How Much Video Gaming is Healthy?

(Written by brother Robert.)

How Long Should I Play Games For?

Limiting the time played reduces and prevents a great many of the worst effects of a gaming habit. More than 2 hours a day, every day is definitely too much.

Although it depends on the person, the game, the situation, 1-2 hours a day, 4 days a week max is a good, healthy limit.

But hardly anyone does this.

The problem is, many games are designed to be addictive. The developers of such games want you to play as much as possible, and by extension the game will nag you in such a way that you are likely to play it regularly and often and never forget. Game designers who compete against each other for people's attention are well-versed in psychology and know how to make games "sticky". Daily rewards, regularly refreshing lives, log-in bonuses, limited-time events, and other artificial devices to make it more addictive and a stickier habit.

Parents, especially, need to monitor their children and limit their time playing games. Do not leave your kid alone with a game all day, especially when you don't even know what the game is.
Personally, and this is also the position of many rich elites (especially those in the tech industry), I wouldn't let my children have a TV or a computer or a phone — they should be outside playing with friends and family. When Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg ban or limit their kids from computers, that ought to tell you something about what it does to kids.

Parents Need to Monitor and Protect Their Children

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

A mature man can more easily discern and pick and choose what kinds of experiences he exposes himself to. Not so for a child. And especially not so for children with video games and anime, which use cute, friendly-looking cartoon characters to teach evil things.

Children are the easiest targets. If you let your child do anything, watch anything, go on the internet and look at anything, talk to strangers... they absolutely will find someone who wants to corrupt them, and will very likely be corrupted.

How can you prevent this?

Don't let children under 13 be on the internet. Don't let them chat with strangers or play games with strangers. Don't let them watch television alone: The advertisements can be about literally anything, even leftist Democrat propaganda, even horror movies. Vet what they read, vet what they watch. Don't give them free reign in a marketplace full of evil works by evil people.

Also, beware of giving children phones with data plans and unrestricted access to the internet. Not only can they see every abomination on the internet this way, but even the phone's app/game store is full of abominable free games. If they have internet, they can be exposed to these things. You shouldn't just give them a computer or smartphone without knowing what they can do on it.

It all sounds strict, but it's necessary. The tobacco industry targeted children. Why would the video game industry be any different? Why would any industry be any different? If they're allowed to sneak and try to get children to sympathize with their cause, they will.

Video games are a trickier media form to vet than books and movies. Books can be flipped through and read to see what's in them. Movies can be watched to see what's in them. But a video game can be an enormous virtual world that takes hundreds of hours to fully explore, and possibly full of secrets. Evil people can, and do, hide evil secrets in games; although, the usual trend is that their wickedness is on full display. If you don't know exactly what they're getting into, then it's wise to be around them while they play. That way if anything evil does pop up, you'll be able to stop and explain it to them, and not let your own flesh and blood have their hearts stolen in secret by friendly-looking demons.

A Short List of Acceptable Video Games

I qualify this short list with the warning that many modern games are hard to see what's fully in them. And it's popular for games to imitate other games. So you still shouldn't hand off a game to a kid for hours without supervision.

Duck Hunt
Mach Rider
Ridge Racer
Wave Racer
Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune
Space Invaders, Galaga, Galaxian

Oregon Trail

Sim City

Poker and other traditional card games
Many puzzle games (like Crosswords, Sudoku)

Most sports games (but not Tony Hawk. There's enough photos out there of Tony Hawk holding up skateboards with demonic artwork that show what he's really about, and it's all over his games, too.)
Many racing games (Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, Wave Racer)
Wii Sports (however, I do note that the similar game Wii Fit features pagan/demonic Yoga)
Rocket League (this is an online competitive game, like soccer with cars. It's gotten more and more wicked to play games online, but this one would definitely be good fun with friends you know.)

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Most hunting, fishing simulators
Most truck, train, bridge, and farming simulators

(I am sure there are many decent indie / independent visual novels and story games out there, but they are all buried in a trash heap with demonic filth and it's not worth my time or energy to look any longer.)

There are also many competitive video games, even many card games and strategy games, that if the themes of witchcraft and demons and paganism were removed or had been replaced with soldiers and warfare or some other clean theme, then I would have no complaints against those games played in moderation.

Sadly it's the rule, not the exception, that most modern video games are demonic. But there are plenty of exceptions, if you happen to come across one and recognize it as such.

Poker Rules Miracle (Games as Innocent Fun)

Sometime in 2021, Apostle Zimmerman was trying to remember how to play a specific variant of poker. He couldn't remember the rules or the name, and we couldn't find the variant online. A few days later, while watching TV, there was an episode of I Love Lucy where they played cards and taught how to play that exact version of poker that he was trying to remember!

