Video Game and Japanese Anime Industries Exposed as Demonic

(Written by brother Robert.)

Ephesians 2:1-10
And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins;
Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:
Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.
But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us,
Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)
And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:
That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.
For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works, lest any man should boast.
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Hebrews 1:1-3 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,
Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;
Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;

1 John 1:5-7 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

1 Corinthians 13:11-12 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

James 1:22-25 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror;
For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.
But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

(Author's note: Jesus has confirmed to me and contributed to these scriptures. Pay attention to Him!)

Table of Contents



My Testimony and Message

Part 2: How Much Video Gaming is Healthy? How to have a Healthy Gaming Pastime

How Long Should I Play Games For?

Parents Need to Monitor and Protect Their Children

A Short List of Acceptable Video Games

Poker Rules Miracle (Games as Innocent Fun)

7 Ways Gaming Addiction Harms Your Life

Mass Shooters and Video Games: Video Games Do Cause Violence and Antisocial Behavior

Part 3: Mindless Mobile Games

Video Games as a Habit are an Unhealthy, Immature Waste of Time, Money, and Energy

Waste of Money and Time: Deliberately Addictive Free-To-Play Games and Competitive Games

Addictive By Design

Free-to-Play Games Are Like Cults That Use People for Their Money

Studies About Negative Effects of Gaming Addiction

The Dark Side of Gaming: Addiction, Disease, Death

Part 4: Gamer Culture and Its Problems

Call of Duty: A National Disgrace

E-Sports and E-Gangs

Streamers and Stream Watchers

A Culture With Every Abomination, Even Bestiality

Demonic Cosplaying at Gaming/Anime Conventions

Part 5: How Video Game and Anime Culture Corrupts Morals

Religion, Atheism, and Gaming

The World is Blind to Spiritual Evil

Invisible Authors Preaching to Your Kids: Who Designs These Games?

What Do Gaming Culture and Anime Culture Look Like?

Recency of Electronics: Old Games Versus New

Avatars and Daemons: Other Examples of Paganism in Computer and Internet Culture

The Matrix

Transhumanism in Anime

Identity Dissociation and Replacement

Part 6: Japan's Role and Influence in the Anime and Game Industries

Japanese Origin and History of Video Games

Pokémon, an Example of Japanese Demonic Shinto Appealing to Children

Japanese Anime Culture

How Bad is Anime Overall?

Not Only Japan Producing Wicked Games

Connections Between Disney and Japanese Entities like Nintendo

Homosexuality and Crossdressing in Games, Anime

Part 7: Examples of Popular Games and Animes and What's Wrong With Them

Popular Corrupt Video Game Franchises & Companies

Super Mario Bros. (Entire Franchise) is a Demonic Gateway Drug

Other Demonic Game Companies and Game Franchises

Unusually Evil Pet Simulators

Nintendogs + Cats


Warning: The Petz Series is Satanic! (Catz, Dogz, Hamsterz, Babyz, Horzez...)

Hello Kitty

Christmas and Easter in Pagan Shinto-Buddhist Japan

Part 8: The Evils of Japanese "Children's" Animes and Collectible Card Games

Demonic Pagan Animes Shown to Children Worldwide

Sailor Moon

Women Voice-Acting Male Characters in The Most Popular Shounen Boy's Animes

Making a Business of Corrupting Children

Liberal Democrat Endorsement of Video Games and Anime

Miracle Testimony: A Top Japanese Satanist Dies, Found Dead at Sea during Research & Editing of These Writings

Identity Dissociation, Avatars, and Demonic Leftist Democrat Culture

Trading Card Games: Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Hearthstone, Yugioh

