Tuning Forks for Christians for Healing

Published April 10, 2024. Based upon the sermon "Alternative Healing that Christians Should Stop Fearing."

Healing Testimony:

In 2019, I felt like that I was nearing a heart attack, and also I was having a lot of insomnia. But then during the Feast of Tabernacles, we stopped in at a store and discovered a product called shungite, which is a mineral from Russia. The store clerk told me about different people who had the same symptoms that I was experiencing who were healed by shungite.
I already knew that copper bracelets and magnet bracelets help many people with arthritis pain. Therefore, it made sense for me to believe that shungite could possibly help some people.
So I purchased a necklace and wore it throughout the rest of the day and that night. And wow! I slept better that night than I had in a long time. And I continued to feel improvement in my health each day thereafter. It really helped me tremendously.
So then, I thought "if shungite can help people's health, then there must be other stones/rocks/minerals that also help. It can't be the only one that works."
And sure enough, I discovered that bloodstone helps me tremendously with severe pain, and yellow calcite greatly helps me with upset stomach.
How does copper, magnets, shungite, bloodstone, calcite and other healing stones, crystals, work? Although we can't see or feel the frequencies/energy in these stones, there is definitely an electrical interaction between the body's electricity and the stones. That's not witchcraft, regardless of what the average/typical Christian claims. They are brainwashed and are fearful of things that they don't understand. We are not praying to the stones. We are not chanting. We are not communicating with angels. We are simply just laying a stone on the body and noticing a physical healing, of which was created by Jesus, our Christ. If we properly acknowledge the source of the healing and do not get entrapped into the demonic cults which do the chanting and Yoga, etc., then we are only just simply untilizing the tools that Jesus created for us to use.
Such beautiful stones which have healing properties, were not created to be just only for decoration, or to stay hidden in the dirt of the earth. They were created for a good reason. Just because the pagans use such things does not rule out that Christians can also use what God created, but in the proper way and for the glory of our heavenly Father.

But now in 2024, I have now learned about "tuning forks". I saw a random video on Facebook, which shown that you can use a 256 Hz tuning fork for diagnosis about whether a bone is broken or fractured, or if it's just strain.
Apply the weighted 256 Hz tuning fork directly to the bone that is suspected of being broken. If the person feels an electrical shock like feeling, then the bone is probably either broken or fractured. But if they don't feel any electrical shock, then it's probably not broken, and not fractured. This test has 86% accuracy. This fork is a must have for emergency prepping for the Great Tribulation. Therefore that led me to research into other benefits of tuning forks, because I knew that some people do use them for health problems.

They work on exactly the same principal, in that our bodies are electrical, which can have an interaction with other sources of frequencies. Such things as 3G, 4G, 5G internet, microwaves, satellites, smart meters, and wearing shoes all of the time, damage our electrical frequencies. The stones/crystals and the tuning forks and other things such as sound therapy, help restore the natural frequencies of our heart, brain, nerve endings, spine, organs and muscles.

In this article, I will share with you what I have learned in my research about tuning forks. It's difficult to pull together all of the most important information out of the midst of a million junk websites. So this will help you to attain all of the needed information in just one place.

There are two main types of tuning forks:

(The ones made out of aluminum are the most recommended.)
Weighted, which have 2 round weights on the ends of the fork. See image below.
And unweighted, which do not have the weights. See image below.

The difference in how to use the 2 different types:

Weighted, with weights: These are used directly on the body. You can't hear the sound as much, but you can feel it because you apply the end tip of the stem/handle of the tuning fork onto the body. These are probably going to be the most effective for most people.
The end point of the stem of most tuning forks are only around 1/4 inch wide. It's a very small amount of handle stem, only the end of the handle, that everyone says to touch against the body. Therefore that really limits the amount vibration that you can feel. Therefore, I recommend getting forks that are made with "gem feet", which means that there is an extra extension at the end which allows for additional amount of material that actually touches the body. Notice the foot in this next picture and compare with the pictures above which have no feet. The gem foot will look different on different brands of forks. You can also buy the gem feet by themselves and add them onto your forks. You can buy gem feet that are made of different types of crystals or metal. If you go with one made of crystals, I would imagine that quartz would be a good choice because it's good for all areas of the body and is more difficult to break or scratch.