God isn't against playing games. He wants us to have fun and enjoy life. That's why he showed us the rules for that game!

There really are some examples of cursed, witchcraft decks of cards (such as tarot cards), and evil people can use cards for bad purposes. But many people are too legalistic to say that you can't even play a game of cards, can't even play a game of Chess, can't even go to a casino and play the slot machines on a rare occasion. Just because you could potentially use a traditional 52-card deck of cards for tarot or divination, doesn't mean that it's automatically wrong to play a game of poker or slapjack or solitaire or whatever — people who make that argument ought to consider the equally ridiculous argument that they aren't allowed to eat chicken, because someone could potentially do divination on the chicken's entrails.
It's not these traditional games that are wrong, but rather the way people abuse them: that they make an obsession and an addiction of them, taking it to extremes, putting it before things that should come first and be more important in their lives. If you're limiting your time and only doing it as leisure, then these clean, traditional games are not dangerous.

7 Ways Gaming Addiction Harms Your Life

1. Poor Physical Health

Gaming is a sedentary, usually indoors activity. The body isn't being exercised while gaming. It's also unhealthy to stare at a screen for many hours a day, and often at night. Gaming addiction also interferes with sleep. This is one strong motivation for limiting time spent playing video games.

2. Poor Sleep and Diet

People who play video games all the time often forget to eat, and eat more fast food and junk food. Staring at a screen all evening is also terrible for sleep.

3. Antisocial Behavior

Players who are obsessed with games will ignore their friends, and even ignore their family. The game becomes more important than real life. This also leads to depression, lost friends, and hurt relationships. Also, being isolated from people means potential friendships are lost too. Even if there are people online, in text or in chat or even in video, it's not the same as being around other people in person. Gaming addiction is antisocial.

This is why it's especially important to prevent children from gaming alone for long periods of time. It hurts them long-term.

4. Decreases Productivity

For children, video games compete with homework and study. For adults, the games compete with work, socialization, relationships. You have to sacrifice something important in order to have a 40, 60, 80 hours a week gaming obsession. All the game's rewards are virtual. In the end, your time is wasted and you have nothing to show for it. Days' of time that could have be spent learning real skills, doing physical work, is instead spent on games.

5. Expensive

New video game systems can cost upwards of $300. Gaming PCs can cost even more. The time spent gaming instead of working is usually the greater loss of the two. Nevertheless, the combination of expensive games and a time-consuming addiction makes them bad for finances.

There are also many "free-to-play" or "pay-to-play" games that can get very, very expensive to an obsessed player. There are horror stories of women and children blowing tens of thousands of dollars on these games in one sitting.

6. Replaces Friends, Family, Skills, Hobbies, Motivations

The more a person plays games as an addiction, the less time they spend in the real world. Video game rewards and achievements are not like real-life work. The instant gratification of games becomes a replacement for real progress, real work done, and real development of character, wisdom, and morals. You get a level 99 character in a virtual game and demonic virtual friends and a make-believe religion and make-believe political beliefs, by trading away your own maturity and your future real friends and your future wisdom and spiritual character growth. It's not a good trade.

7. Disembodiment and Loss of Identity

Staring at a screen all day long, thinking about games all day long, not doing anything else, even playing the same character or social identity in an online group. This removes a person's identity and motivation and sometimes even replaces it with a fictional one. That's unhealthy and dangerous.

The good news? All of these problems can be prevented or greatly reduced by limiting time spent playing games.

Mass Shooters and Video Games: Video Games Do Cause Violence and Antisocial Behavior

As for the question of whether video games lead to violence? CNN fact check says no, of course not, look at this chart where Japan sells the most video games and has the least shooting deaths (note that Japan also bans guns, so it isn't even a fair comparison). But we know better than to trust leftist CNN.

There's a reason some of the sickest people in the world are surrounded by video games. Just look at this list of 14 mass murders linked to video games. These are people who were immersed in games where they role-play as a demonic character (if not a literal demon or demoness) and battle against each other for 40 hours or more a week. Even surrounded by pink-haired anime girls (perhaps something you wouldn't expect anyone to point the finger at and say with a straight face that it's evil). They saw the darkness and they surrounded themselves with it. A lot of this stuff is evil and darkness. Too much of it is.

So, if you're thinking of taking up gaming as a hobby, I warn you to beware. It's not all soft drugs like alcohol that are abused only through overconsumption. But it's also every kind of hard drug, from pot to fentanyl to magic mushrooms. Some get a good buzz, a few die, and others never come back from the trip. Prevention is better than cure, so I warn you to stay away. Keep your kids away from it.