Cards, Drops, and Skins: Bad Business to Get Into

Superheroes and Pagan Idols, Graven Images

Literal Modern Idolatry: Men Collecting and Even Marrying Fictional Characters

Corrupt Anime Sexuality

Part 9: Video Games and Criminal Violence

Deeper Connections Between Game/Anime Ideology and Modern Mass Murders

Grand Theft Auto

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Grasshopper Manufacture

Islamic Jihad Game Allowed To Be Sold On Steam

Violent Pro-Homosexual/Transgender, Anti-Christian Video Games

Demonic Anime Spirits Surrounding 2022 July 4th Mass Murder Shooting in Highland Park, Illinois

Love Jihad Anime Connection, Pagan Corruption of Israel

Unhealthy Marriage to Technology

Who Are You? Being "Whatever You Want" Versus Being Who Jesus Created You To Be

Part 10: Manipulating Our Children: Japanese Political and Religious Propaganda Through Video Games and Anime

Japanese Imperialism, Nationalism, and Belief of Divine Origin

Japan Permitted and Still Permits Plague Biowarfare Atrocities

Islamic Saudi Arabia in Support of Japanese Anime Idols?

The Islamic Assyrian Son of Perdition Permits the Dubbing of Pagan Japanese Anime in His Own Nation!

The Leadership of Japan is Cursed

Warning Against the 2023 Super Mario Movie

Other Examples of Spiritual Warfare Through Anime and Video Games

Satanic Graffiti at Local Pavilion, Relationship with Japanese Anime

Spiritual Warfare Against The Completion and Publishing of This Article

Video Games and Christmas, Easter, Birthdays

Cute Facade, but Evil Heart: Not Your Friends

CoVID Pandemic Increases Video Gaming



This article represents years of my being exposed and subjected to a virtual world of games and fiction, much original research, and even much persecution. Many people do not, and will not want to hear that there is overall something very wrong with the modern idols of video games and Japanese anime. But this is the truth. Games should be games, not objects of obsession and worship. Fictional characters are not real role models. And men should be doing physical labor in the world and taking charge of things, and women should be in the house, barefoot, and pregnant! This is the truth.

Our modern technological, feminist society is upside down and backwards, a product of centuries of gradual socialism, ironically hidden from view so people don't figure out and learn about what is said, by its proponents, to be a good thing! Appealing computer games and shows are mostly expensive to make, the most popular ones being popular with leftists and tools for promoting and advancing the same agenda. (There are some OK ones out there, but they're a small minority.)

Some goals of this computer and video games agenda include emasculation of men (including homosexuality, transgenderism, self-castration, goddess idol worship, and everything on this spectrum), Easter-izing of women to make them aggressive and domineering, promotion of witchcraft and paganism, transgenderism, transhumanism, child abuse, and many other ungodly things such as these.

While it is clear that there are many clean games and shows that could be healthily enjoyed in moderation, it's also so very common for there to be demonic, addictive, dirty, filthy, blasphemous games and shows. And it's all "for the children". (Or else it's rated M for violence or sex, and therefore an object of attention for young boys.)
Whenever there's any kind of medium which is given to kids, whether it's a toy, a show, a game, a movie, you need to be very scrutinizing about it, and pay very close attention to your kid. Because there are many evil people who lust to corrupt children. These video games, the Japanese animes, and similar toys and devices are a huge conduit to this evil manipulation of other people's children. And some of it (especially anything anime-related) is particularly nasty for being "cute but evil" (which is also the exact phrase some wicked effeminate men use to describe their domineering girlfriends). I've investigated and proven what is behind many of these most popular franchises.

So, you can see a menu of many of the individual points above, some of which are truly mindblowing, and serve as poignant warnings against these evils. Did you know that the nation of Japan still has a shrine where they worship their World War 2 criminals as heroes? Or how about the popularity of anime and video gaming in Islamic Saudi Arabia, an ally of Japan? There is war and corruption and satanic hypocrisy all over these popular game franchises they market to children.

