Video Games and Criminal Violence

(Written by brother Robert.)

Deeper Connections Between Games/Animes and Modern Mass Murders

There are several game franchises which are widely known to be violent, such as Grand Theft Auto. But there are also many obscure games and anime shows which are extremely violent, horrific, and demonic. Some of these can even be found on Nintendo systems! And some of these are subliminal and deceptive about how they induce youths to violent. Anime characters murdering other anime characters, even in some shows/games deceptively presented with candy-sweet girly cartoon art. Fast-paced, upbeat music with suicidal or murderous lyrics that are hard to make out — any child fan listening to the same song over and over on a game soundtrack will take the song to heart, while parents walking by will only hear it at a glance without recognizing what it is. It's out there, and it's popular.

Grand Theft Auto

A Common Sense review of Grand Theft Auto V rates the game as adults-only

This game series is all about glorifying crime and murder: Stealing cars, murdering people, evading and murdering cops, using and murdering prostitutes. There is enough written about this series already.

8-Year Old Murders His 90-Year Old Grandmother After Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

Lawsuit: 'Grand Theft Auto' Led Teen to Kill
An attorney for relatives of two of the victims said Thompson, who is charged with murder, had played the video game repeatedly.
At a December hearing, authorities said Devin Thompson, when he was apprehended, told officers, "Life is a video game. You've got to die sometime."

Cops: Man on LSD Stole Car, Claims to Think He Was Playing 'Grand Theft Auto'

Don't Buy Your Kid Grand Theft Auto V for Christmas (Published in a liberal news source, but the article itself makes accurate points warning against the series.)

Make no mistake, the Grand Theft Auto games have contributed to spreading crime, chaos, and insanity, by helping to make these sins look "cool" to youths. It is an abomination that the developers and publishers of this game are allowed to make billions off corrupting the morals of children, and aren't held accountable for their influence and hand in these crimes.

Guns don't tell children it's cool to murder people. But many modern games, shows, and music do spread such messages. That's what makes them dangerous. Why aren't Democrats trying to ban the many thousands of shows that are full of violence and perversion?

This next series is one many are familiar with, but to the best of my knowledge there is no popular source claiming that the game is evil and a bad influence on children.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Skateboards Containing Tony Hawk's Blood Sell Out Overnight
(a 2021 news headline)

Skateboarding can be a mature, clean hobby. But the Tony Hawk skateboarding video games are filled with depression, suicide, and satanism. From the first song that plays in the first level, Goldfinger's Superman (a song that sounds energetic and upbeat, but if you try and sing it and look up the lyrics, you would see how depressing the lyrics are), you could discern that something is up with the entire series. Football, baseball, soccer games sure don't start with a subtly depressing song that references suicide.

All you have to do is take one look at the soundtrack and look at the band names and song titles to see what the message is. It's a smoking gun. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is child sacrifice and murder. The soundtrack listing alone, just the bands and song names, reads like it is designed to manufacture goths, satanists, serial killers, and mass shooters. No need to listen, just read the band names and song titles.

A link to the PlayStation 1 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 soundtrack. Death, depression, suicide. (First they empty the children, then they torment them and fill them with insanity and death!)
Dead Kennedys
Suicidal Tendencies
The Suicide Machines
Unsane - Committed

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 has a bonus level, Skate Heaven, where the player skateboards in outer space and "God" compliments or insults them as they do tricks or bail. I've seen it played and it's creepy and sounds evil and abusive.
Bad Religion
Evil Eye
Public Enemy
Born Allah

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 has a playable bonus skater that is literally a demoness.
The Boy Who Destroyed the World
Bodyjar - Not the Same
I'm Destroying the World
Cut Chemist Suite
House of Pain
Amongst the Madness

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Agent Orange - Bloodstains (Darkness Version)
Bad Dreams
The Cult - Bad Fun
Delinquent Habits
Skate and Destroy
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast ("666, the number of the beast" is the main refrain of the lyrics)
Verses of Doom
Express Yourself
I'm a Star
Anarchy in the U.K.
Death Alley

You get the point. Don't listen to any of that music. Just look at the titles and know to stay away. It's satanic. It's serial killer, mass shooter music. That's creepy, that's messed up that they would push that on vulnerable young children who have nothing better to do than play lots of games at home. It's child sacrifice. It's abuse. It's trauma. It's murder.
But the world sees it as "cool". This is the same kind of music that "cool" rap gangs and hard rock cults have been selling to children all these years. (They are not bands and they are not artists, they are foremost gangs and cults owned and branded by goat-legs man-boobs anime-loving Satan, who pretends to be "cool" while deceiving children into becoming rebellious, depressed, and insane.)

