Video Gaming Culture and Its Problems

(Written by brother Robert.)

Call of Duty: A National Disgrace

Boys have always played with other boys. Cursing, swearing, fighting, no girls allowed clubhouses. So what's the matter with them doing that over a few video games, or a few strategy card games, for that matter? There's actually a lot wrong, like how there's no way to tell what freaks or psychos they may be chatting with over the internet. But what about if they're just playing with the neighborhood? First, let's look at some numbers.

As of 2020, The global video game market is valued at over $150 billion. 2020 consumer spending on video games: at least $49 billion (other sources list $56.9 billion or higher).

In 2019, Call of Duty was the best-selling video game franchise, again, for the 11th consecutive year. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare crossed the $1 billion sales mark that year. 2020 4th quarter monthly active users count (MAUs) was 100 million, and 4th quarter MAUs in 2019 went from 36 million to 128 million. An archive of a 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare live player count shows 184,349 estimated total users playing the game; peak players in a day in 2021 is over 500,000 and in 2019 over 300,000.
How many of those players are American? It's hard to find exact numbers, but around 20-30% of the Call of Duty playerbase is estimated to be American. So something like 20-40 million Americans on this game, and it has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in US sales. Also, they have multiple games in the franchise.

For comparison, in 2020 the U.S. military spent around $766 billion. The 2019 U.S. budget for all Overseas Contingency Operations was $69 billion, of which the largest amount, $46.3 billion, was spent on Operation Freedom's Sentinel, which is the continuation of the War in Afghanistan. The maximum U.S. troop level published for that operation was around 14,000 in 2019.

Get that: American government spent less on the biggest overseas war in 2019 ($46.3B) than U.S. consumers spent on video games ($49B). And the most popular game series was a war-themed first-person shooter that appeals mostly to younger men, with an American playerbase about a hundred times larger than the number of U.S. soldiers in the actual military operation.
The game is called Call of Duty, but there's nothing patriotic about it. It doesn't teach you how to be a soldier. It's just a game about slightly tactically outsmarting and twitch-shooting other players first. Some of the posters for the latest games don't even look like human soldiers, more like skulls and zombies now. This is what's all over Little Caesars, Doritos, Mountain Dew. Is that patriotism and defending the free world? No way. That's eating junk food and getting fat while pretend-killing other fat boys. Violence and murder, not patriotic masculinity.

When the Chinese and the Russians invade the US, I wouldn't be surprised if there are hundreds of thousands of angry teenage boys cursing because their Call of Duty games got disconnected by the internet outage.
People will later ask, why did the US lose to the Russians? Because their army was sitting at home, playing video games instead of training for war. They treated teenage boys like children and expected them to act like children, and so they behaved like children. No one cared.
Meanwhile, the Russians wanted their boys to become men and expected them to act like men, so they behaved like men. (They were also on the side of corrupting the American children with trash media like these video games and animes, which is one reason why I don't support the Russians.)
A civilian army is much larger than a professional army, a paid mercenary army, which is what the US army has become. 99 scared little boys clinging behind one US soldier, versus 100 young Russian men who were trained to fight. Who's going to win?

Call of Duty is an intellectual property of Activision-Blizzard, which merged in July 2008. Two of the worst companies. (And as of Jan. 18, 2022, Microsoft is intending to acquire them.)

E-Sports and E-Gangs

There's also a domain, not a majority of games but of no small importance, of competitive e-Sports. Call of Duty, Overwatch, fighting games, MOBAs (Massive Online Battle Arena, a type of real-time strategy game), and more. World prestige. Tens of millions of dollars of prizes across them all.

Some of them, like the fighting games, are individual sports, you versus the other guy, but the majority of them are team sports. Even in real-life fighting sports, fighters who beat each other up for money train in groups, even some with rivals training together. There's masculinity, sportsmanship, apprentices and leaders. To some extent.

The games mirror this to a limited extent. Only this isn't war. It isn't football, it isn't wrestling, it isn't working out together in the gym. It's virtual games, even ones where men play as female characters. The world's best Overwatch D.Va players (a female character) are mostly men. If it's a competitive game, it's mostly men at the top. Super Smash Bros, men playing as Princess Peach. Blizzard MOBAs, men playing as witches and demonesses. Why do they even put female characters in these competitive games (and, that are about as strong as the male characters) when mostly men are going to be playing in the tournaments? Why are people role-playing as virtual demons? It's messed up.

Young men who are trying to be competitive and masculine, but stuck in an emasculating and demonic industry. A lot of them thought they were getting into something manly and good for them. Then it turns out the game's religion is demonic. If they leave, all they get for it is sweaty palms and fast fingers and an awkward inability to deal with real world stimuli in real world environments. They don't even get real muscles. What a ripoff!