The overall message is to spend less time staring at screens, on computers, on phones, alone in your bedroom. Play with your kids outside, go hiking, go camping. You don't need the toy aisle and you don't need GameStop; but rather, there are tons and tons of useful, real-world tools and skills that both boys and girls need to be exposed to but aren't. Throwing children in front of a TV screen, or giving them a phone or a game system and "Get out of my hair!" is child abuse, it really is. Many kids are playing thousands of hours a year of video games because their parents don't care.
And game addiction is a terrible, depressing thing. It doesn't help that the most popular games (especially mobile games) are designed to be addictive, to suck people's time and even money if they'll let them. Slot machines at a casino are less addicting than a lot of this stuff. Seriously, if you play games all the time and have never been to a casino, try going to one, it would be better than staying home and doing the same on a phone.
There is also much violence and loneliness waiting at the end of the road for males who play too many video games. Fictional, antichrist utopian ideals are also much easier for "virtualized", isolated people to accept. The game and anime industries also contribute greatly to emasculation and transgenderism, there are clear intentional connections to these effects — it's by design, on purpose that these mess people up in certain ways. That's sick.
You'll do well to avoid and to keep your children away from the many abominations of these devices — the idolatry, the superhero worship and false fictional messiahs of fictional words, the witchcraft, the paganism, the sexual immaturity, the homosexuality and crossdressing, the foreign nationalism... it's a long list. But there are so many other healthier things that people can be doing, that when they get away from the unhealthy addictions and the corruption, they necessarily end up doing something better.

It's time for people to leave the computers, leave the virtual worlds and the fantasy lives, and start living their real lives.


Should grown men play video games or watch Japanese anime cartoons? Should teenagers and young boys? And, more importantly, should children?

And, the question that more and more people are going to be asking with the constant barrage of mass shootings: Do video games cause violence?

I remember in the 90s when there were stigmata against video games and Japanese anime as hobbies: That games are a waste of time and money, and childish as an obsession. And that anime is sexually perverted, and only weird people, perverts, and recluses like it. There was enough enmity against it for me to want to keep that stuff in the closet, even as a kid. It was very much a subculture. I never participated in that subculture while I was younger, but from what I hear it is common for people who do join that subculture to join it while they are young.
At least, it used to be a subculture. Then the internet got more popular. Now it's common that people say gaming is cool, and Japanese stuff is cool (including Japanese video games, like Pokémon and Mario). Duck Dynasty, social media influencers, people all over YouTube. It went from being creepy and weird to being "normal" and "cool". I got to see the popular views reverse, all while hiding my gaming life in the closet. Very weird to see that happen!

On a Wikipedia list of 172 franchises grossing over $2 billion, around 80 of these are video games or Japanese franchises. On another list of the 25 highest-grossing media franchises, 10 of them are primarily video games or Japanese franchises. The #1 franchise on both lists is Pokémon, topping even Mickey Mouse in sales. (Move over white mouse, the yellow mouse has the top spot!)
The anime games have come out of the closet and they're never going to fit back in. You're going to see these things if you hang out with young people or spend time on the internet, and your kids are definitely going to see them. What should your reaction be? How do you deal with this stuff in a way that won't make your kids run away from you and bury their heads in it even further?

Here are several people who might want to buy or play a video game:
1) A parent buying a game as a toy or entertainment for their child.
2) An adult trying a phone or internet game as a hobby or distraction to pass the time.
3) A young boy who wants to get into a social hobby, even a competitive one, to meet some other people and hang out with more mature men.
4) A teenage boy who heard (or saw) that some anime show has nice animated tits.
5) A young kid who finds a way to make money, by trading cards with other kids, or in an online game marketplace.
6) A designer, artist, or developer who wants to make something that will impress people, and looks around for inspiration.

