Obelisks Always Pagan Refuted and Debunked

An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape or pyramidion at the top. The Egyptians called them "tekhenu" which means "to pierce" as in "to pierce the sky".

One of the many lies that you have probably already read on ministry websites is that obelisks are phallus/phallic (penises). That's a very ridiculous theory! That's the kind of insanity that you have to deal with in most very legalistic Babylonian religious websites. Historical and archaeological records prove their claim as wrong! The obelisks were not modeled after a penis!

1. Obelisks are not round like a penis. Look more closely at the obelisks, they are not circular! Yet, the Egyptians did have the ability to make structures completely round.
2. Obelisks do not have a rounded and edged head like a penis.
3. Obelisks do not come with testicle balls at the bottom.
4. The words "obelisk" and "tekhenu" has nothing to do with a penis, no matter what language we are talking about.
5. Obelisks were originally were built in pairs. Men do not have 2 penises.
6. Obelisks are in the shape of sun rays and crystals. Not in the shape of a penis. The Egyptians were thinking of electrical currents, sun rays and crystals, not a penis!
7. The locations of ancient obelisks are directly connected to energy centers of the Earth. Not whore houses, nor men's gyms.
8. History shows some of the obelisks were built as memorials of achievements, which have nothing to do with a penis.
9. Many obelisks were built by civilizations that were not connected with penis worship.
10. The pyramid top of the obelisk was often covered with gold or silver, not pink, red or purple or any other fleshly color. Yet the Egyptians were well known to use dyes and colors.

The origin of the word "obelisk" is a Greek diminutive of "obelos" = nail, pointed pillar. That's all. That simple. Nothing pagan, sexual or evil in the name!

An Obelisk Was Used In The First Calculation Of The Circumference Of The Earth

"Around 250 B.C., a Greek philosopher named Eratosthenes used an obelisk to calculate the circumference of the Earth. He knew that at noon on the Summer Solstice, obelisks in the city of Swenet (modern day Aswan) would cast no shadow because the sun would be directly overhead (or zero degrees up). He also knew that at that very same time in Alexandria, obelisks did cast shadows. Measuring that shadow against the tip of the obelisk, he came to the conclusion that the difference in degrees between Alexandria and Swenet: seven degrees, 14 minutes—one-fiftieth the circumference of a circle. He applied the physical distance between the two cities and concluded that the circumference of the Earth was (in modern units) 40,000 kilometers. This isn’t the correct number, though his methods were perfect: at the time it was impossible to know the precise distance between Alexandria and Swenet. If we apply Eratosthenes's formula today, we get a number astonishingly close to the actual circumference of the Earth."

Time Keeping, Sun Dial

One of the purposes of obelisks was to help with time keeping, like a sun dial.

Earthquakes and Obelisks

The obelisks were designed to release the built up energies beneath the crust of the earth. Obelisks have been strategically placed on the earth to slowly dissipate any energy build up that could cause destruction. The shape maintains the balance of earth energy by taking the stored energies and releasing them into the atmosphere to be circulated around the globe.

Crystal Healing

The shape of an obelisk is one of the many forms/shapes that crystals/minerals can naturally take. Small crystal obelisks are used by many people around the world to help with Reiki therapy and other forms of crystal healing. See the link at the bottom of the page to learn more about healing crystals.


In the article about pyramids (see link at bottom of page), I presented proof that the pyramids were not originally pagan, but rather generated electricity and also provided healing and preservation of foods. The top of every obelisk is a pyramid! This shows that obelisks were part of the generation of electrical currents from the Earth and from the atmosphere. Famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, knew that we could connect the atmosphere with the energy of the Earth to provide free electricity to all of the Earth's inhabitants.

Church Steeples Are Not Phallic Penises!

Towers were not a part of Christian churches until about AD 600, when they were adapted from military watchtowers.
At first they were fairly modest and entirely separate structures from churches. Over time, they were incorporated into the church building and capped with ever-more-elaborate roofs until the steeple resulted.
Towers are a common element of religious architecture worldwide and are generally viewed as attempts to reach skyward toward heavens and the divine. That's the same thing that was in the mind of the ancient Egyptians, reaching the sky, connecting the energy of the Earth to the energy of the Heavens and of the creator, not penises! Stop going to ministry websites for your source of research! Babylonian ministers that make ministry websites are only blind guides leading the gullible blind who believe everything that they read on the internet!

Corruption via Sun Worship

Of course, we realize that the Egyptians and others wrongfully worshipped Ra, the sun god and many other gods. Therefore, when they used things that would provide healing, preservation of food, or provided electricity, they wrongfully gave glory to the wrong god. But that doesn't prove the original origin of obelisks and pyramids. Nor does it prove these objects as evil. Wicked people have always corrupted things that otherwise would be perfectly fine to use, even as wicked people can misuse a gun, a knife, sex, words, books, crystals or anything. Overall, I believe that the overwhelming evidence points to good benefits of obelisks if used correctly for electricity or healing, and as long as we give the glory to the true creator God, Jesus!

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