Many video games and Japanese anime are similar to laced gummy bears, or a psychedelic fruity pebble cereal bar or a shroomed-up brownie. Evil people make something that kids want and it looks like candy, but it can kill them or cause them to go insane.
That's why I hate what I see in these video game and anime industries as a whole, and that's why I speak out against it. They are deliberately going after and corrupting children with this. It's deceptive, it's evil, it's satanic. You don't have 99%+ of popular animes being demonic by chance, you don't have a majority of video games being demonic by chance. It's on purpose.

There is an epidemic of satanic imagery and messages in video games. Worship of demons, fictional pagan gods that children play as, and even anime-themed games and cartoons that teach literal tarot witchcraft and satanism, and will even teach it to children if their parents are fooled into letting them play with it.

There are games and cartoons full of depression, death, suicide, murder. Stories and franchises that you wouldn't believe are putting strong evil messages into children's heads. Even a popular sports game franchise that I didn't understand was so evil until I looked at it in detail and saw the smoking gun, clear as day, they are spiritually sacrificing children with this. The majority of fathers out there would probably buy their son this game without a second thought if he asked for it. It looks like a normal sports game.

Some very evil people made games to deliberately do this kind of satanic trickery to mess up other people's kids? Even millions of them? It makes me so angry!

And it makes God angry too.

As I was putting together years of research and firsthand experience into a draft of this article, I saw the news that a certain top satanist in Japan had died. Someone whose cartoon demons had been an unhealthy obsession of mine, along with millions of other kids and teenagers, for much of my life. This demonic man, even more detestable than many others, even a leading media figure pushing Egyptian pagan religion (despite the fact that he's a Japanese national), dies while I'm writing this article which includes a testimony against his evil works? That's the hand of God.

News then broke within 24 hours that Shinzo Abe, conservative Prime Minister of Japan, was assassinated during a political campaign. Abe was, at least, playing the public role of a good guy, so it's sad to see him go. Evil Communist China cheered his death. He was a friend of American conservative politicians, including Donald Trump.
But we know that politics and religion are connected. Japan has their own political and religious agenda, which is not Christian. Abe supported this. (Additionally, Abe supported the Korean Unification Church, also known as the Moonies, which denies the divinity of Christ. Their multimillionaire founder Sun Myung Moon has even proclaimed himself as the Messiah. How is any politician able to support such an antichrist blasphemy, much less self-proclaimed Christians like Trump?)
Shinto-Buddhist Japan idolizes demons, and every demonic pagan religion, and spreads and teaches their idolatry far and wide, even to children, even subliminally. Pokémon, for instance, is a clear example of Shintoism. It is also one of the most popular video game franchises. And this is only one such example.
There is absolutely a judgment coming for leaders of such demonic cults, and even to the political leaders who protect and enshrine these cults rather than denouncing and fighting them. Not one politician in Japan has denounced the satanic themes in anime and stuck to it (not that I can think of any who have denounced it at all!).

And I want to explain what I mean by satanist: They don't have to make a red devil statue and hail the devil to be a satanist. Kazuki Takahashi made a cartoon horror anime about demonic possession, evil laughter every few seconds, cartoon characters squirming and dying repeatedly, show after show after show. He made a demonic card game to go along with it. And he spread that filth to millions of children all across the world. It was popular, and it stuck with kids for many years because of the collectible card game format. Even to the point where it's a game with rules and there are children teaching it to other children. It's a franchise worth billions of dollars.
Is a man who corrupts and torments millions of children with demons, anything other than a satanist? He's doing the devil's work.
Fake gods, fake goddesses, teaching children to worship these. That's all satan's work, just the same.

That's going to be a large theme of this article. Cartoon demons are still demons. Even kawaii anime girl she-devils, persuading girls to be witches and boys to be girls. Even Pikachu, a mouse spirit leading kids into the demonic religion of Shintoism.

These are not your friends. They are not safe for kids. Cute face, evil heart. Get them out of your life. Keep them away from your children. And stay away.

I'm going to give real arguments you were never allowed to see, not fake joke arguments like that Pokémon teaches the Darwinian theory of evolution. It doesn't. But Pokémon does teach Shintoism, and relatively few people in its audience even understand that. I've played and reviewed thousands of games and animes across 20 years and understand what I'm talking about. This is the real deal.

If, after seeing the proof in this article, you still want to deny that gaming and anime culture are dangerous to children's bodies, minds, and souls? Then you deserve whatever you get. And many times more, if you inflicted their curses upon children and didn't regret it.

Part 3: My Testimony and Message

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