That's six different people with six very different motivations, many cases and situations to cover. But the short answer to the first three questions is no, no, and no. It's a degenerate, wasteful hobby, and very addictive. Not masculine. And full of demons. I'm not kidding. I mean it.
Go look at GameStop, even at their website. Demons, witches, demons, and more demons. Even vampires. Go look at Steam (the most popular online game marketplace). Go look at (a large indie game marketplace). Same thing. The industry's billions are blood money. It trickles down so much that even the little guy is imitating the big bad guys. The video game industry as a whole is demonic and cursed. Same with the anime industry.
There's also a strong push with the Japanese games and anime to encourage Japanese nationalism and subliminally teach Shinto to kids (such as by making them do it through being a Pokémon fan). These propaganda tools have no filter with regards to teaching witchcraft, homosexuality, and somewhat ironically other pagan religions. There's even Japanese video games that explicitly teach demonology and satanic tarot, but the art looks like kid's cartoons.

With many of these games, it's hard to recognize what's wrong with them when you're living in them, when you're playing the games, watching the shows and the series at their own slow pace. It's subliminal, slow, gradual. Only when you step back and look at it from a distance can you see what it really is, the bigger picture.

No one warned me about any of this when I was playing games. People did say that games were wrong, but I never heard a decent explanation why. Nothing makes a kid angry like not telling them why something is wrong, or what's the right thing to be doing instead. I can't tell you what you should be doing — but people in general were meant to be working outdoors around other people under the sun, not isolated and in a cave staring at the dim light of LED screens.
As for what's wrong with many games (and most animes), most were designed by evil people and teach witchcraft and idol worship, and are full of sexual perversion, murder, darkness, and other miserable things. And a lot of them are very subliminal about it. But a baby devil is still a devil, a sexy witch is still a witch, and a handsome vampire is still a vampire. Just because a bad guy smiles and waves hello and hands out lollipops to children, doesn't mean he isn't a bad guy. A baby angel cupid is still a fallen angel, just the same.
That's what these video games are doing, trying to make evil things look nice and appealing to kids. Once you see that these games are teaching a message, by showing that certain things are OK, you should ask whether those things really are OK or not.
Games and shows don't just fall out of the sky. People make them. They want to spread a message, and they want money. What kind of messages are they sending, and what are they doing to make that money? A lot of these companies don't care about your kids as long as they'll nag you to buy their stuff, which is pretty bad. But it's also pretty clear from my research that some developers and producers really hate your kids and want them to suffer. There's some very messed up stuff out there. And the worst stuff looks kid-friendly because the people behind it are satanists, they're evil.
Just to give a few quick and explicit examples of that: The Petz games were designed by a black magic inspired horror game developer who claims to have received his inspiration from Santa Claus, Tony Hawk's Pro Skateboarder is full of deranged, depressing, and violent songs including Iron Maiden's satanic song The Number of the Beast, and the Persona series was made by literal satanists and teaches demonology and tarot, yet the latest games use an artstyle that looks like a children's cartoon. Popular "magical girl" animes like Sailor Moon, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Flying Witch attempt to make witchcraft look appealing to little girls (and boys). Any of these series are provably evil, yet (with the possible exception of mostly M-rated Persona) the average parent would just get it for their kids if they asked, or see the cute characters on the cover and buy it as a surprise gift without knowing what it is. Children can see that there is something "mature" about such games, but don't understand that it's rebellion and satanism that are behind them.

If you give video games to your kids, do you even know what's in those games that they play for weeks upon weeks, many hours a day? (Same with the kid's TV shows that parents use alike with games as a virtual babysitter.) Not only is it the themes, the environment of these worlds that influences people — something you can't always pick up at a glance — but it's also easy for authors to slip suggestive things in from time to time. I'm just pointing out the easy stuff here, in the biggest, most popular franchises.