I've seen the groups of skateboarders. I've seen the young girls who skateboard as a hobby. How they all wear black, even in broad daylight in spring and summer. How there's a spirit of darkness over them. I've seen that descent into darkness firsthand. People are in mental hospitals, in jails, mentally insane and living with their parents as caretakers because they played these games and took the music and its messages to heart, and made friends with drug dealers, satanists, and other demonic people, got real high on real bad drugs, committed crimes, and overall messed themselves up. It's sick, sad, pathetic, disgusting what has happened to these youths because of this satanic propaganda.

And I remember what's in these Tony Hawk games. It didn't seem like anything to me back then. It was subliminal. You wouldn't know unless you looked up the bands, looked up the lyrics, which is something the parents mostly don't do. I bought and sold thousands of video games, and even now, writing this. I thought I knew what was and wasn't an abomination. Wherever I saw the cover arts, Tony Hawk just looked like another sports game. And you can see the same opinion from so-called Christian review websites incorrectly saying the game is kid-friendly aside from the injuries and blood (in some early versions of some games, there's blood when a skater falls).
Now I know what it is. If you were a parent and saw the T and the E ratings and that it looks like a sports game, you might not have noticed the tiny satanic Neversoft logo with the twisted font and the knife going through the eyeball in the corner or on the title screen. If you did notice it over and over and over but didn't stop them... if you saw your children going emo, going goth, going druggie, going insane, but didn't stop to ask what was up and help them... then shame on you.

How much sales did the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series do? $1.4 billion in 16 years.
Activision-Blizzard and Tony Hawk are rich off the blood of children. Coming through the window, coming through the screen like a vampire when the parents aren't looking, sucking their blood and preaching to them depression, death, and suicide, programming them to be maniacs, criminals, even mass murderers.

The people behind this brainwashing ought to be quaking in their shoes. God repays people for what they've done.

Additional proof of skateboarding games demonic connection: There is an obscure video game called Go! Go! Hypergrind for the Gamecube published by satanic game company Atlus, which eventually became one of the highest-priced Gamecube games on the secondary market. It is about skateboarding cartoon characters in a "toon world" cartoon dimension. Very demonic game. This provides additional supporting evidence for a connection between skateboarding video games and demonic possession / identity replacement. The developers copied what Tony Hawk was doing and amplified those themes. It has that and the cartoon animal mascot virtual avatar theme wrapped up into one.
Moreover, there is a sadistic/masochistic theme to that game of inflicting pain on the skateboarding cartoon character to earn points. This is very much what happens in real life when immature men teach their girlfriends or daughters to skateboard: Girls shouldn't skateboard and try to do stunts like guys do, they're going to get hurt.

Moral of the story is, keep your kids far away from Tony Hawk skateboarding hard rock hard drugs culture. If I had to explain to a kid what's wrong with this stuff, I would be printing out some of these song lyrics, because it's easy to see at an eagle eye's view.

Grasshopper Manufacture

The company was founded on March 30, 1998 in Suginami, Japan. Its founder, Goichi Suda, gave two reasons why he chose the name "Grasshopper:" The first being a reference to the song of the same name by UK band Ride, which he was listening to on repeat when forming the company.[2] The second reason is that originally he wanted to use a Japanese word "battamon" as the company name. "Batta" means "grasshopper" and "mon" is "a thing" and when you put the words together, it means "copy or fake." However, he later changed his mind and stuck to Grasshopper instead. The word "Manufacture" was added in because his game company was about "building things."[3]

That's what they say, but they have a demonic logo and develop psycho serial killer inspired games. It shows what they're really about. Their "mature" themed serial killer games can even be found on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles. What they're putting into children's brains, is absolutely being acted out in real life.

Islamic Jihad Game Allowed To Be Sold On Steam

There are now multiple pro-Islam games for sale on popular online markets.
One such game is published on Steam by a pro-Palestine, pro-Islam, anti-Israel developer. The player character is a Palestinian crusader and is considered "the good guy".

