-bull cleared a 6 foot fence and came for Angel and I (my heart pounding). Praise Jesus that He blessed us with a miracle; by His hand, distracting the pit-bull. Can't explain but this demon dog was coming for us and then miraculously by the grace of Jesus (Praise His Name), suddenly was distracted sniffing around. Kept looking up at us but was as if held back by unknown force of (Jesus) strength/hand. When these dogs zoom in on attack they go for it, but Jesus (Praise His Name) helped Angel and I. To believe it was to see it. Truly a miracle. ELELUJE! Jesus protects His called out ones/children. AMEN!
My Testimony and Angel too (if she could speak.)

Healing of Michael, Kiki's Grandson: In 2019, Kiki's grandson had a surgery to remove tumors around the brain stem. They could not remove all of the tumors. But later, the doctors declared that all of the tumors were completely gone! This was without chemotherapy. The experts are baffled, whereas the tumors that could not be removed by surgery were the most deadliest of the tumors, and they are gone! The doctors are amazed. Also, during the Fiesta of Tabernacles recently, Kiki eye-witnessed the divine protection of Jesus when He sent large birds to defend her from snakes. Repeatedly, members of this congregation have experienced great miracles.

Miracle! Jesus divinely protected Pastor Zimmerman on the 4th night of Hanukkah!
Tonight, Robert & I went to paint over some satanic symbols that someone else had painted on a wall.
Afterwards, as we walked in the woods, in the dark without flashlights, to avoid detection, I walked into a tree branch that went into my eye! I quickly pulled it out and could feel several knots on the branch as I pulled it out. It must have went in at least an inch, more likely at least 2 or more inches into my eye! I immediately thought that I would have tons of blood and blindness and need to go immediately to the hospital. But, praise JESUS, no blood! No blindness! No need to go for medical help!
Robert is my witness! Thankfully it must have just went inside beside of the eye ball, but nevertheless, it was deep, and with wood knots, not just narrow. It's definitely a Miracle!
My eye is scratched and a little red, but my eyes have been much more red in previous eye injuries years ago! I can see fine! Not even blurry! No major pain!
Jesus is GREAT! Nothing is impossible with GOD if you follow him in The Truth!
Thank JESUS for my Hanukkah miracle and for protecting me.
ELELUJE! (Original Paleo-Hebrew for "Praise JE"!)
Pastor Zimmerman, I Saw The Light Ministries
Dec. 24, 2019

Many multitudes of miracles occurred between 2020 and 2023. I was extremely busy and didn't have enough help. So I didn't post on this website many of the miracles that occurred. But they were recorded on social media and in the sermons.

November 2021: King of the Hill, Opportunity House, Moved to New Location

We very badly needed a new location to live. We had applied for many different houses including houses that we knew were too small for us. We had prayed for the approval of many different houses.
Then very unexpectedly, a friend called me to tell me that his rental house was coming available extremely soon and was offering the house to me. I did not even apply for this house but rather it was offered to us. And I had been praying for a house large enough and sufficient enough for having a sanctuary for the ministry as well as office space for the ministry and I also wanted and desired and prayed for possibly a garage, fenced in backyard, and for the house to not be too close to the neighbors and also enough lawn for a garden and other miscellaneous things. This house matches all of those needs and desires. And because part of the agreement is to make repairs to the house and maintain it, the rent is much cheaper than other houses of the same size in this current real estate market.
While I was on the phone being notified of the house becoming available, brother Jared noticed on the TV series cartoon "King of the Hill", that in the show, an organization called "Opportunity House" was giving homes for the homeless. There are many organizations throughout the nation that use the name "Opportunity House", but one of them is a local organization. So this is an absolutely amazing miracle to receive a house that we did not even apply for, the cheapest, to meet all of the prayer requests, and to receive the call during the TV show in which a organization going by the name of a local organization was giving houses to people in need. And this is the largest house that I have ever lived in, in my entire life, and is great for the ministry. It is truly a blessing and a provision of God, and his true Hebrew name is Jesus.