Not all games are evil. I'm not legalistic, you shouldn't be legalistic. But there's a lot of bad stuff out there and it's important to be realistic and aware of danger, especially when there's bad stuff disguised as children's cartoons and little pet games specifically so it can fly under the radar and fool parents.
There's a lot of stuff you could pick up and play, no problems. Lots of games, even quite a few animes and visual novels that aren't horror, aren't demonic, are just fine. And there's also a lot of stuff that is dose dependent, where it's clean fun, but you could abuse it by playing too much. (It doesn't help in those cases that most games deliberately try to make you play them a lot.)
Games are different than books and movies. Because of the largest companies that develop and publish and publicize them, and because they're huge virtual worlds, full of surprises. You can flip through a book and see what it's about. A movie only goes start to finish. The game might surprise you. It can start alright, then many hours in, it can turn extremely dark.

Moreover, both children's games and the Japanese anime art style look like cute, child-friendly cartoons. But many of these are actually dark and demonic. Not for kids. Many of them not even for adults, either. It's a satanic trick to try and indoctrinate children into evil — into witchcraft, rage and violence, homosexuality, pagan religions, satanism, even foreign national identities.
And it works: It fools parents, and it indoctrinates children and impressionable young adults. You need to be aware of what your children are doing with and learning from when they immerse themselves in other people's virtual worlds. Don't leave them alone with a mystery game. And don't leave them alone with strangers on the internet.

Much of the evil I warn against here, I can't find anyone even remotely popular with a similar coherent argument warning against it. A few others have rightly condemned, for example, Pokémon as introducing pagan concepts (yet few warning against it connect it to indoctrination children into Shintoism, which is exactly what it is), or Magic: The Gathering (a trading card game) as teaching and promoting witchcraft.
Yet you won't find hardly anyone warning against the popular Nintendo franchises The Legend of Zelda, which is obviously pagan and full of demons. Or Super Mario, which features witchcraft and magic (as it says so right in page 2 of the original Super Mario Bros. manual), and plays up "Great Demon King Koopa" (Bowser) as being an OK guy, even so OK that Mario and friends can race together, play golf and tennis with him, and team up with him to save their fictional world from other demons, when he looks like a demon and a little background research even shows the creators acknowledge that he is a demon!
Is it OK for kids to play games with devils and demons? How about if they all look like cute cartoons, but they're still demons and still teach demonic doctrines? Apparently, demons looking like cute kid's cartoons is all it takes to fool the entire world! It even fooled me for the last few years, as there's a lot of games and franchises I couldn't fully perceive and explain that they're demonic until I really started digging in and thinking during the process of researching and writing this article.

Even if you do manage to stay away from all the demonic games, something the average person who plays popular non-sports games isn't doing, it's still harmful to one's health and soul to spend too much time playing games.

In 2022, the average American teenager spends 70 hours a week online. If it's not social media, it's TV shows and YouTube and video games.

It's a moral disaster, a physical disaster, a financial disaster, every single thing you can name. Imagine if all these teenagers were working that much instead of playing games? These virtual lives are parasitizing our children's futures and our nation's future simply by the sheer amount of time, attention, and obsession given them.

This is not normal, in all of human history. It's not healthy. It's not right.

In this series, I will totally expose to the best of my ability what is being done to humanity and to children through the medium of video games and Japanese anime.

My Testimony and Message

When I was young, 6 or 7 years old, I had been introduced to video games. I thought at the time that they might be a good way to learn how to read.

And so, I didn't play with other children. I stayed away from my family. I didn't say hello to my grandma and my relatives when they came over. Instead of going out with my family, I stayed at home trying to get to the next save point and watching anime cartoons. I was antisocial.

I never had problems with school, except that it was too easy. You don't make progress in school by working harder. Public school is socialism, it really is. But you can make unlimited fantasy progress in the world of playing more and more video games. So that's where my time and energy went.
My favorites were the "Role-Playing" genre of games (RPGs), particularly the Japanese ones (JRPGs) with the cute, friendly characters. Plays, cartoons, being someone else. Learning. Many lives. That's one way this stuff appeals to little children. (All these cute little witch and wizard children, too. World of Warcraft looks scary, but a lot of these fantasy animes and JRPGs sure don't, even though it's witchcraft and demons, the same evils.)

