The Spirit of Bondage, S&M

Note: This page concerns adult subject matter of a sexual nature but this is not an adult website. This is a Ministry Website. I was delivered by God from a lifestyle of S&M. I was very heavily involved in the BDSM lifestyle for many years. So, I do know of where I speak on this matter.

S&M stands for Sadist and Masochist. A sadist is a person who enjoys hurting other people. The sadist gets emotional and sexual gratification from physically hurting people. A masochist is a person who enjoys getting hurt. The masochist gets emotional and sexual gratification by letting someone hurt him or her. Notice I used the word "gratification" instead of "satisfaction". There is a difference. The sadist and masochist persons allow each other in a consensual situation to hurt and be hurt. The S&M lifestyle or role playing is also known as B&D which is bondage and discipline. The persons involved in S&M/B&D are called Master/Sir and slave/it. While all humans do safely explore sexual fantasy and play, in the S&M situation, there are evil forces at work. Many people, especially who are from a dysfunctional family, have to increase the extremes of their sexual life. They are searching for love which could not be fulfilled during the course of their previous sexual plays. Many people go from one person to another looking for what they hope is true love. Then when they get done having sex with the newest stranger, they then realize they still are missing something. It becomes a roller-coaster, increasing the extremes each time until they just say, "okay go ahead and hurt me, I want it". Or, "just let me go ahead and hurt you now and get it over with". They become addicted to the inner emotional and mental pain. This pattern of sexual addiction and self-destruction is a tool of Satan to take more control over your mind, body and soul.

Many people in S&M eventually actually start desiring to kidnap or hurt strangers, even desire to murder people. Satan does not love you. He does not want you to have peace or love. S&M and other sexual addictions and explorations will not find you true love. But there is a true and real living God that does love you and wants you to have real true peace and love. You might be saying to yourself, "I've tried to quit sex before and can't". My friend, I want you to know there is nothing too hard for God! I want you to know that there have been many, many people to come out of this type of bondage. God wants you to have freedom from those things that are holding you back from having true, lasting peace. You can come out of bondage! But you are not perfect. But you can have hope, faith, peace, love and freedom in this life! You may have tried before and failed. But I sit here at my computer right now, in living testimony, that there is a way! It can be done and you can achieve success. You can have victory!

The Trick is This:

You cannot do it by yourself. You have to come to God Jesus first and let him help you. Let him have the control over your life, mind, body and soul. He is the only true Master who will really love you and take care of you. Jesus stood face to face with the devil and defeated him. He will do that for you. In fact, He already did that for you at the cross. But you have to accept his sacrifice. You have to accept his sacrifice. You have to give your heart to him and let him come into your life so He can fight your battles for you. He is the greatest doctor, attorney, counselor, physiologist, Lord and Master in the Universe. You don't have to endure the pain to find love. He already endured the pain for you!

  1. Pray to Him. Allow Him to come into your life. Give Him your heart, mind, soul and body. Ask Him for his strength and courage. Ask Him for his faith. Ask Him for help. Ask Him for anything and everything you need.

  2. Believe. John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whosoever shall believe in him shall not perish but having everlasting life.

  1. Start reading the bible. Start attending church services. Do not focus on the minister or the religion. Focus on God himself. He is your father. Stay away from the drugs and alcohol. You know they influence you to make bad and compulsive choices. Stay away from the bars and sexual hook-up places. Draw near to God. Seek his face. Seek his presence. Stay away from those people who don't want you to succeed. Fellowship with Christians. Pray on a daily basis and more than just once per day. Seek him continually.

  2. Claim your victory. Remember that you already have victory in Jesus, you have to claim it and keep hold on it. Live your victory. Live it as much and more so than you did the evil lifestyle. Put as much energy into your Christian life as you did your previous life. You will reap what you sow. Sow (plant) good fruit.

Below video: Psychologist Wilhelm Reich and his research on sadism and how it is incompatible with love and how it is harmful to the human body and spirit. 15 minutes, 48 seconds.

God delivered me from S&M! He wants to deliver you too!

If you need help and/or prayer, please feel more than free to contact me from the "Prayer Request" web page.

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