Some of these men put in a great effort to be the best at their games. It's a disservice to them and a disgrace to their nations that they were put into video games instead of being able to use that energy to train at something useful.

Streamers and Stream Watchers

A popular thing that people will do, is to stream video of themselves playing and commenting on video games. Remarkably, this is almost as (or even more popular) than actually playing the games themselves. Nevertheless, it has a similar effect: the watcher is exposed to the same imagery and same ideas as the streamer playing the game.

The competitor games make a spectator sport all by themselves. But besides the e-sports games, people will stream — and even more people will watch — apparently absolutely anything!

If you thought people playing games all day was crazy... now you have people watching other people play games all day. It's absurd. Does anyone show up to work all day and never work, but just only watch the other people work? Well, look on the bright side. Stream watchers don't collect a paycheck either. That's because a lot of them are children.

What this means is that there are videos and images and commentary about all these demonic, evil games floating all over the internet for people to find and learn about. Same with the anime, and same with regular movies and TV shows that are getting worse and worse in today's culture. It's possible and it's out there, but it's definitely the exception to see "normal" streams.

People, especially children, who can't be trusted to stay away from this stuff shouldn't even be on the computers and on the internet. It's dangerous. You let your kids on the internet, this is very likely the kind of stuff they'll see and be interested in: some pervert showing off some kind of perversion and making it look fun.

A Culture With Every Abomination, Even Bestiality

Sonic The Hedgehog
A Sonic The Hedgehog comic, from a franchise with over 70 games and $5 billion of gross income. Sonic has exceeded 1.5 billion cumulative unit sales and downloads as of 2022.

A Japanese film called Wolf Children (rated PG)
A Japanese film called Wolf Children (rated PG), about a woman who had sex with a werewolf and has half-human half-wolf children. It grossed $55 million in 2012 and remains popular and highly rated among anime films. You can see for yourself on the cover art that even the publishing company, Madman, is insane.

And, of course, Disney's famous contribution: Beauty and the Beast, which grossed $750 million just in ticket sales for the 2017 live-action debut.
How is a woman marrying a demon beast or a werewolf seen as an acceptable concept for a kid's film? It's demonic! It's filth!

All of this stuff has entries rated PG or E or whatever the child-acceptable rating is. It is extremely popular with the world.

Pokémon, one of the most popular game franchises, is also responsible for minting a lot of furries (childish people who self-identity as animals).

Dragon Ball Z also features a monkey-tailed protagonist, so I'm sure there are some monkey boys out there somewhere, but it's mostly effeminate cat girls.

I can't tell you for sure whether there really are litter boxes in some schools, but there definitely are many sick young adults walking around with cat ears and cat/dog/fox/raccoon tails sticking out of their rear end from a butt-plug (or else the tail is stitched onto the clothes). And the trend in liberal schools and liberal colleges is clearly to accept this behavior without worry nor question, and even to promote it.
I've even heard one person to testify that he had seen such a "cat-girl" at college, commenting that the visible display of a butt-plug probably violated some kind of dress code but it was tolerated anyway.
Kids acting like animals sounds like something straight out of BDSM. It's a growing trend. And here's a large part of the media where it's coming from: Japanese anime and video games, and Disney.

It's demonic. Whatever the origin and reason is, whether it's to put down men and make them lower than animals, or whether it was a form of worship of shape-shifting demons or nephilim (as such a possibility is alluded to by many pagan mythologies, and by the logic that if angels can present themselves as humans then they can present themselves as animals too)... whatever the reason is it's demonic.

Parents who put their children on leashes like dogs and drag them around in public ought to think about this. It's as disgusting and shameful to the parent as it is to the kid. Do you want your son to be the next crossdressing transgender cat-girl? That's what this trend is leading towards.

If you let your kids get into gaming and anime culture, they will be around all sorts of disgusting perversions like this.

Demonic Cosplaying at Gaming/Anime Conventions

Speaking of dressing, it's very popular at anime conventions to dress in costume as a favorite character from anime, manga, and games. The purpose of this isn't to put on a play. It is a form of idolization. I think so many of the characters are demonic that it looks like a Halloween party! But you would also see many women dressing as a favorite male character, and men dressing as a favorite female character. And both dressed as animal Pokémon characters. And even both dressed as demons like Bowser and others from anime franchises.

Crossdressing is a common theme there. This is just a glimpse at perverted anime culture. There is a trend of homosexuality, transgenderism, bestiality, and witchcraft all throughout anime culture. And idolization and worship of demons.

That's what children are really getting into when they join this gaming and anime culture. You should be concerned, you should pick them up and put them somewhere better. And if you are in this culture yourself, you need to get out of this fantasy before you get sucked into the machine and lose yourself.

Video Games, Part 5: How Video Game and Anime Culture Corrupts Morals

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