I was obsessed with video games. Video games were my love, my passion, my religion. I bought and sold and played and read about practically every video game I could that was on a video game system — at least before mobile free-to-play games multiplied and all the games became too numerous to keep track of. I followed competitive games and e-sports. I had a business buying and selling video games. I even got into Japanese anime and learning about Japanese culture, these being connected to the games. (I even tried to learn the Japanese language on several occasions, but learning a new language as an antisocial hermit is overall an unsuccessful hobby). I know just about every reason why people like this kind of stuff because I've spent so much time trying it all out.

Twenty years later when I quit playing video games, I was fully aware that they, as a habit, are a waste of time, a waste of money, immature, and greatly detract and distract from progressing and maturing through real life.
Chances are you already know that, too. Everyone ought to know that much. Many games are just an addictive hobby where you waste time on something mindless, addictive, that isn't real. Fantasy.

But here's what most people don't see, and what no one ever explained to me: These computer games and Japanese anime cartoons are a gateway to a dark, evil place.

After I quit video games, even after I quit being an atheist and began to learn how great Jesus really is, then I began to see just how corrupt and how evil these games really are. And even as I write this article, I keep seeing more and more how overwhelmingly evil the whole deal is. It's surprising me how subliminal and how deceptive it is about getting in the door and preaching evil and insanity to the children. I've seen how it hurts people, and that's why I'm not going to shut up about it.

It's not by accident that people ruin their lives being obsessed with these games. And, knowing how much demonic, satanic, luciferian filth I'd been exposed to and for how long, seeing what happened to other people from a much lower dose of the virulent gaming and anime culture — obsessed with darkness, totally sexually perverted, filled with paranoia, some boys figuratively chained to their screens and not going to grow up and mature, other grown boys having a talking group chorus about the heroic acts of fictional character Naruto (with an occasional interspersed reference to a jiggly boob scene from some other show — this is an average male anime nerd conversation, I'm not being unrealistic)... it's total insanity. And it gets worse the more you do it. I have seen firsthand what it does to some people, how it feeds that darkness and negativity, how it puts insane ideas into people's mind, subliminally and explicitly. The shocking thing isn't that there are so many mass shooters, but rather that there aren't ten thousand times more!

I praise Jesus that I was protected from the worst effects of these satanic devices. That's my deliverance and my miracle, and I praise Jesus that I have it. I was in bondage to the games, I was in bondage even to the business of buying and selling them. I lived with my parents long into my twenties. I made less than minimum wage. I wouldn't take any other job. Now I'm free from that bondage. Thank God!

Meanwhile, video gaming reaches hundreds of millions of children and young adults worldwide. Many get into it for a short while. Some it doesn't affect them much. Others waste time and money throwing their energy at an immature hobby. Some of them are much worse than when they started: Obese blobs, angry and childish and full of rage, crossdressing as female characters and going to anime conventions. Yet others... they touch the gateway drugs, walk through one gateway, then another, then another, and within several years they're gone. Brainwashed. Kidnapped. Spirited away to a world of darkness. Whatever you want to call it, it's bad, it's real bad.

I got dozens of other people into video games while I was doing it. That's how it works. Kids spreading darkness to other kids without anyone knowing what's going on, all in the disguise of fun and games. It's sad. A few very evil leaders are in on the game, but most aren't. If I knew how evil this stuff really was back then, I would instead have warned them to avoid it. Even the people I have warned and whom I have been an example too have ignored me, and you can expect the same: Most people love evil and want evil. It's perverse. (But... look at the bright side: We're about to find out how many people would repent if only they knew how bad and how hypocritical the stuff really is.)

I can tell you everything that sounds like a good outcome about playing video games: You might learn how to think about deep, competitive strategy, you might pick up some hand-eye coordination, even musical intuition, you might bond with men across the world and learn sportsmanship and competition or work together on a common goal, you might even get a few laughs and entertainment on a lonely day — especially if there is a chat room involved. I know all this and more could be touted as benefits of playing video games.