There are many other violent games that may well be considered revenge simulators or murder simulators. But this is the first popular example of an Islamic jihad simulator. It absolutely has and will increase violence and murder and hatred against Israel, America, and Jewish/Israelites worldwide. And Steam has allowed the developer to publish and sell this game on their marketplace, despite many complaints.

These leftist game companies are responsible for many such abominations. Why would you want them to have any of your money?

Violent Pro-Homosexual/Transgender, Anti-Christian Video Games

Internet video game culture, being largely Democrat/leftist, embraces their corrupt morals and values while denigrating conservative Christian values, even to the point of violence.

A March 2023 Breitbart article presents one example of a leftist independent game, a mod of a bloody, violent shooter game changed to have religious clergy and critics of transgenderism as enemies. The article presents four examples of transgender-identifying mass murderers from the last few years, including a recent shooting of a Christian school in Nashville by a woman who identified as male.
Was there any announcement about any action taken against that game and its creator? Nope, none that I know of.

Homosexuality and transgenderism are accepted and promoted in most mainstream (and many niche) gaming enclaves. Outright hatred of conservatives and Christians, whether political figureheads or otherwise, is permitted and encouraged.

The violent, demonic views and ideology of the LGBT Sodomite movement absolutely feeds into and inspires real violence. It is a tragedy and really an abomination that governments have not made any effort to ban these views and the works that promote them, but rather even fund and encourage them.
The best anyone can do now is to realize this and keep the poison of their ideology and its cutely-veneered vectors away from their children.

Demonic Anime Spirits Surrounding 2022 July 4th Mass Murder Shooting in Highland Park, Illinois

Whenever there's a mass murder, people always want to point a finger and say such-and-such ideology did this, he's a right winger, he's a left winger... many of these also hypocritically and blasphemously quote Bible verses, which means that they automatically get accused of being Christians. Come on, even the devil wears a white robe and quotes scripture.
Sometimes these murderers really are part of particular groups that encourage mass murder, and sometimes they're just insane and demonic. Nevertheless, in today's world of social media you can often see the kind of filth these villains were happy to surround themselves with.

So what did one of the most demonic, messed up murderers on the planet choose to display to the world? Anime girls. Even a life-sized human doll of a girl, his "girlfriend", a teenage girl sexbot. Even pictures of himself dressed as a girl, with girly-looking hair and a weak, effeminate face. And that's how he was said to have ran from the crime scene, dressed as a girl. Remember that. Boys shouldn't play with dollies.

The alleged Highland Park mass shooter "wore women's clothes at least once in the past" before it emerged that he fled the July 4 massacre wearing a wig, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

Paul Crimo recalled seeing his nephew, Bobby, dressed in girl's clothing about a year before the 22-year-old allegedly fired 70 shots into a crowded parade - but he didn't understand why.

Highland Park parade shooting suspect Robert Crimo posted pics of his 'teen sex doll' online

And he also had anime girls on his car. From The Washington Post:

"In the driveway sat a rusting silver Honda CRV. Parked in the grass was an older-model Acura with monster mouth decals, anime character stickers and the number 47 painted on one side."

Two pictures of the cars showing four anime characters, 3 or all of them girls, can be found in reports.

Car photo source 1
Car photo source 2

Anime car (front)

Anime car (back)

None of the news outlets cared to comment on who were these anime girls and what series they were from, which is kind of an important detail to understanding any possible influence or motivation behind the crime.

For example, the shark teeth design and number 47 on the car resembles a war plane (the closest match, the iconic planes flown by the P-40 Flying Tigers), which suggests an obsession with weapons and even suggests the spirit of a kamikaze suicide bomber, in the context of the guy also being obsessed with Japanese anime.

It's not a friendly symbol, and neither are the middle-finger displaying anime "girls". Their IDs, from left to right:

1) Zero Two - a pink-haired AI robot character modeled after an oni demon. ("Sentient" artificial intelligence is evil and demonic.)
2) Hatsune Miku - a blue-haired fictional virtual pop star from a popular music franchise called Vocaloid. I'm not familiar with it, but it must be even worse than the other two because its signature anime girl is smack dab in the middle. (Miku is also the same "hologram" character that another guy "married" in a news headline linked earlier in this article. And you will see plenty of guys dressing as vocaloids at cosplaying events, just like what happens with the Sailor Moon characters.)
3) Yuno Gasai - a pink-haired insane axe murderer from a murder-glorifying show. This is one of the most popular examples of the demonic yandere anime girl stereotype.
4) (I don't recognize the 4th character on the back decal.)