Sept. 30, 2022 - Oct. 10, 2022: Fear of Heights and the Repair of the Sanctuary Roof

When we moved here, the roof in what we would eventually (and now) use for the sanctuary, was in a horrible condition. There was black mold and water leaking and debris and spiders. And it was even collapsing on the other side of the wall, the awning over the patio. It was a dangerous risk for our health and could had spread throughout the entire house. We couldn't afford to have experts fix it, and the landlord was reluctant to spend a lot of money on it. And we really needed the room for worship and gathering.
So eventually, we committed to fixing it ourselves. But we didn't have any roofing experience. Zero! Plus, I have a very extreme fear of heights. But I prayed for the help of Jesus to accomplish this task. And I was amazed of how well that I did up on the roof. And the repair was completed, and we have gone through multiple storms over several months since. And no leaks, and no damage from winds and water on that side of the house where we worked.
The repair was much more than just shingles. It involved tearing out the wood over the entire width of the room, but not the entire length. And we had to merge the old section with the new section, without experience.
Not only did Jesus help me tremendously with the fear of heights during the repair, and great success with the repair itself, but also it was amazing about the timing of completion.
On Oct. 10, 2022, on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, I posted the sermon notes online and it says this:
"1 Kings 8:1 to 9:9 The 1st Temple, built by King Solomon.
8:2 Athanin = 7th month (Most translations say that it was the feast), the 1st Temple was dedicated at the Fiesta of Tabernacles.
Today, after much work on our new sanctuary, we do our main/public dedication of the sanctuary"...
"And when we started this current new sanctuary project, we didn't plan on completing it on the day just before the Fiesta of Tabernacles. We were just trying to get it done before the fiesta. But without knowledge of the fact that the 1st Temple was dedicated at the timing of the fiesta."
"1 Kings 6:38 says that the temple was finished in the 8th month. But yet it wasn't dedicated until the Fiesta of Tabernacles 11 months later."
We had lived in the house for 11 months (fixing many things) before finally beginning and completing the repair on the roof.
It also reminded us of the fact that at the location of the previous ministry building, that we held our first worship service in that sanctuary on the day just before Hanukkah, and we didn't at the time yet celebrate/acknowledge Hanukkah. Therefore we didn't even realize the timing!
Praise Jesus!

May 30, 2023: Miracle Healing of My Fractured Toe

Jesus healed my toe in 24 hours or less! Yesterday, I tripped on the steps and fell. It felt like I had fractured a toe.
I've previously fractured a finger many years ago, so I know the feeling and symptoms. I've had other injuries over my life time. I'm not young. I know the difference between just bruised or inflamed, and fractured.
I prayed and applied a comfrey poultice.
Even this morning, it hurt to even just barely touch the underside of it.
But right now, I can touch it and even apply pressure, and even squeeze it without pain!
Many people would say that it was never fractured, because they don't believe in the power of God. But I know the mercy and power and favor of God, and I know the severity of the condition that I was in.
How I discovered the miracle healing: I didn't notice the tremendous improvement until the bandage came off all by itself! I didn't remove it. It just suddenly came off! It had not even felt loose. I didn't need to adjust it throughout the day. It was on securely. And this is the big toe, so it has more room to bandage securely and doesn't rub between two other toes.
So I praise Jesus for helping me and healing me.

Update: Fractured Toe Miracle Part 2:

The woman that I buy my farm fresh eggs from just came to deliver my eggs. Normally I go to her and pick them up. But this time because of my fractured toe, I asked her for the special favor of delivery at my residence and she agreed. But I was healed before she came with the eggs. But then my car started having problems and therefore I still needed her to deliver the eggs.
Well while she was here, I testified about my miracle of healing concerning the fractured toe and how quick it was. And I noticed that she was moving with great difficulty and was in pain and I asked her about it.
And she said that she had fractured her back side. And I gave her a bloodstone and some comfrey and continued to testify and explain the details. I know that this is not coincidence that she is suffering from a fracture at this point of time of the delivery of eggs and the situation with my fractured toe in my miracle.
I know that this entire timing and every detail of the situation has been planned by God and that He is working a great miracle not only in myself but in Betty. God is so wonderfully amazing. This is the life of a servant of God. I see miracles all of the time. They are not rare to me.
God still moves on Earth today and still moves in his people. And He is still inviting more people to join him. He is still reaching out to this world. He changes not, He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow and forever. He is the God of Moses and Daniel and He can be our God too if we would listen to him and obey. And if we would not cast everything aside as being "coincidence". Let's accept The Hand of the Lord in Jesus name. Amen.

Part 3 coming soon...

These are really just a very few things that God has done in front of me. There for many more and some very powerful ones too! I have 3 notebooks full of written notes about the miracles that I have personally witnessed. God is real and He is extremely powerful.

Wow, I could write all day long about the many miracles that God continues to work in front of me, there are so many! But then my hands would hurt from so much typing! Please take the time to carefully examine the evidence in each article on this website. This isn't just my ministry, it's the ministry of Jesus Christ! This is his ministry of truth and spirit. Please sincerely examine what and why you believe the doctrines and denomination/religion that you believe. According to Rev.12:9, the devil has deceived the entire world. We should not blindly follow any group, religion or organization. The bible instructs us to prove all things. I encourage you to use this website to help point you to what the bible really says.

Video Below: A little boy calls someone to give them a word from God.

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