But that's a one-sided presentation. It's wrong. Because you're stunting your real life to feed this virtual one.
When you look at the whole, what it does to children, what it does to men, who suffers and why, who profits and how much and at whose expense, what natural farm/homestead life children are missing out on that was commonplace before the industrial and scientific revolutions... it's not utopia. And these aren't just harmless games to occupy people's (especially children's) time. They're not even just addictive, either. Many games are demonic, even outright satanic, and it shows.

If you've played games, you may know what it's like to play a game all day for a whole week or more, whether it's Call of Duty after school every day until night, or a 60-hour JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) marathon. Or, in some ways worse than either of those, the mindless free-to-play mobile games that demand your time and money and attention more cruelly than a work boss. Billions of dollars have been spent and billions of hours have been wasted on those "free" games.

If you don't play games, if you're a parent and you wonder why your child or a friend is so obsessed with them... then I'm going to keep explaining why.
If you tried playing a game yourself, you probably had more important things to do and couldn't stay focused on the game. But most children don't, since Western society gives them only such an empty, purposeless school life and nothing important and significant to do. That's a large part of how the appeal of the game is able to overpower their drive to do biology homework and other miserable school drudgery that the whole world, except for you and their teacher, could care less whether they do or not. There's no moral to it, no passion and purpose to it. Children recognize that, and that's why so many of them hate school.

Did you know that before the modern invention of mandatory schooling, children used to work in factories and coal mines and help out their families with the extra cash? And before that, they'd help on the farm or in the household or with a family business.
Modern society is simultaneously money-obsessed and yet also deluded to believe that school is the only good and moral thing a child, even a teenager (what used to be considered an adult), can do with themselves. I think if most working class families had the choice to take their share the $10,000+ a year per student of tax money that goes into these public schools, and to also send their kid to work to make another $5-10K or more, that it would be an easy decision. But most people don't get that choice and probably don't even think about it. The modern law is designed by socialists, and for socialism. Not what humanity truly needs.
Children used to get out and do adult things and grow up fast. Now children aren't expected nor allowed to work hard and do adult things, and as a consequence they stay immature and childish long into their 20s and even their 30s. There's a lot wrong with modern electric industrial society and video games are just one of the last rotten fruits of it.

I want it to be clear that parents are not doing their kids a favor by encouraging them to play these video games so much and get out of your hair. Go fishing with your sons. Teach them something. Talk to them, don't ignore them. Go play a ball game. Go outside. It may be a dangerous world out there, but it's not as dangerous as leaving your child alone with one of the many satanic video games out there (and they're common). Make them clean the house like servants and give them every chore. Give them work and responsibility. It's better for them (and for you) than 70 hours a week of them being on the computer.

And I want boys and men to have no excuse to believe that this gaming is a productive, constructive hobby. It's fantasy rewards, it's fake medals. It's not hot, it's not sexy, real women are not attracted to guys who are into weed, anime, and video games. It's not manly. You're sacrificing your real self for a virtual image.
I've done the competitive gaming. I've hung out with the gentleman's e-club. I've entertained the traveling gang of kids who were into the same card game that I was. I've found out by surprise that an ordinary acquaintance was actually another dude who had been trying to 100 percent the same video game and had the different version and we finally link cabled up and beat the epic secret extra final boss after so many years.
I've done all that, and the message is just the same: Slaying internet dragons may feel like a real achievement. But it's really a step into witchcraft and fantasy, spiritual corruption and death. As the Billy Joel song goes, It's just a fantasy, it's not the real thing.

