The Demons of Nelson Mandela Exposed

Nelson Mandela was not a righteous man of peace and freedom, but rather an evil man. He was a Communist and a supporter of Communist terrorism. The mainstream media hides his wickedness from the world. This page shares links of absolute proof of the demons of Nelson Mandela and his regime.

Mandela was on US terrorist watch lists from the 80's until 2008:

See articles below about Mandela's participation in communism and terrorist acts:

Nelson Mandela's wife, Winnie Mandela, was known to have ordered the torture and murder of kids. Her bodyguard confessed that she even participated in the torture for personal pleasure:

Nelson Mandela and the ANC (African National Congress) regime were supported and funded by the demonic Soviet Union to overthrow the Israelite government of South Africa.

Why did such an evil man win the Nobel Peace Prize? Because the Nobel Prizes are evil and a part of the white horseman of Revelation 6. The Nobel Peace Prize winners are chosen because they have a false appearance of peace, and a heart of hatred and war against Christianity, Israel, and capitalism. This is why so many Islamo-Communist mass murderers have won Nobel Peace Prizes. It is a New World Order endorsement of their own members.

Black People That We Can Admire

The list of black people that are truly worthy of admiration and honor include but is not limited to: Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Diamond & Silk, The Hodge Twins, Herman Cain and many others.

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