Unweighted, without weights: These are used one or more inches away from the body. All other websites say that they don't actually touch the body, other than just holding it. You can hear the sound of the vibration. Different ones make different sounds. They might not be as effective because they don't actually touch the body. But it's not impossible that they could help you tremendously. Because the human body isn't really limited to just the flesh. You do have a spirit inside of you and that spirit isn't limited to just only inside the flesh, but rather has energy that goes 6 feet outward in every direction. The unweighted tuning forks help to heal you by fixing the problems that are present within that energy, because of the damage that has been done by EMF/radiation and computers, internet, etc.
Although all other websites and videos teach that you don't use the unweighted tuning forks directly on the body, but rather a few inches, up to 6 feet away from the body, I personally sometimes use them in the same way as the weighted forks, actually placing the stem directly on the body and even turning the stem sideways to feel the vibration stronger instead of only the end point of the stem.

How to Use

Weighted: Hit the flat side of one of the weights against the solid/hard part of the palm of your hand, or against your knee. Don't hit too hard to hurt yourself or to break the tuning fork. Then apply only the end tip of the stem handle directly on the body. Don't touch the vibrating prongs, because that stops the vibration. Repeat as many times as you want.
Unweighted: Use a rubber head drum stick or rubber mallet to hit about 1/3 way down the fork. Or hit the fork against a hockey punk or something that the tuning forks websites and sound therapy websites sell for hitting the forks against. Don't hit them against metal. Don't hit anything too hard to break the forks or to damage the item that you are hitting. Then move the vibrating fork over the body. You could start 6 feet away from a person. You might feel resistance in some areas or the fork might actually stop earlier than normal, or it might change sound. If it does any of those things, it shows you that there's a problem in that region of the person's spirit. If you don't feel any of those things, it doesn't mean that there wasn't a problem. After the vibration stops, hit it again and continue to repeatedly move the tuning fork(s) toward or over the body. Repeat as many times as you want.
Some people use two forks of different frequencies to create another frequency.

I've seen reports of the tuning forks literally melting away several inches of fat when the forks are used continually for 45 minutes. Also shingles disappearing in the same amount of time. Kidney stones and gallbladder stones also require such long sessions of treatment.
Most of the time, people use the tuning forks for only a few seconds, up to a minute or two or 5 minutes or so. And that might be sufficient, depending on the problem or the person. But the longer that you continue to repeatedly vibrate the fork, the more effective and more powerful the results.

You can also apply a crystal stone on the body, and then apply the end of the tuning fork directly on top of the stone (or in the air over the stone). They claim that this has more powerful results. Which makes sense, applying two different alternative healing methods at the same time. And of course, perhaps applying essential oils to the same location thereafter.


It's difficult to find a complete, exhaustive list of all possibilities. But I will share what I have found. But it's possible to use just one frequency and just one fork. Of course, that would save money and resources. The most popular seems to be 128 Hz weighted. Remember that you probably want a gem foot, either made in, or to add on.

256 Hz is to test broken/fractured bones. Apply the weighted 256 Hz tuning fork directly to the bone that is suspected of being broken. If the person feels an electrical shock like feeling, then the bone is probably either broken or fractured. But if they don't feel any electrical shock, then it's probably not broken, and not fractured. This test has 86% accuracy. This fork is a must have for emergency prepping for the Great Tribulation.

Therefore I believe that 128 and 256 Hz, both weighted, are 2 essential forks. You could stop there, or else also consider getting a set that has 6 or more unweighted forks for aligning the energy chakras. It would be best to get a set that is color coded.
Purple (963 Crown) (or white or blue) for over the top of the head.
Blue (741 "Throat") for the entire head and throat. (And 852 "Third eye"/forehead.)
Green (639 Heart) for the heart, lungs and chest.
Yellow (528 Solar) for the stomach, liver, digestive tract, pancreas. Also for DNA repair and overall body healing. (128 also does the DNA repair and overall healing. Both 128 and 528 are extremely popular.)
Orange (417 Sacral) for kidneys, spleen, bowels.
Red (396 Root) for the reproductive organs, anus, rectum, spine, legs, arms, feet.