A fiendish man with an obsession for demonic Japanese anime girls murdered Americans on the 4th of July. Does anyone else see that? Am I the only one who sees a theme and a spiritual motive there?

I had previously noticed during an early 4th of July event about 6-8 youths with anime-themed clothing and bags. These were separate groups, but nonetheless I did notice a common theme: It was all dark, goth anime/manga characters: black, white, and a little red. Evil-looking. Very different than the colorful pink, blue, green, purple-haired characters one sees on most popular anime cover arts. Normally, black-and-white goth anime is a minority where anime is displayed. Yet this evil goth art style was what every single Japanese anime-wearing person had worn to a celebration of American independence. That's something to think about. This Japanese anime spirit is definitely anti-America and anti-Christ. It's also historically antisemitic, which may have been expressed in this shooting, too.

July 4th shooter scopes out Synagogue on last day of Passover
'Not Here To Pray': I saw goth Robert Crimo III scoping out Highland Park synagogue on the last day of Passover – I was instantly suspicious

Shooter shot in Jewish Chicago neighborhood, murdered 2 Jews:
Suspect in deadly July 4 parade attack in Chicago Jewish neighborhood pleads not guilty
6 dead, 24 wounded in Chicago shooting; 2 Jews among victims

Highland Park is one of the most Jewish neighborhoods around Chicago.

There's even more evidence to support an antisemitic racist motive behind this shooting:
Eye of Horus said to be tattooed on shooter's left arm, according to a 2018 wikipedia edit of an Egyptian deities page by the same puppet account that first proposed a flattery-filled Wikipedia page for the shooter
Article: It Looks Like the Highland Park Shooter Tried Repeatedly to Create His Own Wikipedia Page

Even if it is not immediately possible to tie the Wikipedia username 2dgirl to the Chicago region, there is perhaps still enough there to construct a profile. The username "2dgirl" might be a reference to either anime or paper doll figures. According to law enforcement, the Highland Park shooting suspect wore women's clothing as a disguise so he could escape the scene of the mass shooting. In video footage, the shooter appears to be wearing pigtails. Besides the rejected articles about Crimo himself, 2dgirl's only remaining contribution is a change to the Wikipedia article for "Ancient Egyptian deities in popular culture." On that page, the user added this line: "Lo-fi music artist 'Awake the Rapper' has a tattoo of the left eye of horus on his left forearm." The reference is to Horus, the Egyptian god of kingship and the sky. While that sentence has since been deleted from the Egyptian deity page, it's worth pinning down its significance: The only contribution that 2dgirl made besides trying to get Crimo his own Wikipedia article was talking about Crimo's tattoo on another Wikipedia article. In short, the username 2dgirl appears to be what Wikipedians call a single-purpose account. It had only one mission: to boost Bobby Crimo's online profile. No doubt there is a certain cachet in having a Wikipedia page, of being one of those special, important, notable people who are deemed worthy of coverage on the site. Remember that having a Wikipedia entry helps that subject appear more prominently in search engine results. The user 2dgirl appears determined to get this Wiki boost for "Awake the Rapper" and his many online channels.

After seeing this claim, I found a photo which corroborates it: proof of Eye of Horus tattooed on arm (note: only the bottom curved line under the eye is visible). (I can only wonder what other kinds of revealing tattoos the murderer might have covered up under those baggy clothes.)

2D anime girls and the Egyptian eye of Horus? Well, no wonder that Egyptian Yugioh creator satanist died just a few days later. It seems he may have spiritually had a hand in the shooting!