And the skills are just as much an illusion — it's like getting rich in a dream, then when you try to take the money out of the dream, it's worthless, you can't take it out. But in the morning, you wake up and you can't go back to the dream, as much as you'd like to. This stuff, on the other hand, wants to trap you for life.
So don't try to be like that one guy who found the vintage factory sealed Legend of Zelda (which collectors may value at tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a particular variant), or the other guy whose team won the esports tournament, or the other effeminate freak who has millions of fangirls and all he does is play weird video games and show himself off playing them on the internet every day. And don't be like the guy who cut his balls off and thinks he's a deer-girl (instead of receiving help, the world's most popular game streaming site appoints this person as a moderator, as a shining example of their platform's deranged values). No. You do not want to be the star of this freak show. Get out of the game world. Go back to reality. Don't get stuck in the matrix as a male whore. Leave!

This was a difficult series to write because of the variety of messages, and the variety of audiences, and because of how much it impacted my life.
I was originally going to write only video games. But video games necessarily drag in Japan and Japanese anime, and also the western television programming where they show these same anime cartoons to American children, upselling them on trading card games and video games from the same franchise. It's all connected. It's all popular with both children and rebellious teenagers — if Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll was the spirit of the 1960s, then Weed, Anime, and Video Games is surely a leading spirit of this past decade in modern western society.

I'm not a hateful person. I don't hate the nation of Japan and the average Japanese person. I don't hate cartoons. I don't hate card games. I don't run around smashing controllers and burning Tetris cartridges. (If you want to see an example of insane legalism against games, go read the list of games that Buddha would not play. Japan is a Shinto-Buddhist nation yet ironically the leadership of such could not care less what Buddha would think about their gaming and anime industry. Hypocrisy at its finest.)
I couldn't even make a list of clean games without coming across series after series of cute-but-evil games that one might think are harmless at a glance, but on inspection are clearly demonic. If you aren't careful, they will trick you and they will trick your kids.
What I do hate, is sinful, abominable devices that by design trick parents, corrupt children, and stunt the growth of boys into men. When it comes down to it, there is spiritual warfare by Satan and his fallen angels against all humanity, and it is the perpetrators of this that are worthy of being detested. The people and beings who know it's wrong, know it's evil, yet do it anyway and will never confess their sins but rather call their abominations righteousness and even shame you for not sacrificing your own children to them.
I hate the spiritual murder of children. I hate that an entire industry (even more than one), even an entire nation as a political-religious unit, behaves in a way that spiritually dedicates children to demons and messes them up for life. I hate these things because I was injured by them and I know others who were too. It should make you very angry when someone messes up your friends and your family. Shouldn't we all hate these things? If you don't hate anime and keep it away from your sons, there's a very real chance they might not grow up to be men!

If you love your children, you protect them from darkness and evil.

There are many clean, fun video games out there. I've included a list of what I could dig up and remember in this article. But the rule is that most popular video games out there are demonic, especially the most popular franchises and the most popular competitive games.

One side, a class of salesmen, wants to sell you their toys to entertain your children when they're alone. I'm warning you not to give them that poison.

Video games, computers, electronics weren't even around until the 1950s. No one in history ever died from being deprived of video games, which didn't exist then, and were never necessary. Jesus Christ and His disciples never traded Pokémon with each other. George Washington never played Nintendo. If Alexander the Great (a not-so-great guy) had played video games, he might have memorized the formula for the capture rate of a Great Ball, but that's where his greatness would have ended.

Video games are like drugs. Some drugs, like alcohol, are harmless in small doses, even quite entertaining, but unhealthy when abused long-term. Others, like laced weed and ecstasy, are known to kill. And yet others, like psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and ketamine, can send some people into insanity and darkness, even to death. A bunch of people can go and do a hard drug, but one of them stays paranoid-schizophrenic the rest of their life. That's what a lot of this stuff is like.

I can't tell people with a straight face that a deadly drug is actually safe for them. That's a lie, that's murder.

These are huge claims. So let's start with the simplest ones first.

Part 2: Healthy Gaming versus Unhealthy Addiction

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