Additional frequencies as options:
(All of these are optional. Because it's possible that you might be able to help the body part and the problem just by using the forks already mentioned above. 128 or 528 can be used for anything, any where. The following is really optional in case that you didn't get enough healing from the 128/528. And there's many more than what's listed below. You could spend a million dollars on getting every fork possible. Also you can use 2 forks at the same time to create another frequency. So it might be possible to create one of the below frequencies with what's already listed above?)

174 Pain, stress and tension.
285 Helps with healing organs and tissues.

More Optional Frequencies

FrequencyArea(s) of the bodyNote(s)
110Stomach/digestive systemA
164Gall bladderE
176Colon areaF
220Lungs and lower respiratory areaA
295Fat cells and lymph nodesC#
315Brain and cognitive functionEb
324Muscular systemE
352Bladder/urinary tractF


Tuning Fork Sets - contain multiple forks tuned to different notes or frequencies. Such as the Ottonic set, Chakra sets, Solfeggio frequencies set. You can also buy individual forks such as just only the 128 or the 528.

Special notes:

-You are likely to experience different effects on different days. A person might react to it one day and not the next. It might help one day but not the next. A person might not tolerate it one day but the next day they do. The key is to experiment with different forks and never give up entirely. If it didn't work one day or one week, doesn't mean that it can't ever work.

-As is the same with herbs and some other alternative treatments, you could possibly begin to feel worse as the changes begin to take effect and as the illness tries to fight back or as toxins or stones begin to actually move. Therefore it's important to drink enough water to help the body to drain the toxins and stones. Gallstones and kidney stones are painful as they move through the tract, regardless of whether you are using a doctor's/pharmacy medicine to do it, or whether you use herbs, or anything else.
For kidney stones and gallbladder stones, I recommend that you also drink this daily:
1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil.
Drink 2-3 times daily, for a few days, before beginning tuning forks directly on the area. And then continue to drink daily as you use the forks.

Physical Cautions:

-Don't put very close to ear. No closer than 2 inches.
-Don't use directly on metal body parts, knee/hip replacements, Harrington spine rods, pace maker, or any other metal artificial implants, including internal screws and bolts.
-Don't use directly on dental implants, fillings, etc.

Spiritual Warning:

We do NOT support chanting and yoga. Both are witchcraft and of the devil.
Do not allow the little bit of truth is present in Buddhism to entrap you into that demonic cult. All cults have SOME truth to entrap people.
We can embrace the natural stones that JESUS made for our healing and also tuning forks for their frequencies for natural healing, but we must NEVER embrace chanting and yoga. Yes you can do stretches and exercises, but some of the positions and chants that are taught in yoga have the origin of Hindu worship and must be completely avoided.

Expert Resource for Information

We have found that out of the millions of websites available on the topic, NEHC Academy are the most experienced experts for tuning forks. We must caution you that they are into the demonic Yoga, new age crap, etc. but their website really doesn't push any of those demonic things, but rather focuses specifically on how that they have proven the medical benefits and methods of tuning forks. And their website is so extremely valuable for learning how that tuning forks can sometimes work miracles for people. And . Therefore, my conscience is clear and I feel very good about sharing this resource.
https://nehcacademy.com/ (Just copy and paste, or type, that simple address into your internet browser.

Where to Buy & Disclaimer

We don't sell them. We don't earn any commission or money or anything for recommending them. These are only suggestions to help you in your search. These might not be the right ones for you. Use at your own risk. We are not liable for any side effects or damage or negative consequences resulting from your own decisions and your own usage of alternative treatments. We are not licensed medical professionals.

I recommend getting both sets below:

-4 piece set with 128, 528, 256 and 512. Also comes with 2 rubber mallets. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C6JQVJQN (No gem feet. We couldn't find any that are affordable and good quality that come with the feet. Therefore, we recommend using them without feet or use your own stones/crystals as feet to apply the forks directly onto the stones that are laying on your skin.)
-10 piece set with color coded chakra frequencies. No gem feet needed because these are used a few inches/feet away from body. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJYF9V74

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