One of the shooters I listed earlier was an Odinist. Now, this murderer seems to have spent his time worshipping Horus and waifus. Worship demons, sacrifice to demons, get demons in your life.
Many of these anime girl characters are so explicitly evil and demonic. It's not something boys should be attracted to. It's not healthy, it's not right. There's a reason anime is associated with degeneracy and sexual perversion. Now Japanese anime ought to be associated, in the eyes of the public, with mass shooters too. And crossdressing, and transgenderism, and transhumanism, marrying "sexbots" instead of getting a real wife.
Parents really should be afraid of letting their children get into anime, and into paganism and the occult (both of which anime teach and encourage). What in the world were his parents doing, letting him get so deep in that filth? Will your kids turn out like this guy, too? You should be very afraid of letting your kids do this stuff. It's not cute. It's not funny. Anime kills.

The other thing about the shooter that immediately stood out is the tattoo of a rose around the neck, with the thorns going all around the neck like a collar or a leash. A symbol of spiritual bondage to "love". It sounds like something that could have come right out of a Sailor Moon episode (that show is all "love, love, love, love, love", even uses the sign language for love, but it's demonic fake love!). This overall theme of corrupted "love" is related to anime, too.

Love Jihad Anime Connection, Pagan Corruption of Israel

It has long been a war tactic to use sexual attraction as a weapon, with the goal and target of converting captives into a foreign religion and foreign nationalism. Or, more easily achieved, simply just spying and waiting. Women and girls are easily taken. The tactics against men are more subtle but just as dangerous — they usually involve a pagan, demonic woman. The avoidance of the company of such often removes a man from the pool of easy targets.

One may consider how Satan deceived Eve first and used her to deceive Adam. Genesis 3. And the devil has been trying to repeat that ever since, and we know that women, being more emotional and less logical, are more susceptible to being deceived than men.

In Numbers 24, Balac purposes to curse Israel. Balaam is said to have later joined in on this (with support from Revelation 2:14, Jude 1:11, 2 Peter 2:15), and he is later killed in an overthrow in Joshua 13:22. Just after this attempt to curse Israel, in Numbers 25:1, Israel is said to have been polluted by many marriages to pagan women. This is punished and ended by a plague from God and the action of Phinehas.

There are also the royal examples of King Solomon (1 Kings 11:1-13) and King Ahab (1 Kings 16:30-33). Or how Saul gave David his daughter Michal to wife, believing she would corrupt him, 1 Samuel 18:20-21.
And it's not just for kings and princes. The foot soldiers of antichrist religions and wicked nations will gladly do it to any Christian man who's vulnerable to it.
Why does Paul say "Do not be unequally yoked"? 2 Corinthians 6:14. It is dangerous to marry a wicked man or a wicked woman. And good to divorce from such. Consider how Nehemiah brought together a great council to have the Israelites divorce their foreign, pagan wives, Nehemiah 13:23-30. Both ancient and modern history is full of such examples of marital warfare and its consequences.

Consider also the historical goals and activities of witches: one of these is corrupting/seducing men and children. They still do it today. If men would care more about their authority and pay attention, they'd notice more often when wicked Jezebel-type women are trying to usurp a man's authority and even to make homosexuals, transgenders, little boys, and dogs out of them. And fatherless little boys are much easier targets.

I have also heard testimony of multiple cases where formerly manly men took Democrat girlfriends, who drugged and corrupted them even to the point where they were identifying and dressing as a woman! The initial reasons the men gave for their "conversions" sounded nonsensical, but on closer examination there were Democrat girlfriends and hard drugs involved. A seemingly harmless computer game can become a demonic ritual experience when combined with drugs and/or a "spiritual guide", whether that guide is on the couch or on a video chat on a computer screen.
Why would you want to be anywhere near that crap, having weed, anime, video games, and wicked women around? And again, this is the kind of stuff they are targeting kids with. Why would you want a portal for internet child abusers in your kid's bedroom?

These modern examples repeat the same theme I and others have observed with young men who get into Japanese anime: Basically, it turns boys gay fast. I've even heard of entire groups of formerly mature men getting into anime and going trans together. Why is that?
Girls are the idols and heroes and objects of desire of the anime world. Once you understand that these characters are demons, it's easy to see how this anime is actually a form of goddess worship. And there are demonic forces behind that trying to corrupt men. The literal idol statues of anime girls, whether in costume or bikini, and the popularity of sexualized anime paraphernalia being sold and mass-marketed support this. It's more than just a curiosity of adolescent boys, but rather is immature, effeminate, and perverted from the top down. This is why anime is especially dangerous to young boys. It's a trap.

Regardless of why anime culture is overall so perverted, it's the largest source of perverted cartoons and comics. America had a few slightly perverted shows, but Japan has many. Spreading sexual perversion is just one aspect of what Japan is doing through this.

For one, Japanese games and anime is one of the largest examples of a foreign nation so widely promoting its country, culture, and even religion in a foreign nation's media targeting children. You might see British news in the news stand, but you don't see British propaganda in kids' shows encouraging them to love Britain and join the Anglican church, to speak with a British accent, and to pilgrimage to London and visit the King of England. Hardly anyone wants to be ethnically Swedish and pilgrimage to Sweden. Japan is one of the only aggressors here, performing such corruption. And there is a religious element behind it, whether you realize it's an expression of Shintoism or not.

Who today will repent of anime and gaming and divorce their "waifus" to serve Jesus? Is there anyone on earth today who would do that?

Unhealthy Marriage to Technology

Video games and anime are one of the wicked branches of the technology tree. I remember before smartphones became prevalent, you could talk to people in public and they would actually be interested in talking with you. Then, just a few years later, almost everyone is staring at a phone or listening to music or something. You can see them, but they aren't there. Cities become a place of passing by. In the suburbs people hide in their homes like a fortress, staring at glowing screens; the outdoors is quiet, eerie.

A natural response to this crowded loneliness might be, "If you can't beat it, join them."

Yet "social" media is full of narcissism and cults, now it's even full of chat-bots, too. As a class, the men are turning gay and the women are becoming overbearing whores. Many liberals will confess that they actually want to put computers in themselves and become robots/androids. Spend time on any social media site and you'll see how miserable things have gotten. Spend time on any dating site and you'll see how loveless and perverted society is, overall. It ought to make anyone sad and furious.

How many times does a single man have to wake up in bed hugging a charging cable and an iPhone with an iRing on it before he sees what it is and gets sick of it? These phones, computers, TVs, video games are the modern idols of society, graven images on a PCB.

Yes, there's all sorts of knowledge and resources for responsible people who know how to seek them out. But on the whole, technology has corrupted society. Factories and public schools and pussified workplaces where men, women, and children are mixed together and all look the same, dress the same, act the same, and all do the same work (all while management boasts about how they'll all be replaced by robots and machines some day). Horses replaced by cars. Real animals replaced by stuffed animals and Pokémon demons. Women without husbands. Children without fathers. Men without purpose. Artificial insemination and lab-born babies. Treating human life as disposable trash.

This is the stillborn fruit of attempting to create a premature paradise on earth through science and technology. I won't miss it when it's gone.

Who Are You? Being "Whatever You Want" Versus Being Who Jesus Created You To Be

Genesis 3:4-5 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

The original lie of the devil was that you can disobey God, do whatever you want, decide for yourself what's good and evil, and you won't die. That's also what video games, anime culture, and liberalism support. Be "yourself", even if it means dying your hair pink, getting chest surgery, and wearing crazy clothes. Do anything! No one can tell you you're wrong.

People weren't made to spend all their time pretending to be someone else. Pretending to be a different person, a younger person, an older person, the opposite sex, a different race, an animal, a copy of Dolly Parton or a copy of Alex Jones, or a pink-haired anime girl from outer space. People weren't made to act like a stereotype and to have a choreographed speech quirk, like saying "Baka!" at the end of each sentence often when talking to boys.

You act weird for a day, you make some friends, then they all expect you to be weird every day, and when you try to act normal, they think something's wrong with you. Is that really being yourself?

Is being fully mature and complete in Christ compatible with spending all your waking life pretending to be a copy of a silly cartoon character or a fictional demon? No.

What's the difference between people who strive for social status, money, prestige in real life, and people who do the same thing in a video game?

Consider how Walt Disney voiced Mickey Mouse for 25 years, and how messed up he really was. And there are many such examples of people showing up every day to be someone they aren't. Just look at all these online role-playing video games like World of Warcraft. Fictional prestige and fictional identities.

When a person plays a role in a play, or imitates someone else, is it a one-time thing, just an act or an assignment? Or is it an unhealthy long-term replacement of identity? Even the training of a person for spiritual bondage and slavery? Do you want to be a slave and an impostor, or do you want true freedom and true maturity?

Part 10: Manipulating Our Children: Japanese Political and Religious Propaganda through Video